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Gobbles Musings

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Her name is Kiki

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She passed her test. Her test consisted of spending one and a half hour walking through a very beautiful/medieval city (-> many tourists) city. The weather was very good so there were even more people. She had to do some special tasks, and the breeder said they were stopped by many people talking to them and telling them how cute she was. (The dog, not the breeder. 😊)

Her name is Kiki and we will keep it if it works out. In two weeks the breeder, her husband and Kiki will drive to us (they are around two hours way) and then the breeder will judge if she and I could be a great team. Keep in mind that my breeder isn't a special breeder for service dogs, she is just an ordinary breeder, but she is the best. She knows a lot, did a lot of workshops and is very responsible and has great knowledge. 

One thing she still thinks about is that Kiki wasn't born at her place. She got her with 3-4 months. So that is some minor thing she still is a bit worried about because she did not work with her from the beginning. 

She is a very compact/muscular Chihuahua. Now with almost a year she weighs 2kg. I guess that once she is fully done she might be around 2,5kg. (I do not want a very small, fragile dog, so this is important. I hate all those irresponsible breeders who breed Chihuahuas with a weight around 1kg.) 

So next update in two weeks. I do not want to upload a picture from a dog who isn't mine yet, but I want to show you a bit of her so I decided to include a puppy picture of her. 

35861484_1122829354538019_7047626786787557376_o (1).jpg

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    • louisa05


      2 hours ago, smittykins said:

      I can picture Lori’s leghumpers saying “But he was Catholic!”


      I put a poster of that quote up in my classroom at crazy Christian school. They made me take it down because it was "too Catholic" and "didn't make sense anyway". 

    • Bethella


      53 minutes ago, justmy2cents said:

      Can the next thread in this topic be named The Unsullied in honor of GOT ending? I know, I have to stop. 😂


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    • formergothardite


      Speaking of Rea, he is back in America for a bit. His 17 year old will be leaving Zambia to stay in America to go to Bible college. Rea went knocking on doors in Salem, Oregon and claims he found people who had never heard about salvation. I think those people were mocking him. He has six faithful men who can preach while he is in America. 

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    • Nishi621


      On 5/18/2019 at 1:58 AM, kiwi said:



      Someone is way over compensating for something...

      #tinydick #dickhead

      Is Jill wearing a tank top here??

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    • Tuesday’s Child


      2 hours ago, smittykins said:

      But if there are walnuts, God can keep ‘em. :pb_lol:

      I wonder what the Saints would do. WWGD? Eat the brownie with walnuts or choc chunks? Is one holier than the other? What if you like BOTH? Because you can’t have BOTH. Or maybe take 1 bite of each. Or make brownies WITH both and cut off a tiny slice.  I really wonder if they agonize over these decisions. 

      There are times I over eat (not by much) but dear Jesus in heaven, I don’t think hardly a thing about it.