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Finding Fran

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Did it happen



My small group is working their way through the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan, which is about how we Christians tend to neglect the Holy Spirit.  We watched a video this past week that's with the study, and Chan told the story about a church he occasionally visits in Maui.  

He ran into a woman that was acquainted with the pastor who said, next time you visit there, tell him I said hi.

So he did.  The pastor asked, did she tell you how we met?  

His story was that he'd felt a prompting, which he attributed to the Holy Spirit, to go talk to a woman at the end of a pier.  

I guessed the punch line before he even said it:  he ended up saving her from suicide.

It could be that I'm not being fair here, because I don't know the people involved and probably will never meet them.  It could very easily be that the Holy Spirit DID prompt the guy to go talk to the woman and she ended up not killing herself as a result.  

But in a discussion with my husband on the way home, I told him, "My question is, did the event even happen?"

It just sounds too neat, with too many loose ends tied up too neatly.  

I'm finding myself questioning a lot of "preacher's stories" lately.  I wonder if we're really being told the truth about something that happened, or if it's just a packaged story that's meant to make God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit look good (when really, they don't need our help at all!)  

On the flip side, I can tell you of a baptism that happened a couple of weekends ago, because the baptism was videoed.  It happened down at the Gulf during a youth group retreat from my church.  A young man with autism was baptized, and the reason I knew he had autism was because I know the young man.  When he was asked if he was ready to be baptized, he said, "Oh, yeah!"  I know some of his family's story and I was able to congratulate him when I saw him in person.

If that story were told and someone like me said they didn't believe it, that would be hurtful.  

I fear my experiences in an abusive church and my observations of abuses in the evangelical world have turned me into a total cynic.

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I've wondered about the validity of some 'pastor stories' myself.  Partly because I've heard the same story told by more than one pastor.  Specifically when I was listening to a lot of sermon/teaching podcasts and one of the story tellers in question was Mark Driscoll (and that was before his fall and booting out of Mars Hill Seattle)

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Like Clueliss said, when you hear the same story more than once, it really starts to raise some doubts! I view pastor stories about the same as whatever current tale is circulating on the internet. Might be true, might be partially true, might be a complete fabrication. I especially dislike really vague anecdotes with only first names, no location, no age, no details that can be independently verified. 

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    • SassyPants


      I just had another thought about Jill and Derek. Jill is the first Duggar who has had to experience her husband being away from the family during the day in a place where the family can’t go hangout, and who is also likely very busy and not always available during non-school or work hours either. Jill IS actually a SAHM and housewife who IS actually shouldering the burden, and  IS responsible for the home and kids the majority of the time. I am glad that Jill has friends and Amy as role models because she really is stepping out into unchartered territory for a Duggar. 

    • Giraffe


       What a dramatic difference in a short few years! She seemed semi-normal then. Now she aways seems like she’s a stoned teenager. I wonder what changed. 

    • 47of74


      Hot Pockets heiress Michelle Janavs has been sentenced for her role in the scandal


      Former food company executive Michelle Janavs was sentenced to five months in prison Tuesday for paying bribes in the college admissions scam, the US Attorney's Office in Massachusetts said.

      Janavs, whose family invented Hot Pockets, paid the scheme's mastermind, Rick Singer, $100,000 to cheat on two of her daughters' ACTs, and agreed to pay $200,000 to have one of the daughters admitted to University of Southern California as a "fake beach volleyball recruit," according to a sentencing memorandum.

      Janavs, 49, was one of four defendants who are "far and away the most culpable parents" in the admissions scandal, the memorandum states. Janavs and the three others are "repeat players, who engaged in the conspiracy again and again, over years."

      Janavs in October pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

      I guess that's something though she probably should have gone to jail longer.  We're in a country where minorities that so much as look funny at a cop face summary execution and if Janavs wasn't white she'd probably be doing a lot more than 5 months.

    • Marmion


    • clueliss


      And the newsletter with Sarah is engaged


      View this email online

      Dear Friends,

      It has been a season of blessing and growth for our family. We are excited to share about it in this newsletter. Also, it’s time to think about ordering St. Patrick tracts (see below), and take note of the upcoming “Answers for Women” conference at the Ark Encounter where Sarah is speaking.

      I Said Yes! (By Sarah Mally)

      I said yes!!! Andrew Hancock and I got engaged last month! He proposed on the beach in Florida, after a beautiful boat ride watching dolphins. We are so thankful to the Lord for bringing us together and for the many people who have prayed and encouraged us along the way.

      Andrew lives in North Liberty—about 40 minutes from us. But, even though we have lived in the same area for most of our lives, are the same age, and have both been in discipleship ministry, neither of us had heard of each other or each other’s ministries. We are super thankful that a friend introduced us in March of 2018. As soon as Andrew and I met, we knew we shared a similar ministry heart, and we have had two wonderful years of seeing our friendship deepen and grow.

      One of my prayer requests for a future husband was for a man who had a heart for discipleship ministry. The Lord answered that prayer above and beyond in Andrew. Andrew’s primary ministries over the years have been leading a number of college discipleship ministries and serving as the young adult pastor at Parkview Evangelical Free Church. One of his biggest passions is training leaders in the context of the local church, with a heart to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:12).

      “The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” (Psalm 126:3).

      Sarah is Getting Married!  (by Harold Mally)

      I can hardly believe it – two Mally weddings within six months. Last month, after two years of a growing and special relationship, Andrew met me for coffee and asked for Sarah’s hand in marriage. I was expecting he might bring that up. I gave him a “yes” and said I had been waiting for him to ask :-). I was wondering if it would ever happen. Sarah and Grace have both wanted to marry but, not knowing God’s plan, had committed their single years to ministry, for however long that would be. And God extended those years, which made us wonder for a while. 

      Recently, my thoughts turned to the Book of Ruth. In chapter 3, verse 18, Naomi said to Ruth, “Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall: for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day.”  This was wise advice from a mother-in-law. Be at rest, clearly God is at work. And this man is faithful; he will take care of it in due time. And likewise we can sit still and wait and rest in the Lord. He will bring about His perfect plan in His perfect time and way. We can trust Him. 

      I had been praying for a man who was committed to Jesus Christ, who was a man of the Word, who was gentle in spirit, and who was ministry minded and would understand the ministry God had entrusted to Sarah. And I am so encouraged that Andrew also senses a calling to disciple men and has been used of the Lord to disciple many. That is the very thing I believe is needed. The Body of Christ needs spiritually strong men to be fathers, elders, missionaries, businessmen and leaders. The fathers of today will be the forefathers of tomorrow.   

      As serious relationships start to develop, they require much wisdom, prayer, patience, and faith. At the beginning, I met Andrew for coffee a couple times. Coffee is always a good start. 🙂 Both families met early on and then Andrew and I, and several other men met for a few months doing a leadership study together. This was another way to get to know each other from a ministry perspective. In various ways we have purposed to get to know and understand each other, because, although marriage is the uniting of two individuals, it is also, ideally, the healthy uniting of two families. Marriage both starts a new family but also blends the strengths of the two former families. We are so pleased that God has truly blessed Sarah and our family with a faithful man. 

      When Sarah and Andrew left for Florida last month to spend time with his family, Sarah was filled with a spirit of anticipation that a next step in the relationship could come soon, but she didn’t know that he had already asked me. It was a wonderful joy for her, and for both families, and for both churches when Sarah and Andrew announced their engagement. We look forward with great expectation to what God has ahead.  

      St. Patrick’s Tracts

      St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17th! It’s time to be prepared with “History of St. Patrick” tracts to give away. This tract tells a brief story of Patrick’s life, and then explains the message he preached, giving a simple and clear gospel presentation. People usually receive the tract warmly, and they are often curious about the life of St. Patrick.

      Ideas for St. Patrick’s tracts during the month of March:

      Give them away to neighbors with plates of green cookies

      Check if there is a St. Patrick parade in your area and arrange a group of people to hand them out (you can easily give them away by the thousands at a parade)

      Keep them in your purse or pocket to give to people that you meet. Say, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here is the history of St. Patrick for you to read.”

      Holidays open up doors for ministry! We encourage you to make the most of the opportunity. Read or order the tract here. 


      Online Resource of the Month

      This month we are selling CDs of our family presentations for $3.00 each. These CDs include:

      Forty Ways to Protect the Heart of Your Daughter (by Harold)

      Raising Pure Daughters in a Generation of Darkness (by Sarah)

      Every Mother’s Example (by Rebekah)

      Singleness: A Season of Fruitfulness and Joy (by Sarah)

      Preparing Young Ladies for Their Teen Years (by Sarah)

      Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends (by Sarah, Stephen, and Grace)

      Practical Encouragement on Witnessing (by Sarah and Grace)

      And others

      This offer will be honored on our online store through March 31st. At checkout use promocode: CD2020


      Answers for Women Conference

      Sarah is thankful for the opportunity to be speaking at the Answers for Women Conference this March, hosted by Answers in Genesis. Sarah will be sharing a session on "How to Identify Lies and Speak Truth in Your Heart."

      Location: Ark Encounter, Williamstown, KY
      Dates: March 27-28th

      Answers for Women 2020 will delve deeply into God’s Word to find out the truth to questions Christians face today. Satan is crafty, and he mixes truth with error making it hard to discern right from wrong. But when we understand and embrace God’s Word, we will know the difference between the truth and the lies and we will not be deceived. We will be able to hold fast to Christ, and we will be equipped to help others live out their faith with a sincere heart.


      Special Request

      As our ministry is in transition with two marriages and some unknowns about the future, we at the Bright Lights/Tomorrow’s Forefathers office feel a specific need for prayer. We are wondering if some who are reading this newsletter would agree to pray for Bright Lights and Light Shop and other aspects of the Tomorrow’s Forefather’s Ministry? We know that many of you already do. But we would like to ask if you would be willing to receive a short regular prayer list? If so, could you please reply at [email protected] and we will put you on the prayer team. It would be wonderful to have several dozen people praying for specific things. We know that many pray for us but we haven’t had a formal prayer group that we keep in touch with. Thank you!


      Upcoming Schedule:
      March 27-28: Answers for Women Conference – Ark Encounter, Sarah is speaking
      May 2: Andrew and Sarah’s wedding
      June 12-13: Homeschool Iowa Conference – Harold is speaking and we will have a booth
      June 20: Men’s One Day 100 Mile Bike Trip – the “Centurion Challenge” – contact Harold Mally for details
      June 25-28: Just Men Conference (for men age 16 and up) – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
      August 13-23: Iowa State Fair Evangelism Outreach with Answers in Genesis
      Sep. 25-27: Ladies Retreat – Camp Hope, Dahlonega, GA, Sarah is speaking

      May God richly bless you and your families!
      The Mally Family, Moffitt Family, and Bright Lights Staff

      Tomorrow's Forefathers, Inc.



      To change your subscription, click here.


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