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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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It's Been (Just Over) A Year: The Taylors

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The Taylors have also had an eventful time on this blog. 

So, we were introduced to Joey and Melissa. Melissa got pregnant quickly. Joey is a gardener. You'll notice that Joey gardens in his stripy pyjamas quite a lot.



Andrew was blessing #1.


Melissa is a wannabe musician (mastering piano/guitar/bass/drums, not a job). The basement serves as the music room.


Melissa conceived again quickly, and had twins Bethany and Christopher.


Compared to *some* fundie dads *cough cough*, Joey was quite an involved dad.


A rare photo of Joey tending to his garden while fully dressed!!


A zombie appeared on my lot... and promptly died.


The kids taught themselves how to walk and talk.


Melissa soon conceived TRIPLETS, Diana, Elijah and Francesca. For a brief period, there were FIVE TODDLERS in the house.


I don't have a homeschool mod, so the kids had to go to ebil public school.


Melissa kept up with her musical skills whilst also raising six arrows for the Lord.


Everyone was involved in keeping the house clean - even the boys!


Andrew was also musically-minded.


The triplets soon became children, and life got a lot easier.


Joey mastered Gardening!


When the twins became teens, they were able to practice music together as a family in the basement.


They even got pets!


And a pool!


Melissa opened a daycare.


Andrew moved out, and met a VERY pretty young lady...


They quickly began a courtship...


... and got married!!!


Melissa showed up... pregnant. Again.


Blessing #7, Gabriel, arrived.


Natalie then gave birth to the first member of the next generation, Matilda.


Not to be outdone, Melissa... you know the rest.


Natalie also made progress with the next blessings. Yep, she too had twins! Morgan and Molly.


Final count: eight children, three grandchildren. I probably won't have Melissa conceive again now that the grands are appearing. There'll be plenty of grandkids.



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    • hoipolloi


      2 hours ago, MamaJunebug said:

      ”I’d rather flunk my Wasserman Test / Than read a poem by Edgar A. Guest.” 

      — Dorothy Parker

      Cackling out loud here.

      Of course, old VF snarkers will recall that Edgar A. Guest was one of Dougie's favorite poets, right up there with Rudyard Kipling.


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    • CyborgKin


      I had to update my location because flavoured sarcasm is too good not to share around.

    • Netflix&Grading


      I’ve been using a menstrual cup for a few years now and love it. I started with the Divacup since it’s the easiest to get in the US but I now use my Lena that Bryony from Precious Stars Pads designed most of the time. I also have a small and large from Rebel Kate but those are cheaper made and softer (which causes it not to fully open sometimes).

      Like others said there is a learning curve. Before buying you need to know if you have a high or low cervix. Some cups are longer and work better with a high cervix. A Divacup or Lilycup is usually better for a high cervix whereas a Lena cup is shorter. I recommend checking out Bryony from Precious Stars Pads on YouTube. She discusses a lot of menstration issues, cloth pads, and reviews and compares a wide range of cup brands. 

    • ophelia


      They are disgusting. I'm sorry to say that in such a bland way, but the Camapana's fight against legal abortions and women's rights just makes me want to puke. 

    • ophelia


      On 1/19/2019 at 4:37 PM, Triplet3 said:

      They said in a blog post comment a while ago that they haven’t been able to fix a wedding date yet, because of having to sort out paperwork relating to them being from different countries. 

      Imagine a Maxwell marrying a girl from another country - sorting out paperwork AND finding a wedding date within their tight schedule would be NIGHTMARE!

      On 1/20/2019 at 12:58 AM, usedbicycle said:

      Prepare to get your snark on because the Staddons are starting a family vlog! I can't pick what I love best: Esther's voice or their acting skills (man, those skits at the FEW Conferences must be a killer!) I think they're my pet fundies.


      Damn, they aren't really the most photogenic type of people, but they are one of the few "traditional" ATI families. This will be interesting to watch for sure!