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Gobbles Musings

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A broken car & a test drive

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So, my driving school had a almost three week long brake and the day I was supposed to have my first lesson after that break my instructor called and said that the car is broken. Well, so on Monday I will have my next lesson, a week later than planned. 

We are now nearing the end of it I guess. There are two exam dates in September, but I don't think we will be able to pick on of them due to the week lost due the broken car. And also I want to go on in the same, slower, way like I did so far. Never change what works. So maybe in October. 

I have time, also because I have no car. The market for small automatic cars is pretty small right now. Apparently they are very sought after. Current planned car is a Honda Jazz/Fit. We want to do a test drive in one this weekend. The car dealer said that it is not clear if they have a car available so we'll see if that works out. Because they have no problems in selling their cars, they seem not to car too much about test drives and all of that. If the CVT is good and the traffic sign recognition works I think the choice for the Jazz is made. If not we will have to look maybe into the Mazda 2. Or my original choice of a VW Polo. I do like the Japanese cars more because they have better stuff in them. 

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  • Posts

    • Giraffe

      Posted (edited)

      There are lots of doctors with awful bedside manner but if he thinks that’s the norm he’s hanging around the wrong doctors!

      eta: regardless if the truth surrounding him not being able to make it in whatever end school - legitimate one or not - GOOD! He would be an atrocious doc!

      Edited by Giraffe
    • nvmbr02


      On 12/6/2019 at 8:58 AM, CrossingRivers said:

      I’m here because of this video: 


      1. No underlayment on the subfloor. Underlayment prevents the hardwood floors from warping from weather change. This isn’t a code requirement but it adds to the longevity of the floor. 

      2. Installing the kitchen cabinets before the flooring is highly unusual and is a dick move against whoever will remodel the kitchen later. 

      3. (Nothing to do with the floors) The children sanding the window casement without a mask. 🤢 Has that house been tested for lead? 


      I don't disagree with you but we are on our 3rd house that we own in 2 states (2 purchased as existing homes, one from a production style builder) and we have rented several others and aside from the house overseas that didn't come with cabinets in the kitchen all of the houses have had cabinets installed and then flooring. So while it is certainly nice to have cabinets installed after flooring it hasn't been the norm in my experience. 

      As for inspections, our last home was purchased this past summer with a VA loan which we hadn't done before. We had to use a VA picked inspector. He did okay. There were some things that were missed though. My brother in law is a contractor and he checked things out for us and he too missed a few things (like of our three outlets on the outside back of the house 2 don't work). We did have a separate inspection done on some of the really big things though, like the roof and the HVAC system which hopefully will prevent an expensive surprise in the next year or two at least. There is a lot of pressure in a fast moving market to skip any inspections  not required or not make a lot of repair requests though. 

    • AmazonGrace

      Posted (edited)

      Are we sure that sign doesn't say "You can overcomb", and that's why her hair looks like that?

      Gwen thinks we shop, talk and drink alcohol because our body calls for it.



      More Is Not Better

      December 09, 2019

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

      Comments are off

      A greedy man stirs up dissension, but he who trusts in the Lord will prosper. Proverbs 28:25

      God has programmed an amazing characteristic deep inside each of us: The more you eat, the more you will want…but the LESS you eat, the LESS you will want! This is true for shopping, for alcohol, for drugs, or for self-indulgent hours in the day. “More” is not necessarily better, and in fact, greed feels horrible! Of course, you have to obtain what your body calls for – but then STOP the minute you have had enough of sleep, food, shopping, alcohol, talking, etc. You will feel so content, and you will receive such blessings! Just test this today and see what happens!



      Well, technically it's true I suppose. Most things that we decide to do happen because our brain decides it for some reason. And brain is a part of the body. But nevertheless this doesn't make one lick of sense to me.  What kind of growl tells you that your body is calling for alcohol? Talking? How can you tell that your body has had enough talking and to talk more would be too much? Usually talking too much depends on the social context.

      Edited by AmazonGrace
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    • Eponine


      I agree that from my perspective it seems like fundie culture is changing, and has changed a lot in the last decade or so. And as many have pointed out, I think it's mainly to present it in a prettier, more relatable package to have a wider appeal.

      It makes me wonder, though, whether there will soon be another backlash that will make some fundie groups dive back into the isolationism that characterized them in the 1990s-early 2000s. At that time, it was a point of pride for many fundies that they stood out from the rest of society - that they were visibly and defiantly different in ways that many no longer are. We often see that many fundies get a self-righteous pleasure in obviously not "belonging" to modern society. That kind of clear difference also feeds their persecution complex.

      I could see this gradual trend of assimilating into the larger culture pushing some subsets farther away, and I wonder if there is going to be an ongoing cycle of isolationism-assimilation-isolationism, etc.

      I don't really have any backup for that, but I'm not convinced this is a permanent shift in culture.

    • nausicaa


      1 hour ago, Cleopatra7 said:

      Mormons also have a very WASPy aesthetic, which is probably very appealing to those Protestant fundamentalists who still get nervous at media that show superficial diversity.

      Do you mean white suburban or WASPy? Cause most Utah Mormons aren't at all like your stereotypical New England WASP. The tryndy names, the fast fashion, the huge families, and over sentimentality is very out of place among traditional old mainline types. 

      The average WASP would have a heart attack at a Mormon no-RSVP free-for-all wedding reception. My snooty East Coast ass had enough trouble adjusting to my Mormon's friend's wedding when I was a bridesmaid in it. 

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