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Buffy's Commentary

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    • lexiloumarie


      2 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      Alyssa is giving birth so often that they may need the big house in a few years. They already have a nice house but they might outgrow it in a few years. 

      They don't live in their house yet - that's the crazy part. They have 4 kids in a one bedroom apartment. They've shown their house and it's still being built. Kressant and Michael had the same thing happen - they didn't get their house built till kid 4 or 5. Same apartment too. 

      • Rufus Bless 1
    • medimus


      Here the advice is no masks for under 13 year olds because of the risk to children's breathing. And playgrounds have just reopened, so I wouldn't judge a picture like that. But then again I have no idea about what is going on in LA. Obviously people closer by will have a better idea if this is normal or ridiculous.

    • neuroticcat


      59 minutes ago, SassyPants said:

      To me saying partner negates the possibility of there being a headship. 

      I think in regular context it would be a safe bet, but in conservative Christianity you still have complementarian circles talking about partners. Sounds a step away from fundie subservience though. Now if he had said “equal partner”...

    • AmazonGrace


      Gary Hawkins, Bringing Fun Back Into Funerals. Please Send Money.



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    • Sops2

      Posted (edited)

      Me too, - the Neelys haven't posted since way back last year.

      There's photos of Mr and Mrs N and remaining kids doing the Spring100 challenge on the Shiloh photography blog.

      There's also a photo of Kathryn, Daniel, Jason and Jubilee too



      Also of interest perhaps -Robert and Kendalyn have been visiting the Staddon family home in WV for July 4th.

      There's a photoshoot by James Staddon on Lenspiration which features the 5 kids.

      One of the other brothers, Jonathan Staddon also shows a photo on his instagram page with Esther, Michael and Elizabeth.

      She looks very happy. -Still wearing matching polos!!!


      Edited by Sops2
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