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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Taylors Part Five: Teens and Two Kitties

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Gotta start those homemaker skills early!


Francesca and Elijah ended up sleeping in each other's beds, but I didn't regard it as a big problem. You can claim beds in Sims 3, such that they will automatically sleep in those beds. 


Bethany dancing this time. Perhaps they're OK with it?


Francesca really needed the loo one morning, but it was filthy so she had to clean it.


OK. It's official, the Taylors are OK with dancing. Melissa gets involved. I have Classical music playing all the time, so it's not ebil pop with a beat.


Joey mastered the Gardening skill!!


Bethany decided to try and sell some baked goods. Sadly, nobody bought anything.


I managed to get everyone in shot! That's Diana talking to Joey; kids with the Excitable trait often pretend to rule over an imaginary kingdom, dressing up in a costume and with a crown. Only God can really rule over a kingdom, though! It was an automatic action, and with eight people in a household you can't control everyone at once.


What's this? It's a cute little kitten! His name is Jacob.


Bethany did get a customer one day, but Patricia Bedlington didn't buy anything. Joey's not looking at Patricia's vest and shorts. Plus, the visitor is a vampire...


The twins age up! 


We can have family band practice now. I wish I could attach a video file of the music they're playing, but I can't. It sounds pretty cool when they jam together. There are two styles, "Jam" and "Blues". 


Whenever someone plays an instrument, the others like to come and watch. This is mostly OK, except when they're supposed to be going to bed. Then it's just stupid. Oi, you're tired, go to bed. You can watch your mom play the piano tomorrow.


Everyone's off to school! 


Cleaning up around the house isn't just for the girls in this family. Or is he doing something else...?


Oh noes! Melissa's hair! Turns out Andrew was playing a prank. Fairies love to prank. I don't get the Taylors to do it much, but Andrew was having a mood swing and had a wish to play a prank.


Melissa wanted to earn some money by playing piano in the park, but no-one gave her any tips. Perhaps I'll try somewhere else.


Joey decided to enter a hot dog eating contest.


The natural consequence of stuffing your face... throwing up afterwards.


A couple of days later, we got another kitten. This is Eliza, short for Elizabeth. Jacob was pretty lonely, so I got another pet of the same species. 


I still intend to take them on vacation one day. I don't know where I'll go. Maybe France.

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  • Posts

    • SuperNova

      Posted (edited)

      On 9/17/2020 at 7:35 AM, AmazonGrace said:

      The episode in which Gwen's facts checked out, for once. 


      All God wants from us is everything:


      God can get up and get my heart out of the refrigerator himself if he wants it so bad. His legs aren't broken. Then again, if god is anything like Mr Nova then basically god would be standing in front of the  fridge yelling, 'where's your heart? I can't find it!' until I get up and hand it to him. 

      Edited by SuperNova
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    • anjulibai


      Oh no, did we miss Paul's 40th birthday? It was the 13th. Any pics in the bedroom with Cathy and Rick? 

    • 47of74


      Elizabeth II has stripped Weinstein of his CBE


      Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has ordered that the disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein be stripped of the prestigious CBE honor he received for services to the British film industry.

      "The Queen has directed that the appointment of Harvey Weinstein to be an Honorary Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, dated 29 January 2004, shall be cancelled and annulled and that his name shall be erased from the Register of the said Order," said a statement posted Friday in the London Gazette — an official outlet that reports on U.K. honors.

      Removal of official U.K. honors is rare, but can take place where the holder has brought the honors system "into disrepute," according to the U.K. government.




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    • Twirling Dervish


      17 hours ago, Maggie Mae said:

      I vaguely remember a rumor on TWOP about Jim-Bob and Josh going to strip clubs and drinking beers. So my guesses: 

      Jim-Bob & Michelle - social drinking for JB, but pretty secretive about it. Michelle might sip a champagne at a baby-shower and pretend she didn't know it was alcoholic. 

      Josh - drinks when he's awake, those big gulp plastic cups are not just coke. 

      Anna - no drinking, always pregnant or trying to be, and it gives her something to hold over everyone else. 

      JB - craft beers at the pilot bars. None for Abbie right now, but when she's not pregnant or breastfeeding, she might have one and make a face. Later she'll experiment with wine mom culture but she's just not into it. No judgment though. 

      Jana: no way jose

      Jill & Derrick we know, but I don't see them ever both getting beyond slightly buzzed at the same time, due to having actual feelings of responsibility toward their children. Maybe in, like, 6 years things will line up, they will have a babysitter or be on vacation and they will both have a couple of too strong frozen drinks in Hawaii or Florida and spend the night reminicing and laughing, and the morning sick with headaches. 

      Jessa & Ben. Ben probably drinks craft brews when out and smokes weed in the basement, Jessa pretends she doesn't know. 

      JInger/Jer: pretends he only drinks when it's necessary for networking purposes, yet has a collection of aged scotches and wines that he discusses at length. Jinger giggles and doesn't like the taste. She's pregnant, so she's not drinking. She might have a sip if she's neither pregnant or breastfeeding, but Jer told her it makes women gain weight. Maybe in a few years she'll start having wine mom lunches in California which will never been seen on the internet. I can see her getting a prescription in the future for whatever replaces Xanax. Jer will start staying out later, Felicity will smoke weed in high school with her friends but neither parent will notice her slow slide into rebellion. 

      The rest I don't know at all. 



      It's probably a safe bet to assume Josie's not throwing them back, yet. 

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    • JanasTattooParlor

      Posted (edited)

      On 8/9/2020 at 11:21 PM, JanasTattooParlor said:

      Webster baby: Sadie or Maisie Jo for a girl, John Elliot “Jake” or “JJ” Jr. for a boy.

      Quoting myself because I’m actually proud of myself for guessing the name correctly! I’m giving myself a cookie! 🍪

      ETA: Alright, on first listening to their video it sounded like Maisie, but on second listen I think they actually said Macy......I’m still keeping my cookie!

      Edited by JanasTattooParlor
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