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Totally Not A Blog

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I'm getting married in the morning (ding dong)



The day is finally almost upon us. Tomorrow afternoon my fiance and I will say our vows in front of our immediate families and a small number of friends. All that's left to do is pack my overnight bag and have the shower to end all showers.


It's been a road fraught with anxiety but I love Mr. Vex with all my heart and even though I don't think weddings are a big deal, it means a lot to me to commit to him.  I never believed in soulmates, but I know that he's mine.

Here's hoping that it's worth missing the live airing of the new episode of The Walking Dead for (:

And ha. Beat Joy down the aisle.

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Hooray! I'm happy for you and your mister. I hope it all goes the way you want it to and that you have many happy memories of the day. :my_biggrin: 

I was happy but very calm on our wedding day. I apparently got all my bitchy, bridezilla feelings out of my system the day before. 

Best wishes for you both! :my_heart:

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Congratulations! Enjoy your day. I hope it's full of happiness.

Gee, Walking Dead is starting to get good again, perhaps you can sneak off for an hour to watch it? Lol.

@WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? I don't know you but cannot imagine you being anything but calm, thoughtful,and reasonable.  

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Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness, health and love!

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8 hours ago, Grimalkin said:

Congratulations! Enjoy your day. I hope it's full of happiness.

Gee, Walking Dead is starting to get good again, perhaps you can sneak off for an hour to watch it? Lol.

@WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? I don't know you but cannot imagine you being anything but calm, thoughtful,and reasonable.  

Ha ha, unfortunately here. It's simulcast with the US so it airs live at 1pm and my wedding is at 3. Technically I'm not leaving until 2 but I'll be doing my makeup and getting dressed and alas there is no way of moving the tv into the dressing room or a mirror into the tv room. I'm totally recording it though! I don't understand the complaints about this season, I think the show has been great since it started following the comics more closely!

Thanks for all the well wishes, guys. I'm very calm about the wedding but definitely very happy too. Right now I'm just hanging out preparing for all hell to break loose later on. If FSM is good, my in-laws won't talk about politics again at the reception. Cross your fingers for me!

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Congratulations to you and Mister Vex. I hope your day was everything you hoped. 

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    • AmazonGrace


      Thin Eaters dread feeling full. Be like a Thin Eater. if you eat more than you should you will be dressed in rags. (maybe this is what Gwen really fears.)



      What Happens When You Eat Past Full

      February 28, 2020

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

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      If you eat quickly, you will bypass the polite full feeling. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the brain to detect the replenished blood sugar or “satisfied” feeling. Skilled Thin Eaters will notice that the body is trying to get you to stop eating when the stomach pouch is slightly satisfied because they remember if they continue to eat that they will feel stuffed in 30 minutes. Thin Eaters and children dread the overfull feeling. Thin Eaters are so sensitive that they notice the decreased sensitivity to the flavor of the food—another mechanism God created to turn off the desire to eat.

      Children digest food much faster than adults and feel like playing right after a meal. However, when adults eat too much, they feel lethargic because so much blood and fluids rush to the stomach to digest the huge amount of food, taking the energy and blood away from the muscles.

      If you have overeaten, so much is needed that it leaves less blood for the brain and other parts of the body, so the body compensates by making the person sleepy. The digestion of huge meals is very energy expensive, especially after overindulgence, since the food has to be converted to fats and shipped to the hips. Proverbs 23:20-21 says, “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.”



    • Idlewild


      1 hour ago, meep said:

      How are they getting so many "candid" photos on themselves to post on Instagram? Do they really have a friend who they meet up with every morning to take shots of them? Or are they setting up a tripod in the middle of sidewalks?? I'm confused. I'm not an "influencer" so I don't know these logistics but they confuse me. 

      At one point they were crediting the photographers that took the pictures but seem to have stopped. I think in their bid to become money making influencers/celebrities they do hire people to take photos to attract partnership deals.  However they’ve had Jeremy’s family staying over a few times so maybe one of them took some pictures. 

    • Melissa1977


      8 hours ago, CheeseGirl said:

      Derick has said they vax the kids

      Happy to read that. I'm surprised, having seen Jill in her risky "natural" deliveries and seeing how antivax some of her friends are. Dance, school and vax? She's getting wild!

    • raspberrymint


      It's also one of the reasons I figured out the whole belief system was bullshit and full of liars, so hidden bright side there.

    • ophelia


      6 hours ago, SuperNova said:

      Honestly, how can she have her head so far up her own ass? Does literally everything in her life have to become a martyrdom? 

      I really wonder how she is still able to breathe with her head so far up her own ass.

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