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Baby Thor

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Sometimes the authorities leave their thrones for us kitties to keep warms for dems. Those thrones have their shcmells & are very good for cradling sleepy kitties. That dog thing can't get into them, so I knows they're extra good. 

I been singing my songs for dems at nighttime. I know my mommy misses me when I'm not in her sleepy spot wif her. She even answers me wif a "shhhh" hissy noise. Hoomans forgot how to purr. 

I think I'm going to play wif my nippy mouse. 


-T. Thor Winchester the Thord 




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Herow Thor. Us do the same ting at us howse. Keeps da sitting pwaces warm for us hoomans. Dey dont wet us in da sweepy woom either. We wike seein ur pictures all da times.

wes sayin hai from da desert. Luke & Leia

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Lucky and Trixie sez hai, Thor.  Da Hoomans haz a watterbed, wich iz warm and snuggly---but Momma getz hot n kold at nite, and playz "flip" wit coverz, so we haz to sleep on Daddy's side. U R a gorgeous big kitteh now!

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I've just gone through the whole blog. Holy crap he was TINY. I don't have cats (Dad is allergic) but I do like them so I can get a kitty fix this way :pb_biggrin: Thor is adorable!! 

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On 8/5/2017 at 7:52 PM, mango_fandango said:

I've just gone through the whole blog. Holy crap he was TINY. I don't have cats (Dad is allergic) but I do like them so I can get a kitty fix this way :pb_biggrin: Thor is adorable!! 

It really amazes me when I see old photos of him and he was sooo little!  His Bun Bun dwarfed him and now he dwarfs it!  

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  • Posts

    • SuperNova


      21 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I love my children’s creativity. I probably praise them too much for it. Anytime my children create something, I want them to tell me all about it. I imagine so much creativity is squashed in fundieland because it doesn’t adhere to one of their many narrow views.

      Baby Nova once brought me three leaves with holes poked for eyes and mouths and told me it was a family portrait. You better believe I mounted and framed it. It hung in the hallway for more than a decade until the leaves finally disintegrated.

      Acknowledgment of our children's efforts is critical to their emotional growth and well being. It seems so small to us but criticism for a "junk sculpture" can be crushing to a little person. Children are not inconveniences to work around and squeeze into the corners of our lives. They aren't meant to be dressed up and trotted out once a week for an Insta pic. Most importantly, kids should never be a prop for fragile eggshell personalities who lack internal strength. 

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    • thoughtful


      In keeping with the discussion in the JRod thread, I did find something else to like about this film -- the wood boxes in the first scene:





      and the pottery in a scene near the end (not my exact style, but nice):



      But then, there's this:




      And this:



      In which Doug admires the fact that Kelly's hair went from jet black with the dye the Lenape had put on it for 10 years, to gleaming blonde (and a whole other texture!) in only one bath. Oddly, her roots are still somewhat darker.

      The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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    • thoughtful



      I like the spelling "wiennie." Makes them sound more elegant somehow, like something from Old Vienna, to be enjoyed with a fine wine.

    • danvillebelle


      2 hours ago, SassyPants said:

      Jesus Hall Pass,

      There's a t-shirt idea in there.  "Jesus is my hall pass" :pb_lol:

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    • fundiefollower


      1 hour ago, Palimpsest said:

      Thomas has now graduated and is working in a grocery store.  A perfectly good job if he wants to work his way up to management, and perhaps he never liked academics or wanted to go to college

      But I hope Tom does let all the children go to the Christian school in town (it probably also uses ACE) or even public school in time.

      Thomas has actually not graduated.  He was set to start 12th grade this fall (they always start late - the first Thursday after the start of fall).  He works part time at the store around his schooling. She said sometimes he does his school in the afternoon/evening if he works during the day.

      I also hope the kids go to the Christian school in town. While ACE isn't a great curriculum, just going to a school would be a big change so using the same curriculum would at least give them some feeling of "ok, I got this." and continuity of their life before Andrea died. 

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