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Gobbles Musings

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Driving lessons, roundabouts and fog

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Last week we were invited to a 50th birthday party in another suburb, maybe 20/25 minutes to drive. The party started at 7pm and lasted until after midnight. I drove my Mum and it went really great. I reverse parked like a pro! 😉 On our way back there were literally no cars on the roads. I was so much fun driving around town alone. I did some roundabouts twice and we had music on. It was better than the party!!! 😂 There was also a pretty foggy part outside of the town, almost no visibility. Took me a second to find the fog light (I know were they are, but finding them without looking for the first time was a bit difficult). It felt so great being able to drive my Mum.

I also gave my mum her first lessons in an automatic car. She is only used to driving manual cars and has never driven an automatic. She is doing great, her left food is no problem at all, but she always wants to shift with her hand. So I have to remind her constantly to have her hands on the steering wheel.

Driving alone still isn't really happening. I feel safer with my mum next to me. Totally crazy, because she never says something. I don't need her help at all. I need to face my fears a bit more and drive alone. Also I don't drive on the motorway and I don't plan to change that. I'd rather drive longer on the other roads. Driving on the motorway isn't the problem, but pulling into it. Maybe I will practice when there is very little traffic, but due to the area here, there is always traffic on the motorway.

It still feels unreal to drive. I wonder when that will change.

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    • Glasgowghirl


      I wouldn't be shocked if they announced in the next few months but I think they are waiting until Derick is done with law school. 

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    • mirele

      Posted (edited)

      Melody Bannister's children are aged 13, 12, 11 (the girls) and 7 (boy). So not quite so young. 

      I agree, I don't know quite what to think either, but there are a few things that lead me to be wary of her story. First, I don't understand why she would file for child custody in Alabama, which is a state she's not resident in, and somehow expect to get a custody change there. That's not how it works. You can't just remove your children in violation of an existing court order and expect to get a favorable hearing in another state. And then disappear to another state and yet another and another and then expect your Alabama case to continue. The only thing Alabama is going to do if Melody and family shows up at this point is arrest mom and take the kids into custody.

      Second, her story is vague. There are names but no places or dates. And she loops readers in by first accusing her husband, then her father-in-law (not sure if the marriage is still intact) but as you get in, she also brings in a pedophile gang. Again, she names names, but no dates or locations. I am not saying this isn't possible, but without concrete evidence that can be followed up by law enforcement, there's...nothing. 

      And that's basically what happened. The police and child protective services investigated and found nothing. 


      I would feel more comfortable about this situation if Ms. Bannister reappeared with the children and let them be interviewed by the police and child protective services without her in the room. The three girls are old enough, I think, to articulate what may have happened. 

      I'm also going to admit that some of Melody Bannister's supporters creep me out with their talk of Satanic Ritual Abuse, which has been entirely discredited. 


      Edited by mirele
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    • Idlewild


      Did Anna always tag Josh’s twitter account in her twitter bio? Or is this part of reintroducing him to society?

    • AnnaSofia

      Posted (edited)

      I remember @DomWackTroll linking Melody's old blog awhile back, in one of the Doug threads.

      The abuse she alleges is.... really, REALLY horrific.

      Warning, this stuff is SUPER graphic. Use extreme caution in clicking the spoiler tabs or the link below if reading descriptions of abuse are triggering for you.


      What kind of man enjoys tying a little girl down to the floor and beating her with a bullwhip as he says, “You are fat. You are ugly. You are stupid. You are worthless. Nobody will ever love you”?

      What sort of human being—over six feet tall, big and intimidating—will rape his kindergarten-aged granddaughter in the darkness of his barn loft, then hand her to his longtime friend to be raped anally?

      What grandfather in the world would host a circle of his friends in the top of his big red barn, where his preschooler grand-baby is forced to give them all oral sex?

      What kind of man would slowly torture and slaughter a screaming baby animal in front of his gentle grandchild in the middle of the night, blood dripping from his knife, simply to instill a paralyzing terror into her heart?


      One particular child abuse session in Tuhl’s barn loft arena (and there were many of these over the years) included a greatly honored visit from Charles Simpson himself. My tender-hearted daughter sat crumpled in the midst of a circle of chairs filled with perverted old and middle-aged men. She saw the revered white-haired “minister” arrive at the top of the barn stairs, and one of the men rise to offer him a seat.

      She remembers his sinister smile and cruel laughter (which haunted her dreams for years afterward) as she was handed a machete and told to use it on the child inside the circle with her. The men all guffawed mockingly as she wept and could not do it.


      Melody thinks the children were drugged, and possibly herself as well:


      Furthermore, the children have spoken of being given strange substances in the barn that made the world swim before their eyes and caused the taunting faces of their abusers to converge together in a dizzying blur.

      Is it possible that some of those same substances were covertly administered to me on the evenings when it was necessary that I have an uninterrupted night’s sleep?

      Because it was not uncommon, especially in the early years, for me to wake up and check on each of my sleeping babes, be it a toddler’s bad dream or stuffy nose, a bathroom visit, or a 2 a.m. infant feeding. Not once did I discover an empty bed with a child missing from the house. That indeed would have been cause for alarm, a call to the police, and a volley of questions. How would the abusers have explained away such a scenario?

      I hate to say it, but it all reminds me a little too much of those weird stories of Satanic Ritual Abuse back in the 80s. And even if she and the kids were drugged, the type of abuse she alleges surely would have left some obvious physical trauma, wouldn't it?

      I don't question that abuse may have occurred, and I can't imagine going on the run for six months with four young children without a damn good reason. It's just all pretty far out there, and I really don't know what to think.

      Edited by AnnaSofia
    • Hane


      On 12/11/2019 at 11:02 PM, Soulhuntress said:

       She is not in a good place for her life to fall apart.  Family is his.  Friends are his.  And I feel bad for her mom.  Not sure why but mom has to be going out of her mind!

      The fact that she seems isolated or estranged from her family of origin is cause for concern. One of the indicators that I’d have to end things with my second husband was the time he casually said, “I wonder where we’ll end up living when we retire.” I just said something like, “Well, I don’t know about you, but I plan to stay around here, where my family and friends are.” He didn’t have any friends, and his family relationships were tenuous at best. There was no way I wanted to wind up isolated with him.

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