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Gobbles Musings

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Sunday, May 12th.

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I already wrote a tiny bit about it in my status, but I changed my mind a bit and so I want to share some things about what is happening.

It could be the start of something great, so like my driver's license, I want to keep track of the journey, which will be a long one (hopefully).

Like I wrote in earlier posts the search for a future dog who will be with me everywhere I go and support me just by being there is going on since last year. Or even earlier, in fall 2017 we meet with the first breeder. In August 2018 we meet our current and final breeder, all the others did not meet our criteria of how a good breeder should be. (There is a difference if once for example has over 15 litters of puppies per year or 2 like our breeder. 

Last Sunday we got an e-mail. We were on our way to a animal shelter (we are members there to support their work) and I had parked at the side of a road because we were too early. My mum checked her mails and that is when the madness started. My breeder wrote that a dog living with her could be a fit for me. The dog was planned to be a new breeding bitch but she has minor issues with her teeth so she did not pass the medical check. So on Monday my Mum called her and they talked about it and to be sure the breeder will take the dog into the city on Sunday to check again if she is doing fine. If she "passes" then the breeder will visit us with her later this month and that is when I will make my final decision, but lets be honest, if Sunday is a yes then my decision is basically made.

She has her 1st birthday later this month, is a really beautiful short haired Chihuahua in beige/white colouring. I have her picture hanging in front of me. My breeder would keep her until we are able to get her, even if it takes two years. We only have to pay for vaccinations and the dog tax. How amazing is she?

I will update when I have news, but it could take a while.

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    • NotQuiteMotY


      On 5/20/2019 at 8:15 PM, Lgirlrocks said:


      women aren’t to enjoy sex. They are to please their man. No birth control of any kind including the rhythm method. Women can’t work unless it’s part time from home. They have to home school and give birth to all of the kids. College is a no no even for men, with the exception of doctor, lawyer, or engineer. That means making minimum wage most of the time. Federal minimum wage is less than $8. You can’t get an apartment without another roommate paying half the rent in most places on that salary. That salary put you in poverty. You can’t get help from the government because that’s bad. 

      How is anyone supposed to live this way? How can you choose to bring children into this life, yes it is a choice to continue to have sec knowing you’ll get pregnant, and call your self pro life? What kind of life are you giving your kids?

      god, if he exist, doesn’t just sit in heaven and plan when a women is going to get pregnant. He put cycle in place for a reason. There are only so many days a month a women can get pregnant. That is if the sperm reaches the egg. 

      Quoting for the screenshot. I'm torn between boggling and laughing at the claim that I as a feminist use my husband for "sex and personal financial gain" rather than "reproduction and sincere loving intimacy." Yeah, I "use" him for sex in the same way that he "uses" me for sex: to be close and enjoy each other, show love and affection physically, and for a planned couple of babies. Basically the exact same way the same people telling me that I "owe" him sex claim that I don't, just because of that little right to say no in our marriage...

      20 hours ago, wallysmommy said:

      Here it is.


      Damn, as a feminist I must be doing something wrong, then! I shall go before a jury of my (feminist shrill harpy) peers and profess that I have broken the Sacred Feminist Commandments of working full-time (as I'm mostly stay-at-home) and not harshly judging every other woman who does the same! I should probably also confess to going to church regularly and not having sexual relations outside of/in addition to marriage.

      Oh, Rufus Most High and the Blessed Hive Vagina, have mercy on my sins!

    • clueliss


      Click the article someone posted above and see the picture of James and go - uhhh okay yeah I've done a bible study of one form or another in a small group with material from him.  

    • NachosFlandersStyle


      17 hours ago, Feministe9000 said:

      You guys I keep hoping I’m going to check back here and see Adeline has posted her courtship story/relationship finally, written with so much gooey ooey sweetness you want to vomit.  Bless her heart. 

      Me too! Addie, we're on the edge of our seats here! How many pieces of silver did this guy give your dad?

    • JordynDarby5

      Posted (edited)

      23 minutes ago, SassyPants said:

      Not a good post workout meal read at all. But let us not forget that JB has sold his ways as better than the rest of ours...and has made a very comfortable living doing such. So what does that say about JB? Most sane people in his position would retreat into a more quiet lifestyle, but not this egomaniac. They want to talk so much about their Godly and modest choices, yet where is the humbleness Or humility? Have we ever heard either JB or M voice that their approach with Josh was wrong and that they wished that they done things differently or better protected their daughters and others? Has Josh ever taken responsibility for his actions? 

      No, in that interview they said they did everything 100% correct. Which no they did everything 100% wrong. The first time they found out about it they should have removed Josh and got him help and got his victim help. They should have never made the girls forgive him. They certainly shouldn't have accused other groups of being molesters. Or act like it was no big deal. Molestation is a big deal.

      Edited by JordynDarby5
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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      18 minutes ago, tabitha2 said:

      As far as we know he has never raped anyone.

      He sexually assaulted, forced himself, on  5 young girls ...this isn’t about semantics.

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