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Gobbles Musings

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On Easter Monday while driving back from an Easter market I hit the 1000km mark in my car. So I haven driven 1000km since I got him and my license. Getting in the car alone still is very nerve wracking but once I start driving it feels so much better.

Today I went to McDonalds, ordered my food via my phone in the car (the best thing ever), then went to a second hand store and after that to the garden center and three other shops. All by myself. It is the the before May 1st, which is a holiday here ( Worker's Day) and there was so much traffic.

And like I wrote in the beginning, on Easter Monday we drove for a longer time (100km round trip). It was so much fun driving along those country roads with beautiful views on various castles.  

I kind forgot getting my appointment to put on the summer tires, so I need to bring him in next week. Better late than never and in fall timing is more important. My tires are stored at my car dealer. Worth the money, so I have nothing to do with that.

Well and on the dog front: The favorite dog of my breeder is currently expecting puppies.  K. is still with her (the one who would be a good fit for me) and maybe one of the babies also would make a good companion for me. At least the bitch would be a perfect fit, maybe the get her good genes. (And it has to be a girl.)

Current doggie still doing very good thankfully. 

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  • Posts

    • Pianokeeper


      Mr Pianokeeper shared with me that a couple of mornings ago, when he tried to wake me up, I sleepily told him, "I am the potato chip of Death!"  

      Also: a very biblical recipe tutorial video!  Fritos not included.  :(





    • freshlemonade


      After reading this thread I'm really hoping one of the 2nd gen Duggs goes with a K theme for their children.





      Kynsie (haha already taken by the Smugs)


    • Palimpsest


      59 minutes ago, formergothardite said:

      I would be surprised if the children were deaf. 

      Bro. Ted's pictures did not show 50 men! I suspect John might be stretching the truth. 

      I'd put money on them not being Deaf but the humpers don't know that.

      John doesn't merely stretch the truth.  He twists and yanks it until it screams.  We have caught him in so many lies.

    • Lgirlrocks


      @Antipatriarch top fans are fans that like and comment a lot. I guess more than others. 

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    • Palimpsest


       @AussieKrissy, I think we have discussed this before on a different thread.  Perhaps the Toby Willis one.

      I'm similarly pessimistic about the chances of rehabbing adult sex offenders but, as I believe in nonviolence, I prefer to lock them away in prison, throw away the key, and never let them see the light of day again.

      Are you still working with sex offenders?  Woman, get out for your own sake.  That work is utterly soul destroying.

      I think the article I posted above does make the differences clear between consensual sexual experimentation in adolescents and aberrant non-consensual (sleeping victims) or coercive sexual molestation though.  What Josh did to his sisters and the other victim was not normal.  Neither was Ashley Madison.  We just have to hope he is not a paedophile.  

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