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Baby Thor

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Thor Things

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So.  THIS cat.  You know how it goes, you're cleaning out things, moving things, trying to organize....and they have to come....help.  Yeah.  In the midst of the helping he is mean to Precious because she likes being near us when we're home.  She's a very social little dog, not ok with alone time.  So it's, move a box, shove the kitty out of the way.  Hear the hissy swat and try not to trip over the slowly retreating dog, and forget why you opened that box.  That the cat is now sitting in.  (my nephew is moving in this weekend so I'm trying to get the spare room cleaned out and find a home for all the random junk we have)  Went to bed last night icky fully intending to drop Little Hooman off to catch her bus and go to the park or gym.  HA! *snort* nope.  Back to bed for an hour.  Got up to finally take a bath...Our favorite little bandit has absconded with the tub stopper!!!  I search around it's usual hiding spots, it's no where.  He's been on such a tear, there's literally no telling where he hid it.  I did the old "shove washclothes into the drain hole" trick so I could at least get a puddle to scrub in.   The Old Man was laying on the bath mat rightbythetub and then Thor feels it necessary to get up the edge of said tub whilst I was attempting to put my schmells back in order.  (WHYY didn't I just take a damn shower!!??)  So today is dedicated to his bits and pieces.  There's a shot of his main toy pile, he insisted on being in the photo, and I got down on the dining room floor to grab underneath a cabinet.  He has all the best stuff under there, but alas, he's too chubby these days to fit and retrieve any of it!  And finally him stalking the dog as I walk her across the living room from her morning romp.  Yes, I have to accompany her so she isn't randomly victimized.  The scratchy post is strategically placed in hopes of keeping them from totally killing that chair.  AWWWW I just realized I forgot to get a shot of his TP roll.  I had to sacrifice one to him to save every multipack I ever buy!  He's a shredder.


BTW, Thor says: Hewwo!




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Ahhh yes, he is just reminding the hoomans that he is THOR - THE MIGHTY, Ruler of all he surveys, toy-hider supreme, TP shredding expert and general all around MOST IMPORTANT CRITTER!

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He is Critter Most Importante. *sigh*  I guess eventually I'll need to pass a broom under there & get back the random things he's stolen.....

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Yes, he is...he's a wee bit spoiled too...but I won't say who spoiled him (it wasn't the mama hooman at all). Poor baby, he has such a rough life...seriously rough. Sounds like my dynamic duo who also have it very rough...

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I went to feed the three of them one morning and the Princess had been out all night, did her walk of shame right up to the food bowl that morning.  She was doing the kitty rub on my legs while I was attempting to get the food....he straight up head butted her off of me!  Gently of course, because she's still the one he doesn't really mess with.  Jealous little mongrel, he is!  The dog has become the absolute bane of his existence.  

I mean really, who could tolerate such conditions???  Roommates?  Of different species no less?  Gaaahh.  

It's not like mommy is still getting up at 11pm to go to the bathroom and rock the baby almost every night.  

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my boys have multiple stashes under the furniture, too, right down to the wine corks and candy!   a few yeas back, we were checking over the sump pump, and the little buggers had managed to get *seventeen* pingpong balls under the cover (the cover fit very loosely at the time; we remedied that).  i'm always surprised that i manage to buy so many cat toys without noticing, because at no point in time do i ever think, "the babies have nothing to play with."

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Hmmm...he seems to have quite the possessive side too. Seems he doesn't think that he needs to share his mama. It happens. The baby of the family usually ends up the most spoiled. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      24 minutes ago, Markie said:

      Okay, Pickles has pissed me off.  She wrote about Grandma Duggar’s funeral and blamed the family for her death. Said she shouldn’t have been alone or should have been placed in an assisted living facility. That’s unfair. No one knows Mary’s wishes. There will be enough guilt going through many of their heads. They don’t need a chronic Twitter Troll making them feel worse. There are going to be many “ if only’s”  and to poke fun at JB who stumbled over the number of grandchildren in his eulogy is just plain mean. I detest the Duggars values and beliefs but they did love Mary. 

      I don’t think what she’s doing is fair at all. She has nothing to back up her assertion that she should have been in an assisted living facility. And like you said, she could have chosen to stay in her home. I can’t stand pickles.

    • HerNameIsBuffy


      8 minutes ago, Jaedzia said:

      Coming out of lurking to post a picture of what I love more than anything but certain humans. And she loves me as you can see. 


      Such a boopable snoot!

    • JermajestyDuggar


      1 hour ago, NachosFlandersStyle said:

      I agree. She doesn't realize that virtually everyone with a large online presence gets disturbing messages and worse. This is a much-discussed problem in the feminist community too, where most prominent advocates get bombarded with absolutely vile threats on a daily basis. TAM wants it to be something that makes her special and especially persecuted, but it's actually just the sad reality of the internet. If anything, she probably has it a bit easier than bloggers who come from more marginalized groups.

      The fact that she brings her children into it makes her even worse. She knows she’s putting her children in danger yet she still does it. And then begs for money to protect them.

    • Jana814

      Posted (edited)

      23 minutes ago, VelociRapture said:

      *For those who don’t know about her, Stacey is a news anchor in Illinois (midwestern US state where Barack Obama served as a Senator prior to becoming POTUS) who gave birth to triplets at 22w6d. Doctors opted to try to save the babies since they were only a day from viability, but their first daughter (Abigail) died hours later and their only son (Parker) died after two months. The sole survivor, Peyton, is a healthy almost six year old now and Stacey is due with a baby girl this August (she’s 29 weeks pregnant, which is fantastic!) It’s been a difficult pregnancy for them emotionally and mentally, but they seem to finally be feeling hopeful that this baby will make it close to term, if not full-term. 

      I just started following Stacey on Facebook. I hope she makes it to full term. 

      Edited by Jana814
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    • Jaedzia


      Coming out of lurking to post a picture of what I love more than anything but certain humans. And she loves me as you can see. 


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      Sick rabbit. Our vet is out of town. Can't find a vet that treats rabbits to see him. 😓
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      Mr. Puma just surprised me with a much newer, much faster laptop! Now I can read more FJ! Yay! #besthubbyever LOL.
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      I start my new part time job today in a non profit company. 
      Not nervous because it's part time. 
      I am so glad I am no longer with the professor. 
      I just want to be a ray of light and service 
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      Apparently I am trying Bouldering on Saturday.  With the upper body strength of a flower, this can only end well... right? 
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    • OyHiOh


      Went to a writer's group meeting yesterday.  First time I've gone to this group's meetings.  Different from other groups I've participated in - this one was a series of prompts and exercises.  I was in a bit of a mood going in - Father's Day weekend for a recent widow is no laugh matter; several social/annoying things happened at Shabbat service in the morning, and one of our service leaders made a "somebody really should" statement of the writing variety and once I hear someone say "someone really should" I usually can't unsee the idea until I've had a try at it.  We did a word association map for one exercise, then wrote something based on part or all of the word map.  I picked a section of the map that had some references to knives and fancy dress balls to write from.  I'm pretty proud of what I wrote in 15 minutes but it's pretty clear that I was in a "mood."
      The night of the long knives came and went as a plague on the first born of the land.  Men perfectly healthy went to bed only to be jerked from sleep with knives against their throats.  Here were the leaders of men, thrust against walls at the point of a stiletto, there the young men only following their orders, and over there again the family men who didn't exactly plan to pursue this path but perfectly content where they'd found themselves.  At the end of a blade, deep in the depression years, taking their payslips home at the end of the week feeling they'd done a good job, and a little extra for mother in the kitchen. The years of children, church, and kitchen. The good women. Most of them not owning a fancy pair of shoes or a party dress, for who had time?  The children needed their mothers at home, the men away at work.
      The children of course, were not silent.  Soldiers burst into their homes, dragged their fathers out of bed.  Mothers clutching their husbands, children wailing for their papas. The ones who understood left quietly, reassuring the children on their way out - it's a special exercise, I couldn't know about it beforehand, otherwise I would have told you.  Hush child, I'll be home in a few days. They knew they'd be lucky to make it to the end of the block, of course, but let the children hope for a little bit longer, before all hope fell away and their eyes opened to the hatred their own fathers had taken part in.
      Others didn't understand, resisted and fought against the soldiers who came into their homes.  They'd believed in the banners and flags, they'd stood and cheered, they'd enjoyed seeing fear cross the faces of those who understood.  Now they themselves fought back in fear. Fear of losing their lives for who could possibly know what comes next? Wagner wrote of Valhalla, their wives faithfully attended church; surely there was something to greet them when the heart stopped quivering, trying to pump blood flowing onto floors, and truck beds, and sidewalks.  
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