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Flowers in the Attic: "At Last, Momma"

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Maggie Mae



I am on the second paragraph of this chapter and it seems like the last chapter was a short story she wrote about this family and jammed it in. This chapter opens with a reminder of the whipping, but no lasting repercussions. Just that Cathy & Chris never discussed them. She often catches him staring at her. (PSST, that's because he's a teenage boy with no role models, a neckbeard spirit, and "nice guy" vibes) 

Paragraph two is where the reader is once again reminded that Cathy has breasts. 



Chris has also hit puberty, but I don't really feel like describing that. NO WAIT OMG. 




Cathy has a sudden epiphany and stops polishing the school desks. I'm reminded of my old boss (both old as in, prior, and old as in WHY ARE YOU STILL WORKING) who once made fun of our ED at the time for cleaning his "work surface" which always confused me. Cathy turns to look at Cory and Carrie and is astounded because she realized that they haven't grown much in 2 years and four months. "Their bodies seemed frail flower stems too weak to support the blossoms of their heads" 

Christopher seems to think that they need to go outside and get sun. I suppose they could be lacking vitamin D. I don't know if that means that they will stop growing. Mostly it makes people depressed and susceptible to bone pain and cardiovascular events. This is where I stopped to take my supplements, as pretty much everyone in the northern hemisphere is Vit D deficient. Also, weirdly enough, Australia. Of course, if you go outside in Aus, you'll get skin cancer from the sun and/or be eaten/poisoned/attacked by creatures that live no where else. Like the Blue Ring Octopus, or the evil and DEADLY Drop Bear. Or you'll just get Chlamydia from a koala. 

The older Dollangers decide to drag the little 'uns outside. I guess they are six. Cathy... "I leaned to heft Carrie's slight weight." Kind of sounds like she's calling her six year old malnourished sister fat.  It's Thursday, so the "servants" are off and spending their day in town. Supposedly it's "safe" to use the back part of the roof. The kids wake up and flail around and panic and scream. I don't understand why they don't want to go on the roof. Carrie bites and hits Cathy. They decide that trying to force them out endangers all of them. They measure them in the school room, looks like the young'uns have only grown two inches in height in two years. Cathy brags about growing "many, many inches between five and seven". YES! I now know that the twins are seven. They should be around 48 inches and 50-60 lbs, but I'm a USA-ian so adjust those weights as needed. Cathy knows that her twin sibs were smaller at birth, five pounds each, with Carrie having an ounce on Cory. 

Cathy is bawling her eyes out into her brother's chest and hating her mother for ruining her children's lives, while simultaneously comparing the twins to plants and trembling in her brother's embrace. She decides that once they are FREE they will catch up. Oh, Cathy,  you are so naive.  She wonders if it is money or love that makes the world go round. 

Let's ask Liza



Or perhaps Meryl









That's the act break, folks. Stay tuned for part two. It's gonna be good long. 




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  • Posts

    • Sarah92


      I have to say that I appreciate my parents for generally respecting my dietary preferences because many of them didn't go away even as an adult. Of course, I had to try some things but often if I didn't want to eat what my parents were serving I could go make toast and eggs. It helped me learn to use the stove responsibly from a pretty young age and start learning to cook, a current passion of mine. My parents are very much meat, potato, and a veggie type of people so it wasn't like I was rejecting sardines and yams. Uncooked cheese tastes like chalk 99% of the time to me and my brain basically tells me that mayo is absolutely not allowed. I'm really glad that my parents didn't force feed these things to me. I had an aunt that gave me a mayo sandwich after I wanted a bread and butter one (looking back I'd never just eat cold bread and butter like that now). My brain had a mini freak out tasting the mayo.

      Speaking of food. What all did you make for dinner? I made fried rice with coconut aminos and lots of bits of leftovers. It was tasty. Plus store bought potstickers because they take far longer for me to make by hand. 


    • amendgitan


      So what happened to Laura De Maisie? Did they force her to leave? If Jana is suddenly courting the timing will be suspicious to me. 

      Like they're trying to stave off rumors. 

      I have conflicted feelings about Jana. I think she is solidly indoctrinated and won't accept a life that doesn't toe the line. I think the spunk and spirit was beat out of her with plumbing line when she was small, based on various comments made about how she was so naughty in childhood and got in trouble so much, juxtaposed with how emotionless and flat she is. 

      I do think she's been wistful about being married or at least able to join her married/dating siblings because she's still treated and viewed as a dependent child, no matter how much she runs that house. 

      I agree with whoever said she's shy and had a lot of responsibility in the house hence it may have been harder for her to meet possible "suitors" or have them notice her. 

      And of course her family relies on her so much they may not have encouraged her to get married. 

      But even if she doesn't feel excited about marrying a man, she has got to feel lonely in a sense. Or infantilized. One wants their independence at a certain point. 

    • ophelia


      So totally random, but when she mentions the 5AM body combat class, does she mean she gets up at 5AM to be able to make it on time or that the actual class starts at 5AM? My gym doesn't even open until 8PM. Probably because it is cheap af.

    • ophelia


      This whole retreat puzzles me: the costs, the fact that it is in Europe and people have to travel across continents only to pray and drink fancy coffee for three days and the apparent Switzerland connection that Allison seems to have that was never mentioned before.

      On one hand I really want this retreat to happen just to see who could afford to attend and on the other hand I doubt she will get enough girls to pay the price and travel on their own across the world. Some of these SAHDs can hardly run errands without a male headship! Traveling to liberal/socialist/heathen Europe? Sure!

    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      2 hours ago, picklepizzas said:

      Idk if TLC is gonna be happy about this one. There’s a big difference between flying the crew between Laredo and Arkansas, and flying between Cali and Arkansas. That’s a looong flight. I wonder if we will see much of them after the move for the logistics alone. 

      They will have their own show.