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Gobbles Musings

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Visiting Kiki - January 2020 - Day 1

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As promised, they story continues! We got to visit Kiki from January 26th to January 27th. It wasn't sure if we were able to go due to my old Grandparents and her big sister at home who is also getting older. She is turning 15 sometime this year. But in the end my Dad stayed at home to take care of everyone and we were able to go. To be honest, I was a bit happy that he did not come with us, because I love those little trips with my Mum. My Mum drove on the highway on our way to Kiki so we were able to save some time. She did not do this for years, but said that now she needs too. So one of the things Kiki already managed to do is to get my Mum to drive on the highway again. What follows is what happened on day 1, day 2 will be in a separate post.

We picked her up at her foster mummy at around 11am and drove to our rented apartment. This time more prepared for her needs, and of course she barfed. Haha! But it was all together much better than in October with her in the car. In the end she even walked into the box by herself on the backseat, no need to shove her in.

We took everything inside and decided to use the good weather and go for a walk. (By the way, she recognised that apartment instantly!) She walked like a champ, we went for about an hour or so, and the trail was pretty steep at times and she really had to work to move forward. We walked a part of the so called "Franconian Redwine-Trail". The weather wasn't that great, so the view is not the best, but you can get a hint of it from the pictures. I included a picture from Google of a vineyard. You can see the white letters and above this vineyard was the trail. (And that is were we took the pictures.)Weingut-Kremer-Bischofsberg-1440x630.jpg

We also met several people and a few dogs. She was nice and friendly to every human while still being not too friendly and she did great in figuring out if the dogs were okay to say hi to or not. It is good to see that her living together with so many dogs gives her incredible social skills.

After a coffee break at the apartment we went for a second walk around the town. Same there, she did pretty good. Although we noticed that she was a bit anxious walking next to the road on a narrow sidewalk, which considering her size and the size of cars is normal and healthy I guess. I just picked her up and carried her until we got to a nicer area. Obviously this is something we will work on when she is here. She "picked out" a little keepsake book with poems at a communal book shelve and we ran "home" again.

She was pretty knocked out for the rest of the day and we noticed that like tired little children she went to my Mum to snuggle. It was so sweet to see. She fell asleep in her arms.

I think that night she slept pretty well. Day 2 will be up in the next days.

Oh and do you guys notice her red harness? I got that for free from someone on Facebook. It fits her perfectly and she looks so cute in it. 




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