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Buffy's Commentary

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I'm reminded of an episode of Star Trek: TNG where the ship is infected by a game which connects to the pleasure center of the brain.

Not entirely sure why . . . . . . . . 

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    • Marmion


      17 hours ago, Columbia said:

      If Geoff thinks Trump’s re-election was stolen, he’s really in for a shock when he moves to Russia and gets a taste of true electoral corruption. 

      Oh , Botkin wouldn't care , I think . Not when the victims of the alleged election fraud are Communists .  Yeah , they are still a thing there .  Only they are a distant second behind Putin's United Russia Party , due in part to corrupted elections , from what I have read .  


      Allegations of widespread fraud in the recent elections that gave Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party a parliamentary majority have galvanized massive street protests in opposition to the Russian political establishment. This comes on the 20th anniversary of the breakup of the Soviet Union. “The reason that the people who control the financial oligarchy in Russia don’t want free elections is they know that if they had free elections to a parliament, the people would vote for candidates pledging to confiscate their property,” which was privatized in the 1990s, says Stephen Cohen, professor of Russian studies at New York University. He notes, “though these elections were not free and fair, they were the freest and fairest in 15 years,” and that members of the country’s middle class make up the bulk of the protesters. Cohen also argues the American media has failed to report on the resurgence of the Communist Party, supported mainly by working-class voters in Russia’s vast provinces, which could challenge Putin in the 2012 presidential race and force a runoff election. [



      During Russian regional elections earlier this month, pro-Kremlin candidates handily won all 15 of the gubernatorial elections that were held. In the western region of Mordovia, incumbent Governor Vladimir Volkov was among them, taking 89 percent of the vote according to official results.

      Local lawmaker Valentina Zaitseva, of the Communist Party, says she knows a key ingredient in Volkov's recipe for success -- election fraud


    • JermajestyDuggar


      2 hours ago, SuperNova said:

      First off, I really dislike birds as pets for 90% of the population. Birds, even parakeets, are not like other pets. They are intelligent creatures that need stimulation and a great deal of attention. They're also more emotionally complex than dogs or cats. The larger the bird, the more they need. It kills me when people like Abbie buy any animal like they're a toy to entertain children but it really breaks my heart when it's a bird. Birds are not great pets and I say this as someone who has owned birds. The seed scatter, the poop, the constant water changes, the attention needs, all makes for a bad pet in a busy household. 

      Abbie has a hard time being emotionally honest with herself. She doesn't seem to able to separate the concepts of children are always a blessing/sometimes life sucks. No one is saying that you stop loving your kid when they crap on the rug in front of you, but stop acting like the kid crapping is sanctifying. Sometimes a turd on the rug is just a turd on the rug, not a special gift from God so that you can learn grace. 

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      I’m not a Christian so I’ve never said my children are blessings. And I don’t believe they are. Just like I don’t believe they are born sinners. Like Braggie has stated. I believe they are tiny humans that can be extremely difficult, fun, rewarding, frustrating, hilarious, wild, smart, and just plain cute. But blessings and sinners? Nah.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      1 hour ago, Bluebirdbluebell said:

      Jana could have more than 5 kids. Michelle had her last baby at 43, while Jana is 31. She also could have fraternal twins since Michelle had two sets. Look at Courtney Rogers! With Courtney's schedule, Jana could have ten kids.

      She could. But it doesn’t mean it’s likely. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      6 hours ago, FaithAndReason said:

      I was trying to think of a K name that could connect to Charlotte. Maybe Karly/Karlee/Karleigh? It's pretty far from Charlotte but they have Kade for Robert (and some sort of "the fourth" reference that was reaching, if I recall correctly) so I guess anything is possible

      Kade is an extreme stretch for Robert the fourth (quad). So Karli for Charlotte is actually less of a stretch. 

    • Idlewild


      The Duggars are pretty quiet though? Whether getting caught out on their superspreader behaviour makes them worried TLC will put off filming them or they’re trying to stoke up interest? 

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