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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Taylors Part Eight: The Next Generation

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When we last visited the Taylors, Melissa had just had baby #7, Gabriel. A good bit has happened since then!

The morning after her wedding to Andrew, Natalie feels a little queasy...


Natalie loves the heat (it's a trait), so she decides to sunbathe in the yard. Given her sooper-modest outfit, she won't get much of a tan.


She went to the library to brush up on cooking skill... and bumped into Melissa...


... who then decided to randomly play piano by the bookshelves.


Andrew attended a party at his parents' house, and got to meet his kid brother.


Looks like the next generation is on its way!


Natalie had a real craving for watermelon.




Looks like the baby is a-coming!


It's a girl!


Welcome to the world, baby Matilda! Of course Natalie naturally pops back to her pre-pregnancy size instantly.


Back to the mothership. Bethany and Christopher aged up and moved out. So, naturally, Melissa took advantage of this.


Gabriel grew up! It's been a while since Melissa had to potty-train any of her kids but she remembers what to do.


I sent the teens to school when they weren't feeling great. Diana spent most of the day sleeping in class (tut tut) and landed herself in detention, so she had to stay after school.


Is that... a... TELEVISION?? Don't worry, Natalie only uses it to improve her cooking skills. 


Andrew got a promotion! 


Of course, Natalie has to be the one to attend to her crying daughter whilst Andrew sleeps on.


Got insomnia and can't sleep? Go to the library!


Matilda is due to age up soon. The family doesn't know it yet, but Matilda is going to become a big sister soon. Plus, of course, there's baby #8 for Joey and Melissa on the way. 

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  • Posts

    • SJWaterford


      9 hours ago, formergothardite said:

      Joe always looks like he has realized he got involved in crazy and is plotting an escape in his head. 


      Oh I don't think he's plotting his escape. It appears he has a failed career (2 of them), so where is he gonna go? What's he going to do? Lol    I feel like he will drink whatever punch is necessary to be taken care of. Whether he believes it or not. He may actually be a really great actor after all. 

    • usedbicycle


      I've been thinking of a new theory... You know the kind of guy who has a weird personality but only goes after the really hot/younger girls? And gets rejected a lot or ditched after a few weeks? The kind of guy who doesn't understand that he will never find a mutant mix of his mom and a barbie doll?

      That guy gets bitter and misogynistic, and ends up making no efforts to meet anyone. That guy hits the gym for self-reassurance but believes there are no good women out there anymore. 

      I have a feeling some (perhaps not all) the Arndt men fall into that category. Maybe they've been rejected a lot because they're not going for the right girls. Something tells me they're pretty shallow and would only settle for a gorgeous, giggly, completely adaptable (read submissive) girl. Their way of life and "family culture" seem extremely rigid and they don't seem ready to change that for a woman.

      I could be totally off the mark and they're in fact these adorable goofy guys who would love to pair up with other awkwardly cute Christian girls like the 7 Sisters, but I kind of doubt that. 


    • Beermeet

      Posted (edited)

      @SilverBeach  I'm spayed now, but the pill wasn't good for me. I used it but my sex drive went down. Therefore,  who needs a pill when your almost never into it?!  Wish I was educated better on this option.  I figured if *IT* was big the diaphragm would get logged up in there and a trip to the ER would ensue and just so much NO on that! Hahaha!  

      I wonder if Lori is telling the truth here or if Ken would ensure she inserted the diaphragm.  Because, yeah, we both though why bother with a hole and would a little hole get it done relatively quickly?  How effective is that. I know those little suckers are real small but, still. My plan is guaranteed.  Ha!  Lori doesn't have those skills, clearly.  Win him without a word indeed! 

      Edited by Beermeet
      Changed it to IT. Because, duh. 😂
    • Briefly


      FJ has totally corrupted me.  Every time I go to the grocery store, I think of Gwen Shamblin when I walk down the aisle with chips or cokes, I automatically now price butter because of Lori and today I was reminded of Gary when I walked past the lunchmeat aisle because that's where the hot dogs are stocked!

    • Glasgowghirl


      I know someone who had a successful VBAC less than 18 months after her c section but she was recieving medical care through out the pregnancy and the hospital warned her that she may still need a C Section. 

      I hope both Joy and Austin wait at least 18 months before trying again, if not longer but they probably won't.