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Found 10 results

  1. Gobbles

    Visiting Kiki - January 2020 - Day 2

    Here is the post about our second and last day with Kiki. We picked her up at around 10am, the Grandma gave her to us, because her foster mama was at work. We decided to drive into the little town first and go to our apartment after. We walked around the pedestrian zone, went into the tourism office, a few stores and whatnot. She was the star once again. First a mail lady stopped and talked to us and her, then another older couple. The wife was afraid of dogs, but she was okay with Kiki. Kiki showed her cheeky personality too. Her foster mum does not allow her to jump up and down the stairs, but on our way back to the car she literally jumped on every little step (not really stairs, just a small step in front of stores due to the old buildings) and she was so happy doing that. We noticed that a few hours later. Haha! Good thing we only have her for a few days and are allowed to be a bit more relaxed about rules and treats. We went to the apartment to have tea and coffee and rested for a bit on our bed afterwards. She was allowed to join us (big sister is also allowed to join us in the bed here at home) and she had the best time. She rolled on her back and snuggled with us. We decided to go out once again and so we drove to a pet store and a hardware store. She was perfect again in both stores. Especially seeing her walking around the big hardware store was amazing. She acted like she lives there. Really confident in herself. The automatic doors were also no problem. In the pet store we put her in a dog bag and a dog stroller to test how she would look like in them and she let us do it with her. And that was the last day. We don't know yet when we will be able to visit her again. Maybe in April/May? We are already planing what we are going to do with her.😊
  2. Gobbles

    Visiting Kiki - January 2020 - Day 1

    As promised, they story continues! We got to visit Kiki from January 26th to January 27th. It wasn't sure if we were able to go due to my old Grandparents and her big sister at home who is also getting older. She is turning 15 sometime this year. But in the end my Dad stayed at home to take care of everyone and we were able to go. To be honest, I was a bit happy that he did not come with us, because I love those little trips with my Mum. My Mum drove on the highway on our way to Kiki so we were able to save some time. She did not do this for years, but said that now she needs too. So one of the things Kiki already managed to do is to get my Mum to drive on the highway again. What follows is what happened on day 1, day 2 will be in a separate post. We picked her up at her foster mummy at around 11am and drove to our rented apartment. This time more prepared for her needs, and of course she barfed. Haha! But it was all together much better than in October with her in the car. In the end she even walked into the box by herself on the backseat, no need to shove her in. We took everything inside and decided to use the good weather and go for a walk. (By the way, she recognised that apartment instantly!) She walked like a champ, we went for about an hour or so, and the trail was pretty steep at times and she really had to work to move forward. We walked a part of the so called "Franconian Redwine-Trail". The weather wasn't that great, so the view is not the best, but you can get a hint of it from the pictures. I included a picture from Google of a vineyard. You can see the white letters and above this vineyard was the trail. (And that is were we took the pictures.) We also met several people and a few dogs. She was nice and friendly to every human while still being not too friendly and she did great in figuring out if the dogs were okay to say hi to or not. It is good to see that her living together with so many dogs gives her incredible social skills. After a coffee break at the apartment we went for a second walk around the town. Same there, she did pretty good. Although we noticed that she was a bit anxious walking next to the road on a narrow sidewalk, which considering her size and the size of cars is normal and healthy I guess. I just picked her up and carried her until we got to a nicer area. Obviously this is something we will work on when she is here. She "picked out" a little keepsake book with poems at a communal book shelve and we ran "home" again. She was pretty knocked out for the rest of the day and we noticed that like tired little children she went to my Mum to snuggle. It was so sweet to see. She fell asleep in her arms. I think that night she slept pretty well. Day 2 will be up in the next days. Oh and do you guys notice her red harness? I got that for free from someone on Facebook. It fits her perfectly and she looks so cute in it.
  3. Gobbles

    Our 1st visit - Day 2

    Like the day before, we picked her up at the breeder and drove to the flat for a second breakfast for us. No rain that day, which was great! This time she barfed into her box, so we got all fluids we could on our visit. (Minus, blood, she was in heat during September, so we skipped that. 😂) As it was a working day the shops were open, so we took her to a pet store. She was a bit unsure outside, but once inside she perked up again and went looking around. Curious as she is she stood in front of other customers and starred at them. I was like "Kiki, stop you are embarrassing". But you definitely get in contact with other people with her. Her breeder said when she took her to that store she wanted to steal something, with us she was a bit more reserved and did not try to steal. 😅 She got a pack of toy balls in her size and a chewing thing made out of cow skin. We also bought a gift card for her breeder. A old lady came to talk to us and petted her, she stayed calm during that too, no fear. (We also went into a clothing store to look around after that and she did good there too.) One our way back to the flat we went for a walk through some streets in that little village and she was walking okay, but not perfect. (We need to work on that too!) She inspected every house we walked by, got on her feet and looked into the gardens, meet a big dog and did great (stayed calm and ignored him) and she also stood in front of a elderly woman who got out of her car and watched her doing that. Back in the flat she got her chewing thingy and she was happy with that. Once she was done, she buried it in my suitcase. I have that on video, I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. She did really good. We took her back that evening and it was hard letting her go. But it is good that for her it is nothing bad, she is back with her little friends, and she has no idea that a very luxurious life of a princess awaits her. Haha! So some things we need to work on (peeing outside, driving alone + walking better at the leash outside) but the important things are there and perfect. No dog is perfect, so I am more than happy with her. Her main job is being with me outside and joining me on activities, interacting with humans. Being able to hold her while talking with people calms me down and makes it easier to talk to them. Here are more pictures:
  4. Gobbles

    Our 1st visit - Day 1

    On Sunday morning, October 6th, we drove a couple of hours north to visit Kiki and our breeder. Twenty minutes before we reached the breeder it started raining and it did not stop for the rest of the day. It was horrible, like really heavy rain. We spend some time at the breeders house and got a collar for her and the breeder gave us also a cat littler box. Everything else we brought with us. Kiki was shaking when we put her in the box in my car because she was so nervous. It was her first time being alone without her "siblings" and of course her "Mum". We saw her earlier this year, but obviously we were like strangers to her. While driving to the apartment we rented for two nights we thought that she farted because it smelled, well, funny. But once the smell did not go away we checked and she had pooped inside the box. (Good thing we did a last minute change of plans at home and I left her really good box at home.) She was inside a plastic box with washables towels. When we arrived at the flat we took her in the rain to a grass area so that she could pee, but she did not. (She is not used to the concept of going for a walk to pee, at her breeder they can go in and out of the house whenever they want.) I had her on my arm when we greeted the family who owned the apartment and she did great with that. Looked at them with interest but no barking, nothing negative at all. We let her run around in the flat (it was huge, two bedrooms, living room, huge kitchen, bathroom and a spare room). She perked up the moment we let her run around and she inspected everything. She even noticed right away that a clock in the kitchen had a funny tick noise. She was standing in front of it and looked up. Her big sister at home is also really curious, but Kiki is another level. We spend the rest of the day mostly inside playing with her due to the weather. She played with all her toys and loved the treats her big sister gave her. (Little dried fish.) We took her back to the breeder for the night and got her on the next day. *** Obviously the peeing situation will have to change once she is here, but that is no big deal for us. No cat littler box here, we are not in favor of letting dogs pee in that and not taking them outside. She will have daily walks (at least two) once she is here and she will also have access to our garden. We noticed when she had to pee, but due to the situation we could not simply put her outside fast enough. No fenced in yard for example. She shows no signs of fear when driving with other dogs so, the car situation she will have to get used to. Also no big deal. Her big sister also had some problems in the beginning but started to love it after a few times. All the key things she needs to be perfect in are there. We adore how curious she is. Extremely alert and shows interest in everything. She does everything you ask her for food, which is great to work with. She loves to snuggle and is extremely calm when you carry her. (The breeder said that is one of her priorities for safety reasons.) Here are some pictures, Day 2 and more pictures in the next post!
  5. Gobbles

    Planing our visit!

    During the last two weeks we were busy trying to find a good and not so expensive apartment to rent for our two days visiting Kiki. It is a bit difficult, because the region she lives in is a very touristy area. Lots of people go there to hike or bike so we had some trouble finding something. But in the end we got a flat in a village nearby, about 15 minutes away by car. It is quite huge, so she has lots of space to run around. Right now I'm planning our drive, it is "only" around 170km and normal people would drive on the highway and be there in under two hours. But not me. Haha! I'm not driving on the highway, so I picked out a road trip like drive and it will take us around 3 hours. After the middle we take a break, but the current plan is that I'll be driving the whole thing. (My Dad is not coming, only my Mum and I go.) We took big sister on a holiday twice, but that was years ago, so it feels really weird to plan all the things we need for her. Because we get our car cradle thing first when she is here, she has to sit in her dog-bag for the drive to the flat. Long term plan is to get a proper box that will sit behind my drivers seat on the floor. I don't want her in the trunk, it is to unsafe in my opinion. Also I want her out of my view, so she will not disrupt me when I look in the rear view mirror. Less than a month to go!
  6. Gobbles

    A house for Kiki

    Last week I saw someone offering a pet house at a Facebook group I'm a member in. He had it for his cat but the cat did not use it. It is in very used condition, but with some paint it will look fine again. And it was free. So today I drove there and picked it up by myself. This is such a huge deal for me. I was extremely anxious, but I managed to do it. I went there, ringed the bell, told him I was there for the house and he carried it to my car. (This was in the middle of the town, so totally safe by the way.) So my dog owns a house now. 😂 She will of course live inside, but I really wanted something like that for her for when we are in the garden or maybe for the terrace. It is mainly a fun thing to have. We have a little house in the garden for us humans and now she does too. Here is a picture how it looks like new: I sadly have no new pictures, but we are planing a visit during the next weeks, so I'm really looking forward to that and I hope it goes as planned.
  7. Gobbles

    A successful sister!

    I'll get new pictures of Kiki in a couple of days when our breeder has time off of work. (She has a normal job besides breeding, because she has only about two litters per year and she is a responsible breeder she can't live off of it.) But there are very good news from her biological sister, who also lives at the same place. She won the two required titles, passed all the health tests and is now a certified breeding dog. The two sisters are completely different. Mine comes after the mother, she is the spitting image of her, and the other one looks like the dad. They have a brother and he looks completely different. Genetics are funny. Kiki was supposed to go on that route as well, but because her teeth have a minor (like really minor) problem she is not allowed to. Good for us, because otherwise we wouldn't have her. I'm also so happy for our breeder because she puts so much effort in it and to be rewarded with another top dog is amazing. (She hates having to go on those shows, but it is necessary to be able to breed officially.)
  8. Gobbles

    She is already spoiled...

    Kiki isn't even here yet and won't be for a long time, but she already has a box for her stuff. We have a lot of doggie things already due to big sister, but we need some new things for her. I want to wait buying her her harness/collar and the more expensive things (bag for travelling by plane, car box, ect.). I want to buy as much stuff as possible at the different shelter events here in our area. They have those flea markets every time and the things they sell were donated to them, so I can justify all my purchases as donations. A win-win situation. Yesterday the was a summer festival at one and I got Kiki is leash and one thing one the must-have list - a muzzle. For travelling it is required for example in Austria to have on with you or in Croatia on the ferry. I have never seen a dog wearing one, but we have it in case it is needed. The leash is red with hearts on it, cheesy as hell. Knowing her character, she would hate me if she knew what kind of leash that is. 🤣 Also today a cool-mat for big sister is arriving in the mail and a rucksack thing to carry dogs in for Kiki. I wanted to have a cheap option already available for visits. We won't used it a lot later, but she needs to know it and for example at our graveyards no dogs are allowed. If I put her in that I can carry her like that, that should be okay. Or it depends on the IKEA, but some allow dogs in carriers inside. Or even if we go on hikes for several hours she can be carried for a while. I really have to stop myself from buying her things.
  9. Gobbles

    It's official - we got the papers!

    On June 5th we signed the contracts and paid Kiki. It's official know. We own two dogs, one still here with us and one 150km away. With the papers we also got her pedigree passport type of thing. We don't really care about her relatives and what they won or that one of them was at Crufts, but it is nice to see who she is related too, especially because we know nothing about big sister, not even her real birthday. Her parents are from the Czech Republic. (Mum lives in Germany, Dad in the Czech Republic.) Her grandparents on her mothers side are also from the Czech Republic and from Denmark. On her fathers side we have both grandparents from the Czech Republic. The great-grandparents are very interesting. There are of course eight of them and three of those eight are from the US, one from Japan, one from the UK, one from Sweden and again two from the Czech Republic. The US kennels are "Dartan", "Rafina", "Halo's" and the one from the UK is named "Bramerita". Currently she weighs 2,2kg (4lb 13oz) and we thing that she'll end up at around 2,5kg (5lbs 8oz). Which makes her a smaller dog in our breeders standards. Her dogs are always around 3kg (6lb 9oz). The German dog federation wants a Chihuahua to be between 2-3kg. I also made an album for pictures of her when I don't have enough to write about but a picture to show.
  10. Gobbles

    And she is mine.

    Fall 2017: First toy bought at an animal fair. First time held a Chihuahua. January 29th 2018: Gave a list of breeders to my mother so that she could call them. January 31th 2018: My Mum had a two hour phone call with our future breeder. August 26th 2018: First visit to the breeder. First time seeing Kiki, who arrived there one day earlier. At that time not knowing she would be ours. May 5th 2019: We got the mail that Kiki would be a suitable dog for me. May 26th 2019: First time meeting Kiki for real. To be continued... Kiki Luna. Born May 16th 2018. I'm not good at waiting for something. We knew that they would arrive between 10am and 11am. I spend that hour behind our window in the stairway. Of course they came at exact 11am, so I waited an hour. Earlier in the morning we drove to a bakery in the neighbour village to get some brezels and buns. We got the table ready and I made sure that her future toys would be there and a fish like play tunnel I got very cheap a while ago. We were standing outside the house when they arrived. Current doggie and now big sister spend the day at my grandparents. She was a bit shy for the first few minutes, but then she quickly overcame that. While talking outside our neighbours walked past and she did great. She greeted them friendly, but not overly friendly (she is not that type of dog who instantly runs to someone). We then went inside to have cake and snacks and so that she could recover a bit from the car ride. She was carried up the stairs by her breeder. Our breeder thinks that a couple of stairs is okay, but she feels like too many of them are not good for so little dogs. After that we went for a walk. It was a very sunny, beautiful day and also the elections for the European parliament were happening yesterday so a lot of people also walked to the polling station nearby. I can't count how many people we saw. Many who we knew so we had to stop and talk to quite a lot people. Kiki did great. When we walked past a horse farm type of thing their dog came out and we stopped and talked to the owner a quite a while. It was a Collie, like Lassie. She is around the same age as Kiki but obviously a lot bigger. Kiki was not so sure at first but friendly. Jandra (the Collie) got down to her level to meet her which was amazing to see. There was a fence between them and while we were talking Kiki, the cheeky little thing, crawled under the fence into the property and got in to Jandra. It was really great seeing those two together and I think that when the time comes and she will be here for good those two could be good friends. After the walk we again had some leftover cake and snacks and Kiki made herself comfortable with her little bum inside my fish tunnel. It looked like the fish was swallowing her. So funny and we were really happy that she was so relaxed. We talked some more about the financials, what she would cost and the costs that would be coming up, vet and taxes, stuff like that. We get the legal paperwork sometime this week to sign and then like planned she will live and continue to learn at the breeder. We are going to visit her during that time, in fact a visit is already planned sometime during this summer. She also met my Grandparents, which was important for me because you never know if they are going to be around when she comes to live with us. My Grandpa is 87 and at that age everything is possible. So her meeting them was a wish I had. My Grandpa said that she looks like a big rat but also said she was a nice dog. Her original name is "Kiss me". Like that, not translated from German. Our breeder choose to name her Kiki and we are going to keep that name because it fits her so well. Her second name will be Luna, based on Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Due to her scar I wanted some kind of reference and Luna is also my favourite character. (Current doggie has three names, the one from the shelter, our name we choose for her and the name she got from the people in Turkey who rescued her. I use all three when I'm mad at her.) We are extremely happy with our decision and she is something to look forward too, especially because in the next years we will eventually loose so many old people around us (who all are childless) and of course our current dog. We only made one picture yesterday of me holding her, we completely forgot to make others. (Blacked myself out and attached it below.) The pictures look a bit different to how she looks in real life. Her scar is much more visible when you see her in person. First one is her as a puppy. Second one is a picture that was sent to me a while ago from our breeder and the last one is me holding her and she is kissing me.
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