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Gobbles Musings

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Car update

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So as of today our plan looks like this:

We are going to keep our two cars (manual ones) and once I have my license, we will buy a car with automatic for me. A used one, not new. Not too old, but also not almost brand new, you get the point. It should have some features, not too many kilometres and a few other things. As automatic cars in Germany are not the norm, the prices are higher and you get less cars. But we have already looked, and there are some who are possible.

So the decision to go on with automatic is 99% made. 

Next lesson hopefully tomorrow, we weren't able to call my instructor yet. 

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    • hoipolloi


      Re: Man Bun & money. A diligent redditor found a FB post that he made last fall, trying to sell camera equipment. He wanted $9200+ for various camera bodies & lenses he claimed to have bought new: "I bought each of these to decide which one I wanted to keep."

      I agree that FF could resume her influencer career, particularly if she cuts Man Bun out of the picture. She could probably also be successful at something like selling real estate.


    • Bad Wolf


    • OldFadedStar


      So, Jeremy was doing a q&a and he was asked if he believes in KJV only and his response was “Nooooooooooooooooo”. He recommends eSV or NASB which are actually the most accurate texts of the Bible. 
      This means Jinger is probably reading these versions of the Bible at least some what. 
      I know it isn’t a big step at all but it is a step. It puts the Bible in a more understandable language for Jinger which will help her grow into hopefully a less hateful Christian ala Jill. 

      before anyone downvotes me or anything, yes this is probably not much more different than them wearing pants. But changing from KJV only means that they will be able to have more of their own thoughts about what they are reading because they will understand it more. 

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    • raayx01


      do bontragers have a pattern of waiting to have a kid after getting married, cause I'd think Allison would be pregnant by now

    • Dominionatrix


      On 1/24/2021 at 8:49 AM, Snarkasarus Rex said:


      Not a joke, I too am a Master of Divinity..image.jpeg.b5cb9655db4b45bd1d4b312118b617ca.jpeg

      This must be how David Waller became a pastor. 

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