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Gobbles Musings

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On Easter Monday while driving back from an Easter market I hit the 1000km mark in my car. So I haven driven 1000km since I got him and my license. Getting in the car alone still is very nerve wracking but once I start driving it feels so much better.

Today I went to McDonalds, ordered my food via my phone in the car (the best thing ever), then went to a second hand store and after that to the garden center and three other shops. All by myself. It is the the before May 1st, which is a holiday here ( Worker's Day) and there was so much traffic.

And like I wrote in the beginning, on Easter Monday we drove for a longer time (100km round trip). It was so much fun driving along those country roads with beautiful views on various castles.  

I kind forgot getting my appointment to put on the summer tires, so I need to bring him in next week. Better late than never and in fall timing is more important. My tires are stored at my car dealer. Worth the money, so I have nothing to do with that.

Well and on the dog front: The favorite dog of my breeder is currently expecting puppies.  K. is still with her (the one who would be a good fit for me) and maybe one of the babies also would make a good companion for me. At least the bitch would be a perfect fit, maybe the get her good genes. (And it has to be a girl.)

Current doggie still doing very good thankfully. 

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    • 13 minutes ago, Seahorse Wrangler said:

      My boy Tom


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      Him in the night manager- god he was hot 

    • Marmion


      10 hours ago, byzant said:

      Absolutely :sorry i didnt mean to imply anything but praise for your qualification and my critism was specifically about lucinda trying to intimidate people on the grounds of shakey qualifications. I  just found it funny that @Lucinda was dismissing your clearly written, helpful info because of her "qualifications" . 

       Thank you for the info and the links. I find it facinating as i had a very traditional academic childhood and its so intersting to see how many other options/ paths people have taken. 

      From how you write here any of the lawyers i work with would be delighted to work with someone with your skills! Good luck. And hope your brother gets the issues resolved. 

      Our of interest Is your user name from walter scott? 

      Ha they dont seriously use humoural theory do they- i mean its facinating as part of history but was outdated in the 16th centuary! Thank you for the test im melancholic  which to be fair i could have guessed

      Oh I realized that you were just calling out " she who will not be named " .  And I thank you for that .  Yes , unlike a certain before mentioned someone , I do try to construct my postings in a professional manner , even going so far as to tending to offset reference links , especially multiple at a time , within these horizontal  v s , which on my tablet looks like this .  { }  This is what I learned to do as part of legal writing procedure . Which is why I think that it is not hard for people whom are aware of this to readily believe me when I say that I am a certificated paralegal ;  where as with the woman we were mentioning , her grammar , and spelling were so abysmal people have cast doubt upon whatever learning she might have supposedly received .  So I think that between this , and my research skills , any law firm would be fortunate to have me .    But enough flexing about myself .  In answer to your questions , my username on this forum is derived from the original Anglo-Norman form of my one late grandmother's maiden name .  { 

      http://www.allfamilycrests.com/m/marmion-family-crest-coat-of-arms.shtml ,  

      https://www.houseofnames.com/merryman-family-crest }  I decided to go with this , as unlike the woman we were dealing with here , I didn't wish to disclose my given name , especially given how relatively uncommon , and foreign , my personal surname is ; I hadn't wanted to divulge it , lest I end up getting doxxed .  My foster brother is hopefully going to be enabled to complete his enlistment process . The recruiter is currently waiting for a copy of the permission form , that the State of Ohio issued for my sister to homeschool him .   P.S. On the new topic of this thread , even though I personally only have at most aesthetic attraction to either sex , among those celebrities I find to be visually appealing are these two chess masters , Alexandra Botez , and Magnus Carlsen .  






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    • formergothardite


      3 minutes ago, Seahorse Wrangler said:

      My boy Tom


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    • Seahorse Wrangler


    • justmy2cents

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, VBOY9977 said:

      Yup 😰

      Just went back and double checked on her Instagram. She makes birthday posts for everyone. 

      Where’s my ‘holy shit’ reaction?

      @anjulibai That’s what I thought but it says no. 4 was an induction?

      Edited by justmy2cents

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