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What is this about?





What the hell is that about?  All engaged and nothing but net ...how is this a thing?

and here's a baby sloth...for happiness...


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That baby sloth looks like he is giving the finger! And he is sticking his tongue out! I guess two fingers sloths don't have a middle finger. Very cute.

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Maggie Mae


Baby sloths are not as cute as non-baby sloths, based on my sample size of that picture. creepy. 

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    • Karma


      Wedding ring sets were fashionable when we were married 29 years ago. But I wanted a plain gold wedding band, one which looked like a wedding ring, rather than the fashionable curved band with diamonds. I did later get an eternity ring with diamonds. Before I had my cancer surgery earlier this year I had my wedding band resized (I’d put on a kilo or 20 and it was tight).  With post op swelling and then subclinical lymphoedema in my left arm post surgery (I had a bilateral mastectomy and lymph node clearance) it was too tight to wear anyway.  Now, after being  in a compression glove and sleeve for months, the ring fits again.  Even though no one can see it, I like to wear it.  And I’m glad now that I opted for the plain band since I wouldn’t risk stones and a setting with the glove. 

    • anjulibai


      So, ignoring the part of the Bible that said Christ's return would be like a thief in the night, or that only the Father knows the hour of Christ's return. 

    • fundiefan


      In other words, Anna Matrix has not changed one iota. 

      9 minutes ago, EyesOpen said:

      And what batshittery is this? Please send me a new rabbit hole to go down!

      You really don't want to go there. The crazy is crazy making. She needs very real mental health help. 

    • EyesOpen


      And what batshittery is this? Please send me a new rabbit hole to go down!

    • sableduck


      I’m having a shit day, so if it’s the end of the world I’m okay with that.

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