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Totally Not A Blog

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LOL! It only counts if we see video of the first kiss, and your former headship properly put you under the authority of your new headship.

Seriously, congratulations. I'm happy for you!

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I'm trying not to wake my family as I laugh! Congratulations!

My dh and I loved saying "my wife" and "my husband" a lot the first few months of our marriage. It was just so fun and exciting to be all official! :) I'm sending you wishes for many, many happy years together. :romance-heartsmiley:

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53 minutes ago, Fascinated said:

Congratulations, @Vex!  Where are our photos?????

I'm trying to find and destroy everyone's phones and my friend's camera. I am so photo shy it's insane. My husband looked awesome though, I promise  (:

Damn, I knew we were forgetting something. I should have asked the celebrant if it was cool for my dad to hand me over to my husband so I could be under his umbrella of protection. But yeah, sure, totally...the "first kiss" happened...really!

It hasn't quite sunk in yet that we're married but we do have some incredibly embarrassing marriage-related in jokes already.

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It sounds fantastic!  You 'sound' really happy!!!  That's wonderful.


(But I still want pics.)

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  • Posts

    • indianabones


      Jill, if you're going to film yourself with your phone while driving I'd suggest not posting it to social media. 🙄

    • Seahorse Wrangler


      I've been backwards and forwarding with the SeaFillies  as which group posting has surprised us the most, KPop stans, furries, anonymous, Blues Clues fans, Blue Man Group, Ben and Jerries, Smurfs..


      I'm living in an alternate Universe.

    • Ozlsn


      1 hour ago, thoughtful said:

      I don't know if you watched the video, but there were more people there than I showed in my screenshots. I just thought it was so funny that the first time he said it was crowded, he was focused on a huge empty swath.

      But full, packed, all over one another? No. Gary is, as you already know, full of shit.

      My mental image of "packed" is:


      So yeah, I was thinking "looks great - not too many people, lovely beach, awesome!"

    • Audrey2


      15 hours ago, Snarkasarus Rex said:

      I’m sure Jed doesn’t understand any of this, including Cotton’s self-interest in the matter.  Yet this man-child wants to be a voice for the people. babies and against da gays.



      • Upvote 2
    • JermajestyDuggar


      9 minutes ago, Audrey2 said:

      No! No more Bloomin' Onions! Bloomin' Onions lead to babies!

      (Yes, I know Priscilla just delivered Peter, so isn't due to be pregnant again for two years, according to her typical spacing.)

      Peter did arrive about 5 months ahead of schedule though. Hopefully she goes back to her longer spacing with the next. 

      • I Agree 1

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