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Gobbles Musings

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Sunday, May 12th.

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I already wrote a tiny bit about it in my status, but I changed my mind a bit and so I want to share some things about what is happening.

It could be the start of something great, so like my driver's license, I want to keep track of the journey, which will be a long one (hopefully).

Like I wrote in earlier posts the search for a future dog who will be with me everywhere I go and support me just by being there is going on since last year. Or even earlier, in fall 2017 we meet with the first breeder. In August 2018 we meet our current and final breeder, all the others did not meet our criteria of how a good breeder should be. (There is a difference if once for example has over 15 litters of puppies per year or 2 like our breeder. 

Last Sunday we got an e-mail. We were on our way to a animal shelter (we are members there to support their work) and I had parked at the side of a road because we were too early. My mum checked her mails and that is when the madness started. My breeder wrote that a dog living with her could be a fit for me. The dog was planned to be a new breeding bitch but she has minor issues with her teeth so she did not pass the medical check. So on Monday my Mum called her and they talked about it and to be sure the breeder will take the dog into the city on Sunday to check again if she is doing fine. If she "passes" then the breeder will visit us with her later this month and that is when I will make my final decision, but lets be honest, if Sunday is a yes then my decision is basically made.

She has her 1st birthday later this month, is a really beautiful short haired Chihuahua in beige/white colouring. I have her picture hanging in front of me. My breeder would keep her until we are able to get her, even if it takes two years. We only have to pay for vaccinations and the dog tax. How amazing is she?

I will update when I have news, but it could take a while.

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    • MayMay1123


      I'm so happy to have John Krasinski over here all to myself... ( not savvy enough to link hawt pic lol) 

    • Shaquillle Oatmeal


      1 hour ago, can'tstopwatching said:

      I found this old video interesting which gives a good look at the basement library room where Tom is building the bathroom. It really shows just how tight and cramped it is, I feel claustrophobic imagining how many people have to live in this space. 6:06 is where the room begins to be shown, 12:27 shows the spot where the bathroom is being built now. Just imagine how small the room will be with the bathroom there!! I feel that the pantry room (just off of this one) takes up a huge amount of space that could be better used by the kids if it weren't for Andrea's selfish obsession with it as "Mills Market". They could've found more creative ways of storing groceries than using an entire room.


      The beamed area below the ceiling over the office.

    • Bethella


      2 hours ago, justmy2cents said:

      Are 3 & 4 correct? That would be just a 9 month difference.


      1 hour ago, anjulibai said:

      It sounds like #4 was premature, which could explain the 9.8 month age gap. Given all of her first four babies spent time in NICU, it's bizarre to me that she risked a home birth with her fifth child. I'm glad it worked out, but still. 


      26 minutes ago, justmy2cents said:

      Where’s my ‘holy shit’ reaction?

      @anjulibai That’s what I thought but it says no. 4 was an induction?

      The first four were all inductions and IIRC all four were preterm to a greater or lesser degree. At one point she said no. five was the first one to go full term. 

    • AussieKrissy


      Hand me down? Thrifted? Do we have hope he may be allowed to watch superman or play with action figures, will he be allowed a Wonder Woman one? I am more of a marvel girl but hey superman is still cool. 


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    • EmainMacha


      I propose Idris Elba for inclusion. Mmmmm Idris Elba...

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