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Flowers in the Attic: Table of Contents

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Maggie Mae


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  • Posts

    • fundiefan


      If he doesn't want to see them, then don't look. It's that simple, really. If he told me to cover up I'd tell him to mind his own damn business. 

      What a dick. No man, especially no fundie, will have any say in what I do and/or don't do. I think they are incapable of acknowledging this - the world doesn't give a rat's arse what uptight fundies think!

    • Shiny


      I realized the other day that I'm super triggered by people that frame everything in a negative way. I think that's one reason Abbie bugs me more than most. Of course, my optimistic, fuck-it attitude is probably triggering to some as well. 

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      3 minutes ago, theotherelise said:

      @FluffySnowball I’m not saying it’s wrong, you do you. I just think it’s weird to make a fuss about your birthday as an adult. I’m all for recognizing people and going to lunch or baking someone a treat is a great way to do that. I’d probably still prefer that to just be a thing done as part of friendship and not tied to one day on the calendar. I know many adults who act like the actual day of their birthday should be sacred and people should plan for and around it. That’s just not very mature in my opinion. Ymmv

      These kinda of things tend to be cultural and situational as well. I’ve got an absurd amount of aunts uncles and cousins. So when I hear a friend say they’re traveling two hours “back home” to have lunch for an aunts birthday, it is just hard for me to grasp. 

      In general, I’m fairly anti-consumption and minimalist. So trading gifts around is never going to get me out of bed. But I only snark on that stuff here and to my husband! 

      I'm with you, and also agree people should do whatever makes them happy.

      I have been informed this week that by asking for my birthday to be skipped I'm depriving co-workers of cake, and if I ask for it to be ignored at home I'm being mean to my kids.  

      I celebrate the 3 births of people whose giant heads I pushed into this world...if your birth didn't require me to have an episiotomy I will probably have a hard time remembering it no matter how much I love you.

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    • Itsjustme


      14 hours ago, Mom2Bubby said:

       Poor Claudia was coughing like crazy most of the time and all Tom could say was, “stop coughing like that baby girl”. He thought she was coughing hard on purpose, but she sounded pretty croupy to me. She looked pretty wore out too. 

      He's always hard on Claudia. I wish he would stop saying things like "That's Claudia for you" or "That's just Claudia". I even heard a couple of the other kids say it so they have picked up the same thing Tom does which is unfortunate. It sounds so demeaning.

      I also wanted to mention, though I really didn't want to becasue I don't look for sympathy, but I suffered a stroke two months after my mother died I was her caretaker for 6 years 24/7. Sh had been run down in a crosswalk by a hit and run driver and left permanently disabled and bedridden.  (Distracted driving is a sore spot for me)

      So if I can't seem to articulate my words well enough in making a point or my spelling is off that is why. My brain doesn't always cooperate.

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    • AmazonGrace


      It would be so depressing and counterproductive I think....To be overweight and meet some skinny person who was always thin even though they eat any old crap like a horse that eats any old crap, and then be told, "look at this Thin Eater and imitate them", with no reference to the physical activity levels and other factors. And then if you imitated them and ate like they do, and inevitably failed to lose weight, and got told that you'd lose weight if you just put God first...

      I think this weight loss advice goes against her other weight loss advice because looking at a thin person and imitating their eating habits has zero to do with seeking God first or even listening to the Growl.  Because not all of these naturally thin people are particularly religious and many of them would laugh at you if you told them you have to wait for hunger pains before eating. And imitating people is pretty much the opposite of putting God first.

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