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Flowers in the Attic: Table of Contents

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  • Posts

    • ophelia


      4 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I hope they pick another letter. I think it’s hard to find lots of names you love with the same first letter. Look at the Duggars. I bet they didn’t both love every one of those J names. 

      They clearly cared more about the J-pattern than about the actual names. Otherwise I can't explain why they chose Jinger. She was 'only' their 6th kid and they still had plenty of beautiful J-options: Johannah, Joy, Judith, Julia, etc.

    • TeaELSee


      1 hour ago, Bad Wolf said:

      Did they show the Dillards?

      No, but I think I got a quick glimpse of Israel in the wedding party. They had a lot of little kids in their wedding.

    • amendgitan


      On 2/17/2019 at 10:33 PM, Melissa1977 said:

      While I don't agree with circumscision out of medical reasons, by no means male.and female circumcision can be compared.

      Male circumcision does not take sexual pleasure away. Female circumcision is exactly done to avoid women having pleasure. 

      Male circumcision is a very little procedure. Female is a major one. It's not only the cut that makes the differences, it's the pain and the consequences for the physical and mental health.

      Milions of women are circumcised and traumatized forever and their health put in danger. Milions of men are circumcised and it has no noticeable repercussions in their lives.


      I'm sure people have responded and I realize this is old now but yes it absolutely does take away sexual pleasure. Not all but it desensitizes it quite a bit. 

      On 3/1/2019 at 1:22 AM, Italiangirl said:

      I want the poll now! This fundie kids are really obsess with their parents bedroom yuck!!

      It's a strange and gross obsession. 

    • socalrules


      Small Sacrifices was my entryway into true crime when I was 11. I love all things Ann Rule. Diane Downs always fascinated me because every time she had a chance to right her life, she inexplicably made the wrong choice. She was obviously smart but it was as though there was some chip missing. I always believed there was a possibility someone sexually molested her as a child, who I don’t know, because she used sex, or her sexuality, at the most inappropriate times. I mean this woman was coming on to the cops who were trying to figure out who shot her kids. The disconnect was amazing. 

      I wonder about Becky. I feel bad for her to have to find out Diane Downs gave birth to her but I swear I have seen her on 10 different shows in the last few years. I only find it odd because the kids who were shot, and survived, have never done interviews and intentionally live under the radar. 

    • SuperNova


      1 hour ago, SilverBeach said:

      Food can be healthy with out being nasty. Such a mean heifer.

      Do you remember the pathetic little salad lunch Lori made for her friends? Hardly enough to feed two people as an appetizer but it was meant for three as a main course. Of course she served it with her nasty 3 week old raw egg dressing. She also threw in some ice water and two slices of bread for three people. Oh, and an entire stick of butter.