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Edens Year 12: Expansions/Free Elsie!



Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! This one is a doozy. 

First of all, managing a home of 11-12 Edens has gotten a little crazy for Eva (and me!!!!). And as the Edens are so blessed by the Lord, the baby-making train shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. To help Eva keep sweet, the Edens grifted $7000 for a home expansion. Priorities- a third bathroom/second laundry room with second tub for the little ones, and a school room. As a result of the expansion, the boys and girls dormitories were slightly expanded as well. (Elsie's room remains intact though it is currently un-used)



Additional items for family enrichment were also added to the backyard. 


Lastly, the Edens redecorated their living room with the MOST IMPORTANT verse of the Bible (KING JAMES of course), Genesis 1:28 "be fruitful and multiply." 

And boy have the Edens listened! A HUGE milestone for the Edens occured in June 2021, as the 10th little Eden, baby boy Kings, arrived. Welcome to the world Kings! We can't wait to see what the Lord --- yeah ok. 


Check out the swarming main floor! (2 Edens not shown)


In the above picture you can also see Eva writing her latest manifesto, "Homebirthin' - the natural, easy, God-given way to bear quivers for Christ." 

Genesis had to clear her mind after witnessing the latest God-given no-drugs home delivery at age 12. Look how non-sluttish Genesis is, even while she works out. What a great example she is for her new children younger siblings. 


Speaking of new children...there is drama in the extended family. As you may recall, Elsie and Cale FINALLY received an incoming blessing from the Lord in their third year of marriage. Here, Elsie experiences the easy, blessed, Christ-honoring HomeBirth for the first time.



And it's a boy!! What a blessing a first-born son is. Welcome to world little Romano! We can't wait to see- wait - Romano??? Isn't that the name of a cheese?


Well. Though mama and baby are healthy, I still have some sad news for everyone. The courtship model did NOT serve Elsie and Cale well. Never able to speak in private before the wedding, Elsie did not learn that Cale was INSANE until after she was transferred to his authority. What's possibly even worse is that his life aspiration is...GRILLED CHEESE. I am not making this up. NO THANK YOU MAXIS for making that a life aspiration and for giving it to an already questionable townie. So, Cale is insane, all he cares about in life is grilled cheese, and he's been given authority over Elsie via a fundie marriage ceremony. So he named the baby Romano. He's hoping for a Brie next. 

Elsie was hoping that a baby would bring Cale down to reality, but this naming business was the last straw. All Elsie could do after labor was aggressively chop tomatoes and call Genesis over to break the tension. 



FREE ELSIE. Take Romano with you and RUN. 

Now before you get too sad, Elsie and Romano have been spending more time with the Edens lately. It may not be entirely fundie-realistic, but I need more for Elsie than a loveless marriage with an unpleasant man and I know you do too (seriously, Cale sucks and I didn't realize it). Keep your hopes up for 2022.


But let's return to the Edens proper so we don't get too sad before we go. Samuel, #9, aged into a fussy toddler (YAY) with a surfer's hairdo before #10 made his arrival. 


And after #10 arrived, Adam and Eva were somehow able to enjoy a newly-wed moment in the kitchen.


While their 9 other children slept upstairs! I really don't know how they do it!


Oh yeah, and Eva's pregnant again. Because of course she is. 


Well friends, I apologize that this wasn't the funniest of blog posts, but it IS realistic. Looking forward to further expansions and the rescuing of a beloved sister next year, Edens out! Stay tuned!!

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Please can there be a baby Halloumi? Or is that too foreign? Anyhow, my favourite moment was the broken washing machine in the background. Warmed the cockles of my heart. Also, maybe Cale can be so insane he leaves the cult? Like that's pretty daring for them, right?

Updated family tree for my lot hereThere's too many people for me to write bios for. If anyone has suggestions please shoot me a message and I'll post em in to the right person.

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I thought Grilled Cheese was only an aspiration in Sims 2? Unless it’s something I didn’t know about/some kind of mod or whatever. 

Scrap that, I found out you can unlock it by eating three plates of grilled cheese in a row. 

I don’t know where I’ll go with my “escaped” Sim, Emily Smith. After all, wearing pants isn’t an indication that someone isn’t fundie. Maybe she’ll still have a lot of kids, but earn money on the side (which Nicole didn’t really do), maybe Emily could open a business of some kind, maybe she’ll allow her teens to get a part-time job... I don’t know. I’ve got to play the Sims 2 Bancrofts, I have to get the non-marrieds through college... ugh, I find the college stuff so boring in Sims 2. Maybe I’ll get them all to drop out or something and then not send the last two, perhaps Karen decided it wasn’t a Godly enough environment...

Also, Romano isn’t the most obviously cheese-based name. It could’ve been worse, he could be Cheddar or Gorgonzola or Edam :pb_lol::pb_lol:


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@victoriasponge "[Child's Name] is so [epithet], praise the Lord for [his/her] servant's heart. We know one day you'll do great!" Your bios continue to make me stifle laughs at work. If you ever have the time or inclination, you would write an amazing fundie blog. 

Also, for those who have fundie SIMS did you play each of the children's families or did you let Maxis generate? And did you assign personality traits randomly? I'm not sure which of my Edens will break away (but I have hunches). Do I just pick? 

I may try to get another cheese-named kid in, but Cale has got to go. I think that Elsie may not need no umbrella of protection for a bit either. 

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There's no story progression in Sims 2, so you can control each family much more easily. Only that family ages up; the other families are sort of "frozen" in time until you play them. In effect, each household is a save-game by itself. 

Eliza and Emily Smith aren't at the having babies stage yet, so I'm not sure. I may temporarily disable story progression, or else just check in with each family occasionally and edit as needs be. Once I've finished with the main family, I usually concentrate on one of the kid's families, and let the others play out. Sims 3 was good in that you could go to the town hall and change the name, so if a baby was born whilst story progression was on and I wasn't playing that family, I could change the name if the Maxis-spawned name wasn't one I liked. 

I don't assign traits randomly, but I tend to stick with broadly the same ones (eg most of the kids have the artistic prodigy aspiration, with the creative trait). My fundie Sims have mostly had hobby or family related aspirations. 

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If someone tells me how to start a blog, I might well do it with Susanna (I'm playing her through now), at least semi-regularly. Got to do something to avoid my dissertation.

Anyway, now I've had most of the kids move out, I just leave it to MCCC to decide what they'll do for the most part. I might change the worst names, and I go in and change their appearance a bit when I take the picture, but I pretty much leave them be. Saying that, the twins Ruth just had I went in and made her conceive because MCCC had stopped at the three which I didn't think fit with her character. I've capped some of the others at a certain number of kids (Evie and Leah at 3 and 6 respectively and adopted ginger at 2 with his heathen girlfriend). The rest, I just sort of leave be and every so often notice there's five more kids to add to the tree. Amir may have to have his name changed...

I pick traits and aspirations for the people I'm playing. I've also done quite a lot of world maintenance to move new couples out into their own household for ease. So sort of a mix between letting the game decide and me decide? I'd say if you have set ideas for kids, you can flag em so they won't marry or procreate without you deciding.

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Posted (edited)

@victoriasponge To start a blog just go to "create content" at the top and select blog. The pics you take in-game save within the sims folder in a sub-screenshots folder. Then plop the pictures in with some commentary. At least that's what I do!

I like reading other people's Sims blogs because it's going to take forever to see what happens to the Duggars/Bateses etc, but you can go through an entire Sims generation in days/weeks/months if you're me! Imagine the speed of the FJ threads for the Smiths/Sniders/Edens!

Edited by neurogirl

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@neurogirl I have no option for blog, just create - topic and below it gallery image. Ah well, my family tree will continue to be updated for now.

Yeah, I play through on speed 3 a lot so get through stuff quickly. Definitely quicker than waiting for another Duggar/Bates pregnancy. I read everyone's, even if I don't always comment :pb_lol:

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Oh I was sure it was going to be twins called 1Kings and 2Kings! And I also vote for Gorgonzola for (soon to be single mum) Elsie, should her womb be opened again. 

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    • Lgirlrocks


      I love how TAM says, in the first video I think, “that’s my daughter.” When told she can’t stand next to her when the police are talking to her. She is not a minor. She is an adult. She doesn’t need her mommy to hold her hand. If they know the law so well then why did they break it? They should be happy that they get to be there at all. If it was up to me they wouldn’t be allowed to protest anywhere near the clinic. 

    • ViolaSebastian


      New video! Long story short: suck it up, buttercup. Serve your husband. Find the good things about him. Figure out his Love Language. What about your Love Language? Well, Lori says fuck your Love Language, this isn't about you, this is about serving your husband. 


      • WTF 1
    • JermajestyDuggar


      20 minutes ago, Seahorse Wrangler said:

      Me too...


      Cynical Seahorse is thinking the woman who wanted 'the literature' was another pro-lier  friend of TAM who was trying to provoke the police into action.

      I was actually hoping it was someone who hates these protesters and wanted to get her in trouble. But I’m petty like that.

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    • samurai_sarah

      Posted (edited)

      55 minutes ago, Lgirlrocks said:

      Same goes for men. Being mad and upset can look ugly on anyone. Period. Fuck that shit about women always having to smile. It’s annoying and tiring. I do smile a lot but if I don’t feel like it I shouldn’t have to. 85D7FAE5-9A5E-4E7E-B06E-13195BC71467.thumb.png.aeb65468f2478f545eeb4a935c0a904b.png

      Lori is so wrong. My housemates, when I was a student, my housemates used to tell me that "We aren't afraid when you're shouting. We shit ourselves when you're calm and smiling...".


      Edited by samurai_sarah
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    • Seahorse Wrangler


      3 hours ago, NachosFlandersStyle said:

      Ehh, I can certainly imagine being proud of civil disobedience for a *worthwhile* cause. It's the part about harassing individuals who are just trying to go about their business that I don't understand.

      Me too...


      Cynical Seahorse is thinking the woman who wanted 'the literature' was another pro-lier  friend of TAM who was trying to provoke the police into action.

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