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Baby Thor

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And a pretty pretty Precious!  

They really do seem to sleep in the oddest positions!!  Totally separate naps on separate days. 

Precious, The Dog Thing, finally went and had her "do" did.   I'd let her grow out quite a bit because her fur was so brittle and thin due to a skin infection. Once it got to the 1982 Tina Turner phase, I called around and found a groomer.  She got a good bath and brush and the groomer tamed the mane and added some bows.  Those bows were out within an hour, she only looks prissy.  Thor was unimpressed.  And now there's another hooman in the mix??? Gaaaahhhhh.  At least he feels right, the kitties didn't take long to warm up.  He has a habit of leaving his bedroom door open and the boys are typically taking up space on his pillow and blanky.  




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The dynamic duo often sleep the same way and yes, I have pictures. 

it is now "fly season" here in the high desert. Big stupid has been throwing himself against the slider to try to catch the critters...and hits them so hard that the whole apartment shakes. 

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Bows on a dog will never look anything other than ridiculous.

Thor is how I feel most days.

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Cats are very bendy creatures, I am sure they are made of elastic and rubber under their fur.

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A friend described cats as furry liquids. A liquid will take the shape of whatever container you put it in. Cats do the same thing. Sinks, boxes, cubbyholes, chairs, couches...Right now, Leia is laying on the couch with her head leaning against the pillow and a paw under her cheek. Luke is laying between my legs, making sure I sweat my ass off. using my skirt as a hammock. 

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"1982 Tina Turner phase" made me wake my poor lap kitten.   I agreed that liquid cats are a thing.  I must invest in more metal bowls to keep my kitties cooler in the summer.  Your pupper does not look pleased about those bows. Excellent call on the removal.

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  • Posts

    • JermajestyDuggar


      39 minutes ago, FaithAndReason said:

      271 months, three kids and everyone will be out of the house before I turn 50. Whoop whoop

      Even your husband? ;)

    • thoughtful


      3 hours ago, Ozlsn said:

      It could just have been picked up on the road.

      I guess so. I was just going by what Gary was saying (what was I thinking?). He said it came out from inside the tire, but it could have gone in first.

      Seems rather large for that, though.

    • 8 hours ago, CaricatureQualities said:

      The next time Jeremy takes to his insta to "weep with those who weep" he should finish it off proper and remind them that their "feelings" about being the victims of oppression are total bullshit. 

      How does a man with so many leather books know nothing of colonization?

      How can you take "the good things" from and ethnicity or culture and say it's the fruits of god and clearly separate those from  the "bad things" from same culture and say they are not connected in anyway?

      Welcome to the world of not understanding a single goddamn thing but thinking you should get paid to lead others.

      Can somebody tell me how this man makes money? If JB don't pay em show money where does it come from/ They always seem pretty flush and L.A. isn't Arkansas... Seriously how do they afford anything? How much can JV possibly get paid to talk out his ass? Or do they get shit for free from the churches and leghumpers they interact with? What kinda white christain tv personality privilege is that. Don't tell other groups they are not oppressed when you get a pretty swank life for doing absolutely nothing.

      everytime i am in Maui - I see Jim Baker on his own channel - I am amazed Jim baker still has a voice - I think Jim baker and Jeremy are somewhat the same.

      people will always give these people money 

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    • thoughtful


      5 hours ago, Alisamer said:

      Good preaching', thoughtful!

      Thank you, and HAYMAYUN!


      3 hours ago, forgetmenow said:

      I often find myself wishing for a "Shock, Flash of Anger, Deep Sigh, Head Shake" emoji when I read this thread.  A cycle otherwise known as The Four Stages of Brother Gary, I suppose.

      An animated reaction emoji - we need a few of those.


      3 hours ago, Ozlsn said:

      That view is gorgeous, and that beach? Not full

      I don't know if you watched the video, but there were more people there than I showed in my screenshots. I just thought it was so funny that the first time he said it was crowded, he was focused on a huge empty swath.

      But full, packed, all over one another? No. Gary is, as you already know, full of shit.

    • candygirl200413


      So the podcast will be jeremy talking and Jinger being like "yes babe !! 😍"

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