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Finding Fran

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Wanting to be right, but . . .



For the life of me, and I'm sure I've said this before, I want to do the right thing.  I don't want to say yes where God has said no, and I don't want to say no where God has said yes.  But I keep feeling like I have to have some sort of degree in Biblical Studies in order to figure out what the Bible "really" says.  I can't just open it, read it, and do it.  

A friend suggested that I study the gospel of Mark and get to know Jesus.  How is that supposed to answer the question of whether or not women can preach?

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  • Posts

    • SassyPants


      Not a good post workout meal read at all. But let us not forget that JB has sold his ways as better than the rest of ours...and has made a very comfortable living doing such. So what does that say about JB? Most sane people in his position would retreat into a more quiet lifestyle, but not this egomaniac. They want to talk so much about their Godly and modest choices, get where is the humbleness Or humility? Have we ever heard either JB or M voice that their approach with Josh was wrong and that they wished that they done things differently or better protected their daughters and others? Has Josh ever taken responsibility for his actions? 

    • tabitha2


      Good ole Miss Madison was paid for though. They were sure not going to let him get his Fundie Freak on for free. As far as we know he has never raped anyone. 

    • luv2laugh

      Posted (edited)

      After reading the entire police report, I felt ill.

      The police report described very graphic predatory actions. I can’t imagine why a 15 year old would prey upon such young children... The act and “strategy”  Josh went about molesting is alarming.

      I remember being 15 and I knew right from wrong. Many of my peers had boyfriends they’d bring to school dances. Didn’t Michelle get married at 17? Didn’t Lauren, Kendra, and Ben start courting at 17?

      Edited by luv2laugh
    • EyesOpen


      On 5/20/2019 at 12:35 PM, Howl said:


      Bro. Ted is significant because he seems to be one of the few people (or the only person) that John considers to be a theologically pure peer.  

      For now... I’ve run in to lots of Christians who fall out on doctrine and leGalism... some people, and John is one of them, cannot help themselves but to look for differences that make them look better, more Christian, more holy, etc... 

    • justmy2cents


      Can the next thread in this topic be named The Unsullied in honor of GOT ending? I know, I have to stop. 😂