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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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It's Been (Just Over) A Year: The Taylors

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The Taylors have also had an eventful time on this blog. 

So, we were introduced to Joey and Melissa. Melissa got pregnant quickly. Joey is a gardener. You'll notice that Joey gardens in his stripy pyjamas quite a lot.



Andrew was blessing #1.


Melissa is a wannabe musician (mastering piano/guitar/bass/drums, not a job). The basement serves as the music room.


Melissa conceived again quickly, and had twins Bethany and Christopher.


Compared to *some* fundie dads *cough cough*, Joey was quite an involved dad.


A rare photo of Joey tending to his garden while fully dressed!!


A zombie appeared on my lot... and promptly died.


The kids taught themselves how to walk and talk.


Melissa soon conceived TRIPLETS, Diana, Elijah and Francesca. For a brief period, there were FIVE TODDLERS in the house.


I don't have a homeschool mod, so the kids had to go to ebil public school.


Melissa kept up with her musical skills whilst also raising six arrows for the Lord.


Everyone was involved in keeping the house clean - even the boys!


Andrew was also musically-minded.


The triplets soon became children, and life got a lot easier.


Joey mastered Gardening!


When the twins became teens, they were able to practice music together as a family in the basement.


They even got pets!


And a pool!


Melissa opened a daycare.


Andrew moved out, and met a VERY pretty young lady...


They quickly began a courtship...


... and got married!!!


Melissa showed up... pregnant. Again.


Blessing #7, Gabriel, arrived.


Natalie then gave birth to the first member of the next generation, Matilda.


Not to be outdone, Melissa... you know the rest.


Natalie also made progress with the next blessings. Yep, she too had twins! Morgan and Molly.


Final count: eight children, three grandchildren. I probably won't have Melissa conceive again now that the grands are appearing. There'll be plenty of grandkids.



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    • AmazonGrace



      You should  eat tiny bites of unhealthy foods off a saucer and feel guilty about it. A 2000 calorie diet is bingeing, you need only 300.



      Flying Above the Scales

      September 22, 2019

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

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      God is doing something new for those who are coming to Him once again… His Spirit is pouring down and providing a breakthrough. Let us start with laying down the scales—get a beginning number, but just use the scales occasionally because the trend that we are measuring is the dependency on God. It is not about a number…it is about getting that internal control and Connection to God so that you are guided and are flying above the scales. When you get off the scales, you will let go of the tricks and gimmicks you have used to keep the scales down. When you let go of the number, you will let go of fasting and laxatives and all the other tricks as well as the depression and bummed-out feeling. Even if you have binged—maybe you have eaten 2,000 calories when you only needed 300 calories—focus on God, repentance and hunger and fullness…that is all you have to focus on. And by all means, stop the diets, and it will stop the panicky feeling inside and you will stop the binge. One source of panic is coming from man-made diet foods and the feeling that you are not going to get what you want when you want it…Start over, wait for hunger, close your eyes and think inside you, “What do I really want and need for good health and energy? What sounds good?” After all, we are ending the pain. Now remember the rules for the Zone of hunger and fullness…put the selected food on a saucer, take smaller bites, sip between bites and pray, pray, pray. Stay connected to the inside of you with no diversions.



    • AmazonGrace


      50 minutes ago, SrMaryEloquentia said:

      Actually, I like the sample profiles quite a bit, they use historical persons such as Martin Luther’s wife Katharina. Unfortuantely, she‘s the only one I recognized - maybe someone with more knowledge of American history can help out?

      Apart from Eliza Lucas they're more European history.








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    • Sister_Wife


      3 minutes ago, under siege said:

      That is Tom who had a daughter in his early twenties. Tom is not a RSO that I am aware of.
      The person mentioned about is not Tom. It's Papy Gary (the one I referred to as creepy grandpa)

      Apologies, I got confused! 

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    • LittleOwl


      3 hours ago, Iamtheway said:

      Every time she or anyone wishes that Asa could be here they are telling their daughter they wish she was not.

      Please tell my mother this! 

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    • under siege


      Just now, Sister_Wife said:

      He said on his recent live chat that his daughter is 21, which would make her born in 1998. He also mentioned that the daughter was adopted and raised by his aunt. If he is 42, he would have been 21 in 1998... not in his 30’s. ( not justifying a 21 yo having sex with a 17 yo , just bringing clarity. I don’t think he’s a child molester)

      That is Tom who had a daughter in his early twenties. Tom is not a RSO that I am aware of.
      The person mentioned about is not Tom. It's Papy Gary (the one I referred to as creepy grandpa)

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