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Gobbles Musings

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0 points, shaking feet & the Autobahn

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A lot has happened since last week, first an most important: I passed my theoretical exam with no mistakes!

1.) Last Thursday I had my exam at 9:15am in a town nearby. We were 15 people at first, but two got send home instantly because they did not have their proof of attending theory classes. (They still have to pay the fees though!) We got each assigned a place at a round table and everyone had a tablet. I was on of the first people who were finished so I have no idea how it went for the others. I passed with 0 mistake points. 

2.) Yesterday was lesson number 24 and we drove around the town I hate. We did some parking practice and during that my left foot (the one for the coupling) began to shake like crazy. Apparently this happens a lot during lesson when you are nervous. My instructor told me to bend my foot and try to relax it a bit. It was better after that. Not much to say about the rest. I think the lesson was okay, he only told me to be nicer to the coupling. 

3.) Today was lesson 25 and we did another one of the mandatory lessons. Autobahn again. Basically going in and out. It was okay, I was afraid at first because the last time on the Autobahn was not good at all but it was better this time. I found out that talking to myself (like I do in other situations) helps. I told myself what to do. "Look in the mirror, hit the indicator, look back over shoulder, drive in after car XY, turn of indicator." I don't care what other people think, that helped! Criticism this time was the I'm too hesitant and should drive faster. 

Next lesson next week!  

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