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Flowers in the Attic: Table of Contents

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Maggie Mae


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    • Briefly


      FJ has totally corrupted me.  Every time I go to the grocery store, I think of Gwen Shamblin when I walk down the aisle with chips or cokes, I automatically now price butter because of Lori and today I was reminded of Gary when I walked past the lunchmeat aisle because that's where the hot dogs are stocked!

    • Glasgowghirl


      I know someone who had a successful VBAC less than 18 months after her c section but she was recieving medical care through out the pregnancy and the hospital warned her that she may still need a C Section. 

      I hope both Joy and Austin wait at least 18 months before trying again, if not longer but they probably won't.

    • Briefly


      4 hours ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

      looks like at least botox to me. 

      I think so too.  As @luv2laugh stated, he was an actor and a huge premium is placed on looks.  Speaking of looks, she looks really bad.  Very unhealthy.

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    • nolongerIFBx

      Posted (edited)

      On 12/14/2018 at 12:20 PM, Terrie said:

      For starters, you just used the past tence in relation to talking about Jewish people who are alive, well and still Jewish. Second, the concept of a messiah in Judism is very different from the modern Christian concept. You're taking a story that was written down by Chrisitans a good hundred years after the supposed events to determine Jewish views. Judism isn't "Christianity pre-Jesus." If you want to talk about what the Gospels say about Mary, go ahead. But do not project it onto an entire people. The whole thing smacks of Ann Coulter's comments on Christians being "perfected Jews."

      Right- I didn't want to imply that any Jewish women of today want to be the one to birth the Messiah which was why I had used the past tense. I realize that times and how one lives their faith have changed (although are fundies in every faith). Judaism like Christianity, Islam, etc. has seen many changes in the last 2000 years.

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    • SapphireSlytherin

      Posted (edited)

      We just returned from Iceland where surnames are apparently unimportant, and where family names are nonexistent. Nobody we met used a surname. Those that did followed the “son” or “dottir” convention, such that:


      Robert and Janet had two children:  Lance and Lily. They are known as Lance Robertsson and Lily Robertsdottir. (These are not real names of anyone we met.)


      And a woman can’t take her husband’s name. 

      Edited by SapphireSlytherin