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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Smiths Part Twelve: First Pregnancy for Emily!

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So the Smith family officially has more posts than the Bancrofts. As explained in a previous post, I will no longer be updating on the Bancrofts.

As often happens with my posts, the title explains all.

When a young Sim couple love each other very, very much... 


It's their FIRST Woo-Hoo! :pb_lol: Emily may have rejected her upbringing in many ways but she still waited until marriage for sex.


Going to do the pregnancy test...


Yippee! She's going to be a mom!


Telling the dad-to-be. He may look a little unsure, but one of Daniel's traits is Family-Oriented, so he is happy really.


Hopping over to the Pearsons. Eliza decides to get cracking with #3. Benjamin, her second, is now a toddler, but I haven't got a photo.




Emily plays chess, her daily task for work.


Emily actually has a couple of days off work. She's feeling a bit lonely one day, so she invites Eliza over. She then went to prep some grilled cheese sandwiches. I heard the knock at the door, scrolled the camera to check Eliza was there... she'd already let herself in and was puking in the toilet. Oh dear.


Aww, these two! 


"You're gonna be an auntie!"

"Yeah, I can tell, your belly is already big!"


With seasons, you can occasionally get days of "mysterious weather", where the weather can change to literally anything. Oasis Springs is a desert-type environment, so they don't get snow in winter. Well, unless it's a day of mysterious weather! In addition, this is Autumn, so doubly unusual!

Side note: I'd been having a couple of graphics issues with my game. Nothing major, but enough to be slightly annoying. So I messed around with the graphics settings a bit. The trees aren't actually pink, that's just a side effect of the change in graphics. I also had edge smoothing on and now don't, but that's not as noticeable.


Also, Edward is now an Elder! In Sims 4, female Sims don't age whilst pregnant, which is a bit odd. As a result of this, Emily has 8/9 days left of Young Adulthood, whilst Eliza has about 17 days left. And they were twins. Strange.


Evelyn's cold weather gear is quite funky.


Emily dancing.


Nicole came over, so naturally Emily had to share the good news. And by that I mean baby news, not Jesus. Nicole knows about Jesus.


Emily off to work. You get the option of family leave in Sims 4, but you don't have to take it.


Daniel came home feeling a bit sad because he was missing family. Aww. Don't worry, you're going to be a daddy soon!


Emily came home feeling a bit ill, so she took some medicine. This family believe in proper medicine and not just quackery and essential oils.


Emily is in her final trimester now. I kinda hope she has a girl, who I can put in pants, and who Emily can teach that she can be anything she wants to be.

I never did a proper It's Been A Year post for the Smiths, so I decided to go down memory lane and get some photos of Emily during her life so far!

Nicole during her first pregnancy. I forget she used to wear that yellow outfit...


Just given birth! Emily of course in the blue crib.




She always loved Eliza :romance-heartsfade:


She played the part of dutiful daughter well.


The love of science and knowledge began early.


She worked hard at school.


Her own place! And PANTS!!


Pre-marital kissing!!


The wedding


And now impending motherhood!


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    • Melissa1977

      Posted (edited)

      On 4/16/2019 at 10:21 AM, lilith said:

      Definitely hit as a child. Her father has joked about it during a performance. I feel the need to mention that whenever it’s brought up so that people know and remember that the Bontragers “prettier” brand of fundamentalism and “family ministry” is absolutely based upon violence against children.

      Are Bontragers a nice brand for anybody? They are awful and not exactly hiding it. Their sexism is worse than in many other families, they act with superiority and reinforce weird relationships and jerarchy between siblings. I think it's impossible that someone reads their blogs and hold a good opinion of them. 

      And thank you for giving more awful information about them!

      Edited by Melissa1977
    • Kailash


    • smittykins


      ISTR DPIAT saying “Are you willing to call your husband ‘Lord’?”

    • PopRox


      Why does she have a hate-on for Target? And, do we think she'll change her tune now that she knows she can scam them out of $5 tights?

    • just_ordinary


      On 4/18/2019 at 1:11 PM, Iamtheway said:

      I don’t know. I think Miniway might have too many books. There is a line of children’s books in Sweden called Pixi. They are small, cheap paperbooks (excellent for a small treat or to take travelling) and they have both new stories and old classic ones. After buying their advent calender for five years (the best calender!) and also buying them at other times he has around 200 just of those. 

      I also really love children’s books (honestly one of the reasons I wanted a child at all) and I buy heaps of books, both new and old and also many English ones since he’s bilingual. I loved books as a child as well so we have some of my old ones. He probably has around 500 books (including the Pixi ones) and that is A LOT ... we don’t have time to read them all. We read four at bedtime every night but he is like most children and just wants to read his favourites over and over again. 

      We also enjoy going to the library ... 



      Ahhhhh Pixi books. We have them in Germany too. We had at least a hundred of them. My mum kept almost all of our old books and now we already have them- the babe isn’t even one. She seemed exceptionally happy to hand over two boxes full of Pixi books.