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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Something A Little Different: The Baker-Mays

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Most of my Sims couples are white and straight, like me. So, for my newest save game in Sims 3, I decided to create a mixed-race lesbian couple, Helena May and Roseanne Baker. Helena is the white woman and Roseanne the black.


They started off in CAS as Girlfriend and Girlfriend. They got married within a couple of days.


They then adopted their first kid, Amelia.


Helena wants to be a Hit Movie Composer. Her main skills are Guitar and Logic. Sadly no-one really listened to her when she played in the park.


Helena's third main skill, not related to her career, is Alchemy.


Here's Amelia as a toddler...


... and as a child, off to a Writing class.


The family currently has three pets: Pistachio the cat and Cashew and Macadamia the dogs. Pistachio and Cashew are into the Hunting skill. One day... an effing SNAKE appeared INSIDE THE HOUSE. OMGWTFBBQ


Amelia was a child during winter, and she had a couple of days off school, as well as the Snow Day holiday. She only went to school twice. She used the time off to write some science fiction novels. 


What do dogs like to do? CHASE THE MAILWOMAN!! Sadly he developed the Aggressive trait, which kinda sucks. 


Roseanne took him for a walk in the snow.


Snow Day gift giving party. Amelia ended up getting three of the same thing, Helena got one crappy gift, and weirdly Roseanne got nothing.


Amelia aged into a Teen. I later changed her hairdo as the result of a "mood swing" wish. 


Mason is very close to his imaginary friend, Puzzle. I've currently got an opportunity to make Puzzle real, but I've got to find a Rainbow Gem, which are super rare.


Helena discovering some potions. At level 8 of logic, you can make a potion that'll turn the Imaginary Friend real, without needing to do the opportunity, but she's only level 6 right now. Given how rare Rainbow Gems are, she'll probably reach Level 8 before we find a gem :pb_lol:


Whoops! Potion discovery gone wrong!


Mason is a Loner and Angler, so he's really into fishing. The lakes were all frozen, so he had to go fish in the sea.


Here he is learning bait for a particular type of fish. You can also see little Felicity in the background.


Felicity grew up! She's a Virtuoso so I'll probably get her to develop music skills, but you can't develop them till you're a teenager. That painting is by Amelia, who wants to be an Illustrious Author and master the writing and painting skills.


The most recent picture is of Amelia going to prom. She hooked up with another Sim there, who's a Vampire. The vampire lifestyle isn't really my thing. Plus, vampires live longer than normal Sims, so Amelia would be an Elder whilst he's still a Young Adult, so I'll get them to break up, although they can still enjoy a teen romance.


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  • Posts

    • Lgirlrocks


      I love how TAM says, in the first video I think, “that’s my daughter.” When told she can’t stand next to her when the police are talking to her. She is not a minor. She is an adult. She doesn’t need her mommy to hold her hand. If they know the law so well then why did they break it? They should be happy that they get to be there at all. If it was up to me they wouldn’t be allowed to protest anywhere near the clinic. 

    • ViolaSebastian


      New video! Long story short: suck it up, buttercup. Serve your husband. Find the good things about him. Figure out his Love Language. What about your Love Language? Well, Lori says fuck your Love Language, this isn't about you, this is about serving your husband. 


      • WTF 1
    • JermajestyDuggar


      20 minutes ago, Seahorse Wrangler said:

      Me too...


      Cynical Seahorse is thinking the woman who wanted 'the literature' was another pro-lier  friend of TAM who was trying to provoke the police into action.

      I was actually hoping it was someone who hates these protesters and wanted to get her in trouble. But I’m petty like that.

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    • samurai_sarah

      Posted (edited)

      55 minutes ago, Lgirlrocks said:

      Same goes for men. Being mad and upset can look ugly on anyone. Period. Fuck that shit about women always having to smile. It’s annoying and tiring. I do smile a lot but if I don’t feel like it I shouldn’t have to. 85D7FAE5-9A5E-4E7E-B06E-13195BC71467.thumb.png.aeb65468f2478f545eeb4a935c0a904b.png

      Lori is so wrong. My housemates, when I was a student, my housemates used to tell me that "We aren't afraid when you're shouting. We shit ourselves when you're calm and smiling...".


      Edited by samurai_sarah
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    • Seahorse Wrangler


      3 hours ago, NachosFlandersStyle said:

      Ehh, I can certainly imagine being proud of civil disobedience for a *worthwhile* cause. It's the part about harassing individuals who are just trying to go about their business that I don't understand.

      Me too...


      Cynical Seahorse is thinking the woman who wanted 'the literature' was another pro-lier  friend of TAM who was trying to provoke the police into action.

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