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Gobbles Musings

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Tomorrow is the day!

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Tomorrow at 9:15am German time I have my exam. I had one lesson on Monday, and cancelled the second due to the exam and two activities I have planned for Friday and Saturday. (Meeting my best friend on Friday and Comic Con on Saturday.) The lesson on Monday was okay. We practised parking on a busy parking lot. So the highest difficulty, during the lessons before we only used lots with minimal traffic. Monday was different. The parking lot belongs to a indoor/outdoor swimming pool and it was almost full. Lots of people walking around and due to a children thing nearby also many little kids. I was way too slow and careful said my instructor. I told him that I did not like people, but killing them is not my intention. (He rolled his eyes.) He said several times that he gets the blame if something happens and I should just go a bit faster. 

We also decided to go slow and do the exam in September and not at the end of July. (There are no exams in August.) It took me 10 years to get my license so I can wait for a few more weeks. 

So, I did everything I could for the exam tomorrow. I revised another 1500-2000 questions today. My learning program says I'm 100% ready. I know all the answers. So if something happens it is due to my anxiety and not due to lack of preparation. 

Please send your good thoughts, prayers or whatever for tomorrow. The heck with it, sacrifice a bunny. I'm taking it all. :laughing-rollingred:

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  • Posts

    • SorenaJ


      8 hours ago, StraightOuttaArkansas said:

      My American expat group on facebook has a post at least once every six months of someone asking "where can I have my son circumcised, I cannot believe the NHS won't pay for it and the hospital won't let me just pay for it".

      For real? That's hilarious. Why would NHS pay for it? I'll go ask the NHS to pay for my boob job or my ear piercing. 

    • formergothardite


      Do the RF minions not pick up on how inconsistent she is with her message? First it was "Save the food you don't eat! If you eat the Gwen way you will save money for the rest of your life because you are always saving food!" Now it is "toss it to the dog or in the garbage. Don't save the food!". 

      She contradicts herself in just one week of devotions! Is everyone so hungry that they can't realize that? 

    • Queen


      I didn't know just how bad Hillsong was until Pratt got called out. The Lutheran congregation I grew up in had and as far as I know (I haven't attended services in almost a decade) still has some ties to Hillsong. So there are people in my life who like them. I really have to talk with them now, I knew Hillsong kicked out openly gay pastors, but I didn't know they practiced conversation therapy, or that their founder's father was a child molester! 

      My little sister regularly attends charismatic hipster mega churches that seem modern but where bigotry is lurking under the surface. (I'm not sure if she has attended Hillsong or not though.) The churches have conferences where they brag about the thousands of souls they save every night. They talk a lot about how today's European youth have "turned their backs against god" but how they, the members of these kinds of churches, are evangelizing more than ever before and winning more souls all the time. They scare me honestly, not only because of their charismatic elements, but because of their regressive values. My sister has been very supportive ever since I came out to her more than 5 years ago, but I'm scared she will one day stop supporting me since I know she hangs around people who think my sexuality is a sin all the time. She even recently said she doesn't really know if homosexuality is okay or not, since the Bible is a bit conflicted on that point. She says she'll always love me though, but I'm so tired of "hate the sin love the sinner" kind of people. I grew up surrounded by them and even though they think they are tolerant because they don't abandon me or other LGBT people in their lives; they are, if they can't accept that what we are isn't a sin, not really so tolerant after all.

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    • nastyhobbitses


      18 hours ago, MargaretElliott said:

      I was just having a conversation with my mother.... I moved in with my SO a few months ago and she said "well I guess you guys are pretty serious." She comes from the school of not-living-together-until-marriage. I said that I would never marry someone unless I had lived with them for a significant amount of time first. She nodded and said something along the lines of, "Yeah it's different from when I got married, but not a bad idea." The idea of marrying someone when you've never even been alone in a room with them..... I just can't comprehend it. It's absolutely mind-boggling.

      I've heard people (mainly nosy aunts) say things along the lines of, "if you live with him before marriage, he'll drag his feet and never propose," and "if you live together before marriage, what changes afterwards? What is there to look forward to?" Ummmmmmm a lifetime of love and commitment with a totally awesome human? That's pretty cool. If you're marrying someone mostly because you want to live with them/have sex with them, that's a pretty poor reason to get married, in my opinion. I live with my SO because I want to, and I love seeing his face every day. If I ever want to marry him, I'll marry him, because I want to spend my life with him. Simple as that.

      Even if you do live apart/save sex for marriage, those decisions should be really small blips in the grand scheme of spending your life with someone...... the person is more important than the penis. You can quote me on that.

      It all just reminds me of the John Mulaney "Why buy the cow" routine.

      Why buy the cow?” Uh, maybe because every time another cow gets bought, you have to go to the sale and you have to sit next to your cow at the sale, and your cow looks over at you the entire time like *angry cow noise*. And does not enjoy the sale at all… even though SHE'S the one that wanted to go to the sale. And she’s especially mad because that farmer and cow met, like, eight months after you guys met.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      35 minutes ago, TuringMachine said:

      Me either. And unlike a most people we follow, I'm pretty sure the putmans go to public school.

      I like the first 3's names: Solomon, Jonah, and Elijah.

      I’m pretty sure they do. Heistheway, Uriah, and Spurgeon are fine when you’re homeschooled.