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Destiny31's Corner

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What are You Doing? Chapter 16: Taking Initiative.

Luna status: close supervision of the mommy!



Wine status: I'm working on this when it's cold and thinking about snowing, so chamomile tea. 

New character today! Abe Adamson, Asshole Plot Device's dad. Let's call him Smeghead (h/t to @dawbs for that idea). Artist's rendition (courtesy of @OnceUponATime):



We are back in the god damned park. Hooray! Smeghead wanders over to Nosy Busybody and asks him if he is nosy busybody. Ok, WTF? I live in a pretty small town, and there's usually people in our local park. I would never just wander over to some random person in a park and assume they were someone. I'm introverted, so maybe I am missing something and this is normal. Anyway, Smeghead has been thinking about all the things he has been hearing from Asshole Plot Device, and wants to talk to Nosy Busybody about his thoughts. Oh god. I'm headed for another boring rehash, aren't I? It's ok, there's only three more chapters. I can do this. 

Smeghead says that he agrees with Nosy Busybody's assessment of how things should go, and is blessedly brief about it. YAY! He says that Nosy Busybody's opinions has made him realize that he needs to get serious about getting Andrew married, and that very young marriages are ok. 



Abe: A good question, although I have a feeling you know the answer. All of my life I’ve grown up with the idea that it was up to the kids to figure the whole thing out; but now I am seeing that I am supposed to be taking care of this issue, or, at least, taking the initiative.

Sakal: So, what are you going to do?

Abe: I’m going to go confront Pat with my problem.

Sakal: Good for you.

Abe: Or, rather, I’m going to ask you to go for me. Sakal: Oh?

Abe: If you’ll do it, I think it would be better. I’m new to all this and...well... don’t know it very well. If well, if Maydyn’s father starts to talk about a litany of things wrong with Andrew, I’m rather afraid I will just agree with him and walk away ashamed. I'm hoping you will be better suited to the job. 


Here's my thought process while reading: Ok great, Smeghead's gonna go talk to Salesman Headship and buy The Good Girl for his son. Gross, but not unexpected. Wait, what the serious fuck? Smeghead doesn't even have the fucking stones to fucking go talk to the Salesman himself? WHAT THE FUCK WHO THE SHIT ASKS SOMONE THEY JUST MET TO FUCKING GO ARRANGE A MARRIAGE FOR THEM??????? Holy shit, Mr. Ohlman really loves his avatar and loves to hear it speak. There were also some random thoughts involving Gary Stu and shitty writing. 


Thank god, this chapter is now over. They are getting super short as we get closer to the end. 

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:music-singing: "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.

"Find me a find, catch me a catch!" 

Vaughan Ohlman is a creeper, Smeghead is spineless, and Nosy Busybody is a yenta. Blarg. I'm glad the end of this drivel is near. 

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This is painful.  In fact, I'm having dental surgery this morning, and it will be less painful than realizing that Vaughn Ohlman, who is a creeper, and his followers, have inflicted this travesty of a lifestyle on young adults.  Because they are pervs.



This says it all.

PS:  Love the kitty pics and illustrations!

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    • lilwriter85


      2 hours ago, Alisamer said:


      I'm pretty sure a large number of Lori's leghumpers are far less well off than her, and for them money is tighter than time. So their reaction to a problem is to dump it on their husband, who then is expected (or feels he has to, or can only afford to) fix it himself. 

      Lori, however, whines at Ken, who then almost certainly calls in a professional to deal with the problem. Ken's way of dealing with the problem is to call the plumber/repairman/whatever and get out the credit card/checkbook to pay for it.

      Lori is very shortsighted. She doesn't realize that her fangirls trying to take her advice are living far different lives than hers. For example it's very easy for Lori to eat organic food, so everyone should. It never occurs to her that there are places where organic food is less easy to acquire, or that people might not be able to afford organic, or any of a million other reasons why someone might find it difficult or impossible to live like Lori. This applies to ALL of Lori's advice. She thinks everyone lives like she does, so must do what she says (but not what she does, because Lori is special and blessed or something).


      I agree with what you're saying.  I remember a couple of fangirls saying they saved money because their husbands did household repairs. Growing up, my parents did  household repairs for things they were sure they could do. There were times they called in professionals for major repairs that they didn't feel comfortable doing. Lori wouldn't give a shit if a fangirl's husband was unable to do a major plumbing repair and they don't have money for a plumber. 

    • smittykins


      I remember Jimmy saying that he’s pansexual.

    • Palimpsest


      And we finally have an official public update.  In excruciating detail.  I'm feeling free to share it because I shared Johnny's prayer request.  Being cyber-challenged I will have to ask someone else to share all the piccies and a video of Johnny walking for those who are blocked.

      And he's now a "metallic missionary with a bionic back."   


      After Surgery Report from Baptist Missionary John Shrader (feel free to share if you were one of the many that shared our prayer request!)

      I first of all want to praise the Living God of Heaven. I am looking forward to sharing more in the coming days of what God has done, and how clearly and evident it has been seen that "...the good hand of our God was upon us," as the Bible said about Ezra and others.

      I secondly want to thank the many many dear people that prayed, and are continuing in prayer for me at this critical juncture. I still need your prayers for the days ahead.

      God has chosen to orchestrate, in an incontrovertible manner, an amazing sequence of events to bring a medical miracle to me.

      As I slowly share the stories in the days to come, I pray that you will have your faith strengthened that implicitly trusting, by complete faith, in God's direction through the leading of His Holy Spirit (always in accordance with, and NEVER in the slightest way against, His Holy Word). These testimonies can only be explained through the power of God and the Divine leadership of God the Holy Spirit!

      I went into surgery around 7:30 Wed. am, the 21st of August. They brought me back, after about 5 hours of surgery and then some recovery, to the hospital room where dad was waiting around 2:30 pm. The main Surgeon is Dr. Scott Hodges, whose practice is based in Tennessee. He along with another eminent Spine Surgeon, Dr. Humphries, as well as a biomedical engineer invented the most amazing replacement disk.

      Dr. Hodges has performed over 16,000 surgeries, but was dissatisfied with the loss of motion with fusion operations, and the fact that a fusion patient is 2-5x more likely to need additional surgeries, and wanted "motion preservation." You will see from the X-Ray scans the disk replacement prosthesis are at different angles, truly an amazing device. It's made of one of the hardest metals in the world, and has been tested in the lab to 40+ years of simulated use and showed virtually no wear. It's edges are titanium, which bone adheres very well too. My bones will eventually grow around the device, but there are two pedical screws anchoring the device. The clinical data is quite amazing, and this device and procedure has an astounding 94% patient satisfaction, virtually unheard of in the world of back surgeries!

      I am posting two new pics of a cross section of my spinal canal. The first one shows a fairly normal view of my spine. The white, almost heart-shaped section in the middle is the spinal canal, and the little black dots at the bottom of that is my nerves.

      The second pic shows how the herniated disk was compressing the nerves. When a surgeon who has done 16,000+ surgeries calls your injuries "impressive," that's saying something. Dr. Hodges was very surprised I've been able to do as much as I have been!

      I am astounded how God has so clearly and providentially orchestrated all this, and I am deeply humbled and grateful for the precious prayers of all of you. Literally all over the world, from Siberia, Nepal, Singapore, Canada, China, South Korea, Israel, Australia, all over America, and possibly other places I don't know about, God's people poured out petitions on my behalf. Our dear folks in our first church plant in Kafue were fasting and praying the entire day of the surgery. Because they are 7 hours ahead, that means they were meeting at the church property until 9 pm, so precious.

      I humbly ask those who God touches your heart to continue lifting me to the "...throne of grace..." in this time of need. I'm including a small clip dad took of me walking just a few hours after surgery with Dr. Hodges.

      This team is amazing, God fearing people that truly care, have amazing skill and knowledge, and are part of my medical miracle. I'm now a metallic missionary with a bionic back. I'm also only the second patient ever to have 3 of these implants put in! The first man was 79 years old!

      Thank you for caring and praying dear friends, please don't stop!

      Bro. John Shrader
      Historic Biblical Baptist Missionary based in Zambia

      I genuinely hope these implants work for John.  For Esther and the children's sake as well as his own.

      He is promising to share more of his stories soon.  Perhaps he will share that his recovery and rehab will take a lot longer than he thought.  

      But I want him to share who the flying fuck paid for this obviously incredibly expensive surgery!  Don't just tell us the Lord provided it!

      And can you also share the incriminating pictures you have hidden away of this mystery person, Johnny.  Other far more deserving people may need urgent back surgery too!

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    • formergothardite

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, Palimpsest said:

      Homeschooling never seemed to be a high priority for the Millses.

      Sadly you are right. It really wasn't. I think that Andrea could give the impression of caring about education because she always bought all these organization stuff to organize their homeschool year. Which is why people who watched her videos could come away thinking they were good homeschoolers.  But if really watch closely, it is clear she was a shit homeschooling mom. She put more effort into organization of the school year than the actual teaching part. And since she herself was taught with ACE she had no clue how to actually teach children.

      I do hope they get a better education as time goes by, but I am not holding out hope. I suspect the older kids will be in charge of making sure the younger ones at least attempt to get through some of their workbooks.



      Edited by formergothardite
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    • 2 hours ago, sableduck said:

      Derek saying hey guys, be available to meet your wife’s needs—that’s unheard of in a lot of fundie circles. 

      I've been a part of three separate fundie groups and all three of them have spoken like this. I'm not sure where the misconception began (and I know every fundie crowd is different) but majority of fundie Christians know that the men have to be equal in meeting the woman's needs. 

      2 hours ago, louisa05 said:

      As for repair people, my father-in-law was an appliance repair person and began encountering women who would not let him in because their "chaperone" wasn't there yet in his last few years of working. He was very offended by it. He was a professional and a married man devoted to his own wife. It would not have occurred to him to act as if he were neither. 

      Yes, exactly. My dad is an appliance repair man, and honestly - the thought would never cross his mind to take advantage of such situations. He's just so oblivious when it comes to those aspects.