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Pumpkin Cornbread Stuffing recipe & pics



Hey Everyone! I wanted to share this delicious stuffing recipe that I found online a few years back, and have been making ever since! This is not my own recipe, I just wanted to make that clear. I am not that creative or good in the kitchen lol but I just wanted to share the love of this recipe.  If I can make it, anyone can do it! This year, I am going to make it again, but gluten-free, so we'll see how that works out. I have some of my own pictures from making it last year in my tiny apartment kitchen, and down below are the links to the original creator's blog. 


The pumpkin cornbread, which is delicious by itself! I cut into cubes for drying.




Sauteeing the onions and celery and cooking up the hot Italian sausage!



Sage, the ultimate Thanksgiving herb!



Here it is all mixed up before going in the oven, and then after once taking it out. Stuffing isn't much to look at, but it is absolutely my favorite Thanksgiving dish!




The link to the blog is here: http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/pumpkin-cornbread-stuffing-with-country-sausage-and-sage/ and  the cornbread recipe: http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/pumpkin-cornbread/


What is your can't-live-without Thanksgiving recipe? 

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We don't do Thanksgiving here but looking at that I wish we did. I love stuffing!!

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I 100% agree! One of my current pregnancy cravings is stuffing but I'm normally too tired to cook so have use frozen as the shops haven't started the pre-Christmas stuffing stock yet. Stuffing is too good to be limited to a couple of months in the year!

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That does look very tasty (but I'd use a meat alternative instead of the sausage). Enjoy it! 

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    • Ozlsn


      4 hours ago, thoughtful said:


      Oh, FFS, Gary - really?


      Even for Gary and his ilk, this is so mind-bogglingly stupid, childish and soaked in the stinking piss of conspiracy theory that it challenges belief.

      The fact that your life, and the lives of those around you, matter, is the entire fucking point to wearing a mask, you suspicious cretins.

      Man these morons want to think they're important. "We're a threat to the narrative and must be silenced", FFS. If they wanted to silence you it would have been done already, and no one would have known. 

      Is it wrong that I kind of hope they find themselves unable to post to Facebook because the 4G network is down?

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    • Don'tlikekoolaid


      Ivanka 1939 model


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    • Marmion


      I already posted this elsewhere on this site ; but I will post it here too , as I feel that itit comprehensively sums up my take on the topic , as well .  


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    • Marmion


      On 6/30/2020 at 7:52 AM, Howl said:

      And what led John III to confess these attractions to Daniel recently?   John III is 30 years old. He's been in positions of trust with minor boys as an adult and had this obsession for most of his life. Why come out about it now -- was there a triggering event? 

      The Wartburg Watch discussed at length pedophiles who are aware of their attractions but do not physically act on them:  NOMAP = Non Offending Minor Attracted Person

      Is the Volunteer at John Ortberg’s Menlo Church a NOMAP (Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person) and What Does This Mean in the Long Run?

      Yes, it's possible that John III is a NOMAP, but without doing due diligence, alerting the church body, and interviewing parents and children with whom John III had close contact (including overnight trips away), there's no way to know. 

      Also, there was something in the tweet thread or elsewhere that the parents feared  John III might commit suicide if he were outed by Daniel, but the phrasing was ambiguous if the suicide might occur as a result of the humiliation of being outed or the prospect of the loss of companionship of minor boys. 

      I have heard of " MAPs " , and "NoMAPs"  , mentioned on a couple YouTube channels .  So if you want to go down that rabbit hole , here is a list of videos decrying this trend . 
















    • Audrey2


      That is a very sweet tribute from Josiah.

      Of all the married females in the Duggar universe I think Lauren is the one I would least like to see pregnant right now. To me she seems to have a more fragile personality than, say a Kendra, who would probably be happy and comfortable with having a very large family. I think Lauren would definitely benefit from more Anna Duggar and Priscilla Waller 2 or 2 + years type spacing.

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