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Gobbles Musings

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I had my two hour trip on Tuesday. First we drove for around 20 minutes on the Autobahn to a city called Kirchheim unter Teck. From there a little round course across the Swabian Alb followed. (Basically around the castle Teck.) Lots of narrow roads, curves and my instructor was mad because a truck was driving in front of us and could not overturn him due to the road situation and we could not drive as fast as my instructor would have liked. 

On the way back we drover via the Autobahn as well. While driving we practice switching lanes (it is a six lane Autobahn, three in each direction) and in Germany there is a so called "Rechtsfahrgebot" which means that you have to drive on the right at all times if possible. Usually the trucks drive there and the cars in the middle, 'cause they are allowed to go faster than trucks. The left line is basically only for over taking other cars and as soon as possible you are supposed to go back to the right. Over turning on the left is not allowed, so if you drive on the middle lane you can't drive faster than a car on your left. 

The switching between lanes at such a high speed is really hard. I struggled with it a lot. Keeping the steering wheel straight, looking and then having the guts to go over. Thankfully I won't have to do that during the final exam. 

There was an area without speed limit on our way and my instructor told me to power through. So we drove at 160km/h which is 100 miles per hour. Her wanted me to know how it feels like going that fast. I did not like it at all, way to fast for my liking. So you'll find me on the right driving at 80km/h (50mph) behind trucks. I'm okay with 100km/h on country roads though. 

My exam on Thursday got called of due to the IT trouble. It is now on Thursday next week shortly after 9am.

Next lesson on Monday and on Tuesday we are doing the Autobahn again. 

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Someone Out There


I'm sure as you get your driving experience up you will feel more comfortable driving faster with more traffic and understand the flows and are able to anticipate other drivers actions better.  I remember being nervous after returning to driving after not driving for a few years (and not really having driven all that much before that).  I only got really comfortable with driving a month or two after buying a car and driving it around regularly.  I am comfortable and relaxed at 110 km/h now (the maximum speed limit for the good highways/freeways around here,  the only place I know of that has a higher speed limit is 130 km/h for some roads in the Northern Territory).

Good luck with it all.

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    • Sullie06


      On 4/14/2019 at 11:08 PM, fluffernutter said:

      When I was pregnant with my first we were at my in laws one evening and  talking girl names (we knew it was a girl). My sis in law says "Why don't you name her Louise?" And I was like ewwww no way! His mom pipes up and says that's her middle name. I was like oops... 😐 Happened again with my 2nd girl and my grandmother, who recommended her name, Hazel. That time I was more careful in staying neutral. 

      My mom's name is Louise. She's always gone by Lucy. I've never heard anyone call her Louise in her life. She hated her name when she was younger and now it's become pretty popular again. 

      On 4/15/2019 at 3:23 AM, Smee said:

      True, but national data only tells you so much. My son’s first grade class last year had two boys called Malachi and two girls called Zahlie. Neither were in the top 100 the year they were born.


      ”Old” names are definitely making a comeback, particularly for girls. Under the age of 8, I know kids called Evelyn, Freya, Florence, Eleanor, Alice, Adelaide, Edith, Estelle, Margot, Constance, Theodore and Herbert.

      I love Adelaide so much, if we ever have another daughter we want to use it (it's a family name) so I'm kind of sad it's getting so popular. 

    • Hane


      On 4/21/2019 at 12:39 AM, EowynW said:


      Pulpit & Pen has wasted no time on posting their snark. 

      Fuck these guys. Seriously, fuck them all to hell.

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    • browngrl


      15 hours ago, SoSoNosy said:

      But as many as she has had, wouldn't identical twins this time have the danger of twin-to-twin whatever that is called?

      Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) is a risk for any multiple pregnancy where two or more babies share the same placenta (monochorionic is the medical term). It can happen in any monochorionic pregnancy which is why monochorionic twins are monitored much more carefully. So Courtney would only be at risk for TTTS she had multiples that shared a placenta. 

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    • Glasgowghirl


      58 minutes ago, nokidsmom said:

      I wonder if the parents will be separate from the general population while in prison.  Because even in prison, the prisoners have standards and abusing children marks you as the lowest of the low.


      They probably will be put in a unit with other people requiring protection from general population but unless they are in solitary confinement, chances are they will still be targeted by other people in protective custody, not all of them have been convicted of crimes against children or sex crimes. 


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    • Terrie


      Okay, her "all about how awesome I am" poem bugs me. Your skin is as smooth as cotton sheets. What the hell does this even mean? It makes it sound like she woke up with the weave of the cloth imprinted on her face. 

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