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Gobbles Musings

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A broken car & a test drive

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So, my driving school had a almost three week long brake and the day I was supposed to have my first lesson after that break my instructor called and said that the car is broken. Well, so on Monday I will have my next lesson, a week later than planned. 

We are now nearing the end of it I guess. There are two exam dates in September, but I don't think we will be able to pick on of them due to the week lost due the broken car. And also I want to go on in the same, slower, way like I did so far. Never change what works. So maybe in October. 

I have time, also because I have no car. The market for small automatic cars is pretty small right now. Apparently they are very sought after. Current planned car is a Honda Jazz/Fit. We want to do a test drive in one this weekend. The car dealer said that it is not clear if they have a car available so we'll see if that works out. Because they have no problems in selling their cars, they seem not to car too much about test drives and all of that. If the CVT is good and the traffic sign recognition works I think the choice for the Jazz is made. If not we will have to look maybe into the Mazda 2. Or my original choice of a VW Polo. I do like the Japanese cars more because they have better stuff in them. 

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    • feministxtian


      Can I add Shemar Moore, Mark Harmon, and Scott Bakula to the list of featured male models? I'm having hormonal issues right now...and binge watching Star Trek Enterprise isn't helping. 

      About she who shit on the carpet...I would say I'm probably one of the less formally educated folks here and even MY spelling and grammar isn't as bad as she who claims to have sheepskins. 

    • clueliss


      I'm guessing they have the same or same sort of PR folks that Big Brother contestants and the like have.  Because they seem to be using the same playbook.  

    • CaricatureQualities


      To be more specific the gist of the Hope we Hold podcast is (and will continue to be) the the world is hopeless unless you have hope in JesUS to get you to heaven which is real hope and not just wishful thinking. 

      One interesting thing was that they agreed you can't trust in politics. Hmmm. I guess unless it's your father or brother running on Christian Nationalist ideas?

    • thoughtful


      The latest grift:




      Meet the Pastor

      Tom Johnston is the pastor of Onycha Baptist Church. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Bradley University and a Bachelor of Divinity from Pensacola Bible Institute. He was saved at Bradley University through a gospel tract that he received. Pastor Johnston has pastored in southern Alabama for the past 15 years. He has a heart for souls and encourages everyone to share the gospel. In April 2007, God led him to Onycha Baptist Church where he has been a blessing and encouragement in the restart of the church.

      See, see? They do work!  :roll:

    • CaricatureQualities


      Yeah I listened to both of them (there are 2 eps up, about 20 mins each) because I hate myself @Idlewild. Here is the recap : Just imagine Jeremy talking. Done.

      I almost bailed because yes @Perrierwithlemon the mmmm-mmmm-mmmming from Jinger was grating. Not only do you have Jeremy blathering on but in your right ear (headphones) you have "mmm...mmm-hmmmm....mmmm....mmmmmhmmm" every 2 seconds. Oh god.

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