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Gobbles Musings

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If one door closes, another one opens

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You might have noticed my status updates about something I did not want to talk about. I decided to start writing through this process as well. I already wrote about getting another dog after our current fur monster passes away. I'm all in for #adoptdontshop and animal shelters and our current dog is from a shelter, but that is also the reason why we are opting for a responsible breeder this time. That is another story, but I just want to mention that there are reasons why we don't use a shelter and even the people at various shelters have told us to opt for a breeder in my case. (In Germany no dog is killed in a shelter, so that is also something different.)

We have found the perfect breeder already, visited her in august last year and are in contact ever since. She has a lot of knowledge about autism and my problems. I won't get a puppy, the dog will be at least a year old and she put one up for sale we met last year. My mother had a long phone call with her today and unfortunately the little lady is not fit for my needs. She is too shy. 

BUT there is another dog who might be good for me. Those are the good news!

We for sure want to wait with getting one. Our current dog is 14 and we couldn't bring another dog in. It would break her heart and it wouldn't be good for the new dog as well due to her problems. But if the dog at the breeder would be good for me, the breeder would keep her until it is time. 

I need to give the people some fake names, because only writing about a "breeder" feels wrong. She is such a special person with a huge knowledge. It will be a Chihuahua due to the size. It should be possible to take her in the cabin on a plane (8kg limit incl. carrier) and have her on my lap when I need support in public transport, ect... 


As for the car & driving: I will write another post about that. No news is good news I guess. 

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Awww. I think there are perfectly valid reasons to adopt dogs and to get purebreds. You need the friend who is right for you! It sounds like you are taking the same approach you did with driving, which was very logical and well-planned.

I’m sorry that your new friend will come with the passing of old friend :( But, I hope it goes peacefully. 

Good luck with this process.

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Right now she is really healthy and doing great, so I hope she makes it another year or two. But still, knowing that after her there is another dog and maybe even knowing exactly which dog makes it easier. We can't do a lot of things with her due to her problems and physical limitations (she is missing a leg, so longer walks were never possible) so that is something to look forward too. 

Thanks! 😊

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Posted (edited)

First off, I'm tickled to learn that you're on the spectrum too. I suspected as much. 🙌

That being said, I think your reasoning is sound and you have nothing to be ashamed of. I had a horrible, gut wrenching experience with a shelter dog a few years ago. He was the only dog that I ever really grew attached to, but he was wired wrong or something. The whole experience soured me to dogs. 😕 If I ever get another dog, I'll ask a ton of questions and demand to see all of the records there are pertaining to the dog.

I recently lost a cat and I had been expecting that loss but it still is painful. It did help knowing what I wanted done when the time came, though. You'll likely know when it's time for your dog and what needs to be done.

Edited by Dreadcrumbs

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    • Longhairedheathen


      On 9/16/2019 at 8:19 AM, OyToTheVey said:

      Yes I know my comment above was hypercritical. But in the last 2 weeks, we've seen the car situation being on going. And the videos of Sam crying hysterically because of the broken window while Jill laughs were not exactly pleasant.

      Honestly Jill and D remind me of my upper middle class white youth pastor and youth group . Not intentionally mean but just a callus about other's feelings or their actions. 

      She finds it funny so she films and post about it. D found her crying over a mouse funny so he films it and post. 

      I say three kids for Jill.

    • Florita


      I suspect Lori's children have asked her not to show their children on her social media - or only in a very limited way, like an Insta-Story. I can't blame them if they did. Lori actively invites hostility from total strangers. It's creepy. There are very unstable people out there.

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    • Marian the Librarian


      My happy Etsy discovery - *thousands* of downloadable PDF counted cross stitch patterns, very reasonably priced (as in, $5 or less). 

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    • Glasgowghirl


      I am not a big Etsy user, probably a good thing for my bank balance. I do like to try and support small business when buying things if possible and would never usually care about people's personal beliefs but if you are going to post your personal views, which you know will cause a lot of offense your business page, don't complain when people object to it.

      I was raised Catholic but come from a mixed family and live outside Glasgow, I have seen first hand and have even been a victim of sectarian abuse growing up. In my 13 years of doing RE at my Catholic school, I was never told once that it was ok to discriminate against gay people, people with different religions, people who have different denominations of Christianity or people with different skin colours. Nowhere in the Bible says any of that is ok but these so called Christians thrive on persecuting others and cry victim when people object to them doing it. 

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    • AmazonGrace