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Finding Fran

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Did it happen



My small group is working their way through the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan, which is about how we Christians tend to neglect the Holy Spirit.  We watched a video this past week that's with the study, and Chan told the story about a church he occasionally visits in Maui.  

He ran into a woman that was acquainted with the pastor who said, next time you visit there, tell him I said hi.

So he did.  The pastor asked, did she tell you how we met?  

His story was that he'd felt a prompting, which he attributed to the Holy Spirit, to go talk to a woman at the end of a pier.  

I guessed the punch line before he even said it:  he ended up saving her from suicide.

It could be that I'm not being fair here, because I don't know the people involved and probably will never meet them.  It could very easily be that the Holy Spirit DID prompt the guy to go talk to the woman and she ended up not killing herself as a result.  

But in a discussion with my husband on the way home, I told him, "My question is, did the event even happen?"

It just sounds too neat, with too many loose ends tied up too neatly.  

I'm finding myself questioning a lot of "preacher's stories" lately.  I wonder if we're really being told the truth about something that happened, or if it's just a packaged story that's meant to make God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit look good (when really, they don't need our help at all!)  

On the flip side, I can tell you of a baptism that happened a couple of weekends ago, because the baptism was videoed.  It happened down at the Gulf during a youth group retreat from my church.  A young man with autism was baptized, and the reason I knew he had autism was because I know the young man.  When he was asked if he was ready to be baptized, he said, "Oh, yeah!"  I know some of his family's story and I was able to congratulate him when I saw him in person.

If that story were told and someone like me said they didn't believe it, that would be hurtful.  

I fear my experiences in an abusive church and my observations of abuses in the evangelical world have turned me into a total cynic.

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I've wondered about the validity of some 'pastor stories' myself.  Partly because I've heard the same story told by more than one pastor.  Specifically when I was listening to a lot of sermon/teaching podcasts and one of the story tellers in question was Mark Driscoll (and that was before his fall and booting out of Mars Hill Seattle)

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Like Clueliss said, when you hear the same story more than once, it really starts to raise some doubts! I view pastor stories about the same as whatever current tale is circulating on the internet. Might be true, might be partially true, might be a complete fabrication. I especially dislike really vague anecdotes with only first names, no location, no age, no details that can be independently verified. 

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    • AussieKrissy


      12 minutes ago, Bethella said:

      I'm way behind on reading threads but I didn't find any results talking about the family when I searched. Is there any indication that they're fundy?

      No there is not, but it would not surprise me 

    • danvillebelle


      I love, love, love Etsy.  I've bought all kinds of things there over the years, but it's mainly my go-to source for vintage clothing and housewares.  And crystals - there are a ton of great crystal shops.  And handspun yarn.  And vintage crochet and cross-stitch patterns.  And hippie patchwork skirts.  And planner stickers.  And, and, and - I could spend a gozillion dollars there.  

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    • AussieKrissy


      22 minutes ago, Lillymuffin said:

      I’m not defending him, but I’m in my thirties, and I’ve developed a whole new crop of allergies, both environmental and to things. It’s been a lot of fun, discovering that I can no longer eat things I’ve eaten my whole life without my throat swelling up, or wear wool without a blistering rash, or go to my friend’s house and help w/ her horses and still breathe. Spring through Fall is now spent wheezing, coughing, and eyes streaming, too. Thirty is the new twenty, my ass. 

      yeah fair enough I did not think of that. 

      And poor you :( sending some anti allergy love 

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    • Bethella


      7 hours ago, anjulibai said:

      I have Colt and Case's birthday as 9/12. Courtney did their birthday post on the 12th this month, too. 

      Her original Facebook birth announcement was posted here on the 16th, so I assumed that was the day they were born.

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    • Bethella


      1 hour ago, AussieKrissy said:

      I'm way behind on reading threads but I didn't find any results talking about the family when I searched. Is there any indication that they're fundy?

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