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Buffy's Commentary

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Birthday Pizza - Eat At Your Own RIsk



For my son's birthday proper we did dinner at his favorite place and went to a midnight showing of Bohemian Rhapsody which was incredible - we both loved it.   They had reclining chairs and slurpees!  He goes to the movies all the time but I never do so he enjoyed watching me marvel at things as if I was new to this planet.

For his day after birthday dinner (because I will stretch their celebrations) I made homemade pizza. Well, Boboli, so home assembled more than made, but still.  Hand crafted.

Now before you read on and assume I'm a mom from the book of Jrod or Nog I'll have you know these are his favorite toppings.  He orders this when having pizza delivered and yes, always needs to verify it's a real order and he's not kidding.

So...atop the Boboli crust was some pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, black olives, and onion.  So far so normal.

Also imagine a normal amount of garlic one would put on a pizza and double it.  Then imagine the amount of anchovies you would consider too much on a pizza and double it.

A generous amount of jalapenos, blue cheese, and feta cheese.  Anchovy oil drizzled over the top. 

He loved every bite and is sleeping like a baby.  I, on the other hand, have second hand heartburn just from being in close proximity.

I know he's an adult and I am so proud of the man he's become ... but I still love fussing over him.  He's still my baby. 


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  • Posts

    • Spanger


      OK folks, I found this here picture of Bro Gary’s actual thanksgiving dinner right here:


    • Granwych


      9 hours ago, Alisamer said:

      Maybe he let it run out of fuel (again) and somebody pointed that out to him? Victory!

      Well, Bro has to start somewhere!  Maybe now he knows what the gas gauge is for,

      7 hours ago, Dandruff said:

      Is there a Plexus IQ formula?  I can think of a couple who could use some help.

      Wonder what they'll be having for Thanksgiving.  Turkey with ween gravy?  Ween with turkey gravy?  Ween stuffing, ween pie, green ween casserole?

      The Hawkins crew will be having turweenie!  With biscuit stuffing, and pink gravy of course!

      Excuse me while I projectile vomit at the thought of such a desecration of a wonderful bird...

    • Daisy0322


      20 minutes ago, nastyhobbitses said:

      They get filtered/tracked pretty much from day one too. I took gymnastics starting I think in kindergarten, and almost immediately I was put in the "never gonna make it" group, while other girls were very clearly put in the "will actually compete in this sport/actually worth teaching" group. I liked doing gymnastics itself, but I think that I knew very early on that the instructors thought I was chubby and awkward and not really worth instructing because I wasn't naturally talented enough. So I ended up giving it up after a while.

      My son is in gymnastics at 15 months (mainly for the fun of it but also because he was a late walker and just very cautious) they ALREADY in the toddler class are looking at the kids and judging thier abilities. Like the teacher told me my son was coordinated and was athletic but we needed to work on how nervous he is or "he will never compete". I was floored. I kinda just smiled and walked away but seriously some parents in there are legit yelling at thier 2 year old about not trying hard enough and they are critical of every little move they make, making them do each station 5,6,7 times!

      • Sad 1
    • NachosFlandersStyle


      5 hours ago, GenerationCedarchip said:

      However, I don't really see any one celebrity teacher/leader rising up to fill the VF void. Do you all see any successors out there?

      I don't have any inside perspective on this, but I wonder if Trump is taking up so much air on the far right that the focus is shifting from virginity/ modesty/ etc. to guns and conspiracy theories.

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    • Sister_Wife


      3 hours ago, OGEmoji said:

      I'm wondering how easy it is to immigrate to Finland?  Most countries only allow you to gain citizenship if you have something to offer, like an in demand skill or degree. It sounds like Finland has very strong social welfare programs, which would require a productive tax base. Presumably they wouldn't just open their arms (and benefits) to a family of 12 who don't work? Surely one of the parents has a valuable skill beyond incubating.

      I think Taina is Finnish by birth, but lived in Australia since her teens at least.