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Gobbles Musings

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125 miles and counting

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Time for another update. And I converted the kilometers in miles because it sounds so much better. I drove 125 miles so far. 

Were do I start? Maybe with last week. We went to the hardware store to buy our baby tree for my Grandparents living room. Only a meter high, but they want it to be on their table so we are limited in size. Due to my Magic Seats I was able to fit that tree easily behind the drivers seat.

Driving feels great. Still really weird but it is so much fun. I drove alone for two short drives already, but most of the time I have my Mum next to me. Here in Germany you can make your license with 17 but then you are required to have someone (they need approved) next to you all the time until you turn 18. I'm 27 so I don't have that requirement, but I still think that is a really good thing. I can always ask my Mum something if I need to. Or she can give some tips on parking ect... 

This week I'm going to drive alone again, to pick my Mum up from a Christmas party and on Friday we will drive to IKEA for the first time. I'm so hyped! My parents hate IKEA and up until now I always had to ask them to go and I went there maybe once a year. Now I can go whenever I want. Also first time driving a longer distance on unknown roads. I could take the autobahn, but I don't want to. I love driving on normal roads. Much more relaxing. And I still can drive up to 60 miles per hour on certain sections if I want to. 

I have planned since beginning my license to buy that big lion on my first visit. Going to use my gift card from the advent calendar (is that a thing in other countries?). You buy the calendar for 12,95€ and there are two gift cards in it who are worth at least 5€ each. 

So that is the update so far. And yay for falling gas prices. I paid 1,56€ for the liter of gasoline when I got the car, it is down to 1,42€ currently. (I don't get that gallon thing, so I can't compare it. I paid around 50€/56$ for a full tank. 

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    • CaricatureQualities


      Yeah I listened to both of them (there are 2 eps up, about 20 mins each) because I hate myself @Idlewild. Here is the recap : Just imagine Jeremy talking. Done.

      I almost bailed because yes @Perrierwithlemon the mmmm-mmmm-mmmming from Jinger was grating. Not only do you have Jeremy blathering on but in your right ear (headphones) you have "mmm...mmm-hmmmm....mmmm....mmmmmhmmm" every 2 seconds. Oh god.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      8 hours ago, klein_roeschen said:

      The first woman I shared my hospital room in february this year was a young mother with a ruptured fallopian tube after an ectopic pregnancy. She lost almost 2 liters of blood and they removed the ruptured tube. She didn't know she was pregnant and ignored the pain she felt until she couldn't bear it anymore and got to the hospital and was rushed into surgery. We stayed in contact and she made a full recovery, but would she have "prayed" for a relocation of ther ectocpic pregnancy like TAM thinks is possible, she would be death and her little son had to grow up without his mother.

      He knows he can make this claim because no doctor would actually allow a woman to wait around to see if it magically migrates into the uterus. So he can say, “you shouldn’t have had the surgery. The pregnancy could have survived.” 

    • Seahorse Wrangler


    • Marmion


      8 minutes ago, Destiny said:

      I’m a fan of the Bugle. If you can find old episodes do it!

      OK , here is one of the episodes he's appeared in , and I have seen so far .  




    • DaisyD


      10 minutes ago, Destiny said:

      Stamping is a bridge too far right now. I’m sticking with polish and an accent nail for the moment. That’s some seriously pretty stuff though! I’m jealous of your collection.

      I use gel polishes because I am also impatient. 60 seconds in the lamp is the only way I can not fuck them up. I started doing my own nails when I discovered the Naio Nails YouTube channel. I will never have her skills, but she inspires me to try. 

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