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Gobbles Musings

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Driving lessons, roundabouts and fog

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Last week we were invited to a 50th birthday party in another suburb, maybe 20/25 minutes to drive. The party started at 7pm and lasted until after midnight. I drove my Mum and it went really great. I reverse parked like a pro! 😉 On our way back there were literally no cars on the roads. I was so much fun driving around town alone. I did some roundabouts twice and we had music on. It was better than the party!!! 😂 There was also a pretty foggy part outside of the town, almost no visibility. Took me a second to find the fog light (I know were they are, but finding them without looking for the first time was a bit difficult). It felt so great being able to drive my Mum.

I also gave my mum her first lessons in an automatic car. She is only used to driving manual cars and has never driven an automatic. She is doing great, her left food is no problem at all, but she always wants to shift with her hand. So I have to remind her constantly to have her hands on the steering wheel.

Driving alone still isn't really happening. I feel safer with my mum next to me. Totally crazy, because she never says something. I don't need her help at all. I need to face my fears a bit more and drive alone. Also I don't drive on the motorway and I don't plan to change that. I'd rather drive longer on the other roads. Driving on the motorway isn't the problem, but pulling into it. Maybe I will practice when there is very little traffic, but due to the area here, there is always traffic on the motorway.

It still feels unreal to drive. I wonder when that will change.

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    • Carm_88


      I really don't care what Paul and Christina Caldwell did or didn't do prior to their marriage. That's private and really none of our business. I feel squicky trying to figure out someone's sex life like that. As long as it was consensual, it really doesn't matter. 

      Garrett didn't even make it to his first birthday without having a sibling announced. Let's hope that little Joken #2 has a nice little gap between him/her and Joken #3. 

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    • Howl


      My heart goes out to her and her family.  May she overcome this health crisis and heal fully! 

    • PurpleCats


      Jill must be getting decent $$$ on these sponsored posts, since they just built a new house.  I can’t imagine they were able to finance very much of it without proof of income, especially since (I assume) they have some decent student loan debt from d-wreck going to law school

    • Glasgowghirl


      On 4/17/2019 at 11:22 PM, louisa05 said:

      My go to gift for kids has long been books. I can buy a book or two for $10-20. 

      Now I'm told I can't do that and have to buy "experiences" to spend time with the child. I like spending time with kids. BUT... think about how much you are asking people to spend with this idea. Here's a run down of local attractions: 

      Zoo and Aquarium: total admission one adult/one child: $38

      Smaller zoo: $19

      Children's museum: $26 plus parking

      Wildlife Safari: $14

      Oh, wait, I have to take the siblings, too. Add more admission cost. 

      And it won't be a short trip, so now I have to buy snacks or possibly lunch. 

      Oh, your kid is only two and you want to come, too? Am I paying for you? Or am I making you pay for yourself? Doesn't it seem awkward if it's the latter--that I'm choosing for you to spend money for your child's gift? 

      And, of course, the closest I live to any of these places is about 25 miles, so there's gas and mileage on my car. 

      Or, you know, as an educator, I can tell you that your kid can't actually have too many books because reading is that important. 


      Both my nephew's birthday's are in the same week and last year I bought them tickets to go to a charity match at Celtic Park, the tickets were cheap but by the time I bought them a scarf each, a match programme, food and other expenses, I had spent over £100, they got signatures from a few players and we had a good day but this year if I take them anywhere it will be either Kelvingrove museum or the new Glasgow transport museum, the entry is free and one is on the Clyde with a few attractions and the other is next to large park. 

      I loved getting books and buy nieces and nephews usually put a book and/or a dvd in with their Christmas present every year.

    • wallysmommy


      And now, for your viewing pleasure, an Instagram post about rape/molestation of children in daycare.  That's her Easter message?????  I can't imagine being in a family where every decision I make that affects my life or my children is plastered on FB, IG, Twitter or the Crazy Wife's blog.  

      I attended a funeral today, and afterward the younger daughter, who is my friend, and I were talking with another friend.  The other friend said "they had an interesting perspective on your mother."  My friend responded, "well, they didn't have to live with her for the last 12 years."  That's probably how Lori's DILs will be at her funeral.

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