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Gobbles Musings

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Up up up....

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At the end of the last lesson as I parked the car I looked to my instructor and he sat there having a smile on his face. That should tell you how I'm doing. Automatic really changed my life. I now have five lessons or so with the automatic car and the difference is amazing. So I guess we are very slowly walking or rather driving towards the end phase. The nervousness before lessons is almost gone and I can talk while driving and I drive quite normal now. Which my instructor likes, but still I should stop at yellow traffic lights and not speed through... Difficult for him I guess, it shows me being very comfortable to drive and of course almost everyone drives like I do but I shouldn't drive like that during the exam.

The "100km/h race street" is my favourite part now. There is a traffic light at the beginning, and after that a long almost straight road with the speed limit of 100. Well, I tried out what my 200 PS car can do and how a "kick down" feels like. I loved it! 

My Grandpa is going to join us in the next lesson. I'm quite nervous having him as a passenger, so good practice for the final exam. 

Car wise we have found a model I really like and well, my instructor (who knows my Grandpa since a long long time) will support me in my "Grandpa buys his only Granddaughter a car"-project. :pb_smile: I have my eyes on a VW Up "high up" model. Not brand new like I wrote before, but not too old. Maybe a car that was used to show it to people or something like that. 

Plan B works!

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Okay, screw the UP. It only has "Automated Manual Transmission" and not a "Direct Shift Gearbox". So back to the one I like the most, the VW Polo. (A bit more expensive though.)

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    • NancyDrewFan1989


      On 6/5/2020 at 1:22 PM, llg1234 said:

      Allison posted on her Instagram story yesterday that she was engaged 4 days earlier, meaning she was engaged on May 31st? But the Bontrager blog posted that was engaged on a Saturday, so maybe she got her numbers mixed up. As for the triple wedding couples, I had thought they had posted about the engagements pretty shortly after they had happened. I think Chelsy only waited to announce hers because it happening so close to the weddings.

      Got it, I didn't see that. I know that Chelsy held off because of the weddings which kind of shocked me because the Bontragers do have a good pretty good fundie following and it there as a chance the news would get out before the family announced. We know the Maxwells would not have announced it, but with all the connections the Bontragers have someone could have leaked it on another blog making them have to announce it. 

      8 hours ago, petrushka said:

      Country plus fancy--you got it!


      I've seen it where many brides are able to match flannel with their bridal dresses beautifully. However, a wedding in August may be too hot to add flannel. Then again, Chelsy ran around barefoot in the snow for a few photos. So Allison might suck it up for a bit and wear the flannel in the hot summer sun.

    • feministxtian


      Can I add Shemar Moore, Mark Harmon, and Scott Bakula to the list of featured male models? I'm having hormonal issues right now...and binge watching Star Trek Enterprise isn't helping. 

      About she who shit on the carpet...I would say I'm probably one of the less formally educated folks here and even MY spelling and grammar isn't as bad as she who claims to have sheepskins. 

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    • clueliss


      I'm guessing they have the same or same sort of PR folks that Big Brother contestants and the like have.  Because they seem to be using the same playbook.  

    • CaricatureQualities


      To be more specific the gist of the Hope we Hold podcast is (and will continue to be) the the world is hopeless unless you have hope in JesUS to get you to heaven which is real hope and not just wishful thinking. 

      One interesting thing was that they agreed you can't trust in politics. Hmmm. I guess unless it's your father or brother running on Christian Nationalist ideas?

    • thoughtful


      The latest grift:




      Meet the Pastor

      Tom Johnston is the pastor of Onycha Baptist Church. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Bradley University and a Bachelor of Divinity from Pensacola Bible Institute. He was saved at Bradley University through a gospel tract that he received. Pastor Johnston has pastored in southern Alabama for the past 15 years. He has a heart for souls and encourages everyone to share the gospel. In April 2007, God led him to Onycha Baptist Church where he has been a blessing and encouragement in the restart of the church.

      See, see? They do work!  :roll:

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