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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Taylors Part Six: Melissa Opens a Daycare

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Melissa is now the only member of the family left at home during the day, so she decided to open a daycare. It allows her to stay at home, so there's no boss or women with green hair around.


It's Leisure Day! Normally there are four festivals a year, but because I have this game in permanent summer mode, you only get Leisure Day, once every four weeks. They wanted to throw a pool party, so I built them a pool. The flowers are from the Weather Stone, which supernaturals can activate. This is Reviving Sprinkle, exclusive to Fairies, that fertilizes plants and revives dead ones. It's useful to Joey and his big garden.


Bethany contemplating life and God under the stars. Teens and up can wear a modest mermaid skirt, but the best kids can wear is a wetsuit.


For some reason, Melissa decided to buy a digger to see if there were any gems buried in the garden.


Now it's time for the triplets to age up! For a short time, I will only have Teens in the family. Andrew is close to becoming a Young Adult and aging up. I'll probably kick him out. Yes, he'll be alone, but it's easiest this way. Plus Melissa may be able to have another kid. There'll be a huge age gap, but that's not a concern for me. Fairies live much longer than normal Sims. 


The girls are all wearing the same skirt, but have different tops, hairstyles and shoes. Here's Diana.


And then Elijah and Francesca. 


There aren't any modest nighties available to teens, so they just wear dressing gowns instead.


I decided to make Christopher "eccentric"; this doesn't mean he acts weirdly or says crazy stuff, it actually means he's good at inventing. I thought it was a way for him to make money, by creating toys and mini sculptures and stuff.


Oh noes! Christopher got electrocuted!


I hired a repair woman to fix the shower, but she inevitably decided to go for a dip. So I got a woman in a BIKINI mending the shower. NIKE!!


Jacob grew into an adult cat. Only Andrew was there to watch.


More band practice. 


The daycare only operates Monday-Thursday for some reason. Melissa got the job on the Thursday, so didn't start until the following Monday. Here are the first two toddlers, Alexa and Catherine Givens. The game automatically generates toddlers, so they're not necessarily living in the town. 


On the second day, we get a different pair of kids entirely. Here are Janis and Tommy Spain. Alexa and Catherine Givens are no longer in Melissa's relationships panel, so who knows what happened to them. 


Basement homework club!! Sims in The Sims 3 tend to autonomously do their homework much more than in Sims 2 or 4.


That's the end of Part Six! But wait? Who's this... ??


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  • Posts

    • thoughtful

      Posted (edited)

      Gary was live from the truck, at "almost noontime, amen - the day, tell ya raht now, don't take long for tahm to come 'n' go, amen? 11:35, took mah wahf up here to see her family amen the kids praise the Lord."

      I wonder if that means that Becky had a visit with her kids - hard to say, with Gary's babble.

      Gary's important and unique message is interspersed with loud directions from his GPS.

      Sunday's coming, and you'd better go to church, "what God says is a whole lot more important than what Governor whoever says."

      The church, of course, must be King James only, and this spew follows:

      "Some people believe that's there's uh more than one Bahble, well, ah'm glad God didn't need all them thangs, amen? Ah'm glad God knew what He wrote, and how He wrote it, and how He had the English-speakin' people to write it for the English-speakin' people, amen, ah know that, uh, uh, Spanish people have to have a little bit different 'n' ah understand that the uh Filipinos and the different ones 'n' ah'm gonna tell ya - for the English-speakin' people, there's only one Bahble, 'n' that one Bahble tells us to go ye in all the world, ah'm not Calvinism, ah don't believe that mess, ah don't have no kinda points in the Calvinism, ah just believe the book, ah believe what God said. God said to go tell 'em. AMEN!"

      Also, if you don't die and the Rapture doesn't come by tomorrow morning, go to church, unless you wake up tomorrow with Covid-19, in which case you should stay home and watch church on Facebook (WATCH IT, don't just turn it on!). And if you are afraid to go out, get rid of your TV. Might as well get rid of the TV anyway, because "sodomy's takin' everything!"

      Have I mentioned that Gary thinks you should go to church?

      They didn't ask Gary to preach at the camp meeting, so I guess he needed to feed his addiction and do some preachifyin' in the Church of Henry Ford.

      Edited by thoughtful
    • JDuggs


      1 hour ago, WarriorJane said:

      No snark intended, but does Jill know who RBG is?  I mean I know she knows she was a SC Justice,  but does she grasp what she stood for?

      Jill’s post was a re-post from Republican Senator John Boozman from Arkansas. I think some Republicans are publicly “taking the high road” by offering condolences while privately feeling gleeful about their potential opportunity to replace her.

    • Kayleigh83


      26 minutes ago, WarriorJane said:

      No snark intended, but does Jill know who RBG is?  I mean I know she knows she was a SC Justice,  but does she grasp what she stood for?

      I have to assume yes, and especially by now. Posting about her like that at all, especially using a sort of nickname like her initials, to me signals some familiarity beyond just what her job was. And after about 13 hours of that post being in her stories I bet she’s gotten lots of messages from “concerned conservatives” about it, so if she didn’t know then she knows now. But the post remains up..

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    • PennySycamore


      Yeah, that divorce and re-marriage is worse that murder is all sort of fucked-up.

    • seraaa

      Posted (edited)

      On 9/18/2020 at 6:24 AM, baldricks_turnip said:

      I also wonder if she's not really honest with herself about what she really wants, or self-aware enough. Like she starts 'getting to know' someone but doesn't find herself getting all gooey over him like she observed with her courting sisters, so she decides he just isn't the one/she's being picky/he's not the one God has planned for her, but maybe no one would make her feel that way?

      (Standard disclaimer that I'm just armchair analysing someone from TV)

      There are lots of reasons why someone might not want to be in a relationship, or may even be subconsciously shying away from opportunities because they're not ready (ask me how I know lol). This could apply to Jana. 

      Or maybe she simply hasn't met someone likes enough.

      Edited by seraaa
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