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Edens Year 13: Elsie Johnson, Sad But Free



Wow! Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue after a long time away! Grad school was pretty crazy for me this spring but it's so good to be back! A LOT has happened in year 13 for the Edens. 

It started with Judges's birthday. Genesis, now a fully-fledged sister mom, made his cake (of course). 655655573_04-23-18_9-38-48PM.thumb.png.a04f5f4b1802fa8ce61e296ef6c0d0df.png

Judges was an inquisitive toddler and now he is a little bookworm! Let's see if he keeps to the approved texts! 552469482_04-23-18_9-57-35PM.thumb.png.8cbe855f0798197fa01c2868260c757c.png

(P.S. The first time I wrote this section I called Judges (#7) Samuel (#9). The kids are starting to become interchangeable. Thank Rufus I have a key for which kid is wearing which color!)

Though the Edens are getting to be a PITA for ME, they are still functioning remarkably well. The kids keep up with their homeschooling and their chores (even unasked), and the family still manages to eat dinner together sometimes. 396739157_04-23-18_10-05-46PM.thumb.png.9d9ad04a528f375f67d4a27dff18ad60.png1124594188_06-13-18_9-23-12PM.thumb.png.d9f29d3c0ae901bc3441a4c42c3c6e34.png

The siblings get along well, especially the eldest boys, and after work Adam enjoys playing on his new woodworking bench. As I said months ago, the Edens are doing a really bad job revealing the dangers of fundamentalism from the outside.


Most of the time.1960361921_06-11-18_8-56-02PM.thumb.png.c2aa6a897b4577c676deb5527fd08ede.png

Life was not so idyllic for the Tobiaseses. 1213760028_06-04-18_5-01-51PM.thumb.png.9ba2cdb297ecf0f3ce2409c274f754ea.png

Romano aged up into an adorable angelic munchkin, but his parents were not. happy. Elsie couldn't believe that she had followed all those stupid patriarchal rules and gave up her adolescence to serve her sister's family, all to experience infertility (based on the number of tries it took to conceive to Romano that's totally what was happening - though that may of actually been a blessing in disguise in terms of her union with Cale) AND be married to a guy who is lazy, literally insane and supposed to have authority her. Fornicate that noise.

Cale decided that if he couldn't do whatever he wanted as whoever this "headship" thing was without a wife yelling at him, then he really didn't want to do it anymore. And they divorced.


Cale kept the house, as he did buy it. Elsie Johnson got most of the money, sole custody of Romano, and her name back. She used the money from the divorce to buy herself a beautiful 3 bed 2 bath home in the Edens' neighborhood.


They didn't have a ton of money for furnishings, so the house felt a little empty,1681984932_06-11-18_8-04-22PM.thumb.png.bcb68981416ea18e406972661d0e8d87.png

but they did have each other. (And potty training.)1609736651_06-11-18_8-10-17PM.thumb.png.7ab5b81daa75891e9e7c3b3096c3505e.png

Still, it was hard. Elsie was sad about the divorce and her questions about IFB teachings. Really sad. 2081589575_06-13-18_8-25-49PM.thumb.png.c5a90351e8b931ca5fc731359f463dbd.png

After when Romano (who is now going by Romeo because the cheese reference is just too painful) was sleeping she would call the sadness hotline. 1317158008_06-13-18_8-33-24PM.thumb.png.ef90d7c2400f22064e0ac389ce5920b3.png

And as if that weren't enough, the married Edens showed up on her doorstep. Like the horny judgy couple they were.1502393241_06-13-18_8-35-33PM.thumb.png.d42f0c5892247007d9879b0e121c46e2.png

"Go back to Dad's Elsie, or come home with us. You shouldn't be living by yourself, with a kid and unmarried."

"No, I'm working at the restaurant now. I'm a strong independent woman and I don't need no man." (Okay, mayyybe I added that last part in)


"How independent are you if Romano sleeps at our house when you work nights?" (And I said...bitch??????)

"Well I really appreciate you guys taking him overnight but I guess I'll put him in daycare then, with the smelly and unlovely heathens."

"Fine, he can keep coming over. Take care of yourself."

"Fine. Thank you. How do you keep your arms so slender after so many babies?"

Eva did not answer that and Elsie went to her gorgeous new bedroom after this exchange to weep. 1604897473_06-11-18_8-16-56PM.thumb.png.6131c82886b8dff81170098e93b3c1fa.png

(She actually did, even though this picture shows her sleeping) And yes, Elsie works nights still. She's working as hard as she can for a promotion which will change her work schedule. And tries to stay as close as possible to Romano even when she needs to nap. 2101382873_06-13-18_8-46-11PM.thumb.png.1f9a2d2f0890e17545c7f078cb53b99a.png

But I think they're going to be ok. 1880779352_06-13-18_8-22-53PM.thumb.png.b2e5b0e4e8381cedaf776c60ffaa46ed.png1964677738_06-13-18_8-23-31PM.thumb.png.2de041be6a38a0640bf95d496eda1518.png

Meanwhile, back at the Edens, Joshua attempted unsuccessfully to "save" a girl with NO PANTS AT ALL, which is way worse than wearing regular sluttish pants. Nike for real. 1595265572_06-04-18_3-54-51PM_-_Copy.thumb.png.9b6e7a3dfd45a57cd36ec0dbebcd70b2.png

And Kings (baby #10, remember him?) grew into a clingy toddler,238310630_06-13-18_8-59-26PM_-_Copy.thumb.png.3f069cab10b0667639da6a759bb45fde.png

Just before Eva and Adam welcomed blessing #11 into the world, little Chronicles, on Halloween on the Eve of All Saint's Day at the end of October. 627303574_06-13-18_9-07-20PM.thumb.png.d301d0bc1a22ce9066ed83e4c46dfeb5.png

Everyone was SO EXCITED to meet her! ("Deuteronomy! Countenance now!")

And we just can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for her!

Thanks for being patient and for reading all of this if you got this far. Until next time, Edens out!


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Ah I missed them! My save got overwritten (whoops) so you're on your own in the harsh world of fundamentalism now.

Glad to know Romeo is having a vaguely normal life.

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@victoriasponge you know that just means you have to start another family...:whistle:

and thank you! Romano/Romeo and Elsie are having some single parent struggles at the moment but I bet when she gets a promotion a lot of that will ease up. Let’s see if any little Edens want to abandon ship to live with her...

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@neurogirl haha I'm housesitting at my parents' right now with no gaming PC, but maybe when I get back to it...

Honestly, I'd pick Elsie, she doesn't have as much of a creepy fundie stare/smile going on.

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  • Posts

    • SolomonFundy


      4 hours ago, freethemall said:

      Dont forget Adeline has the family's penchant for Victorian flair - maybe an old fashioned even costume style dress (but with cowboy boots), waltzing, a bridal tea beforehand, and other cutesy details.

      When I saw the announcement, that's EXACTLY what I visualized. 19th century inspired gown (in my headcanon, it's Regency in honor of her Austenmania, but that's too much to hope for), lots of pseudo-historical details, and a universe of flowers.

      I'll say this without a shred of false praise: Adeline Morton is an incredibly gifted flower arranger. Tastes vary, and to my knowledge we've never discussed it here, but she definitely has a defined aesthetic and brings a lot of distinct personality to every bouquet. I think she has a real talent, and I hope she goes bananas for her own wedding. (And after, if Michael is an indulgent headship.)

    • SolomonFundy


      17 hours ago, LurkerOverThePond said:

      Remind me again: what do we know about Mr. Addie? I only remember that he is considerably younger than her (I always thought she would end up with an older man) and way too into guns.

      I personally don't know much, but hopefully, some other FJers can contribute better insights. This is what I'm personally aware of:

      * His full name is Michael Holloway

      * He's about 22-23 years old to Addie's 29.

      * He has had a variety of jobs, but as you'd expect from someone in his age range, he hasn't found a career yet. I think someone said he worked at a jewelry store in the Morton thread last year? But I may be misremembering that.

      * He currently lives in Georgia.


      Things I speculate based on circumstantial evidence:

      * He may work in IT or some other job that can be done remotely, because he was able to take weeks off to visit Addie in Paraguay last year without any difficulty. So it seems likely that he's either self employed, was unemployed at the time of the trip, or can easily do whatever job he has remotely from another country in an area that has (according to Kress and Rachel) incredibly inconsistent internet and cell service.

      * For the same reason as above, I suspect he lives with his parents, or at least he did at the time of the trip last year.

      * The majority of the family had met him several times by the time he traveled to Paraguay last year. Based on social media comments, this included people on the Morton compound, as well as outliers like some members of the Campana family in Florida, and Dorothy. This suggests he was in her life for at least one or two social gatherings prior to May 2019.

      * Based on youth, and the probability of living with parents, they very well may end up living in the "big house" with the elder Mortons, Paul, and Edwin. At least, for a while. However, the barn apartment will be vacant within the next year, and they'll probably move into it once Sam and Alyssa move into their new build.

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    • AussieKrissy

      Posted (edited)

      24 minutes ago, Cheetah said:

      and Jackson is still not a part of the Duggar bros. 

      Oh yes I forgot him. To be honest I stuffed up and thought James was him. 
      Also Jason really is jessa as a male. 

      Edited by AussieKrissy
    • Cheetah


      27 minutes ago, AussieKrissy said:

      Family first? Except when your brother is a social pariah! 
      I have never been in this situation myself. But I feel they are hypocritical in some way. They have not outcast/distanced themselves from Josh, yet they purposely leave him out of stuff to make themselves look better. 
      I do not know what I am really trying to get across.. 

      I suppose the pilot JD is not there so they can plug it as their “peer group”. 

      it will be interesting how the one running for office addresses this.

      They are not a bad looking bunch of boys if you can get past the horrible beliefs... ah nooo


      and Jackson is still not a part of the Duggar bros. 

    • Snarkasarus Rex


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