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What is this about?




What the hell is that about?  All engaged and nothing but net ...how is this a thing?

and here's a baby sloth...for happiness...


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That baby sloth looks like he is giving the finger! And he is sticking his tongue out! I guess two fingers sloths don't have a middle finger. Very cute.

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Maggie Mae


Baby sloths are not as cute as non-baby sloths, based on my sample size of that picture. creepy. 

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    • thoughtful


      Ah, Gary and his friends - so brave (and by brave I mean ill-informed, defensive and petulant).






      Upcoming gig:


    • From what I read about the origins of psychopathy, it is thought now that those cases that are caused by environment are treatable through intensive therapy. Those that are genetic are only somewhat treatable through cognitive therapy that helps the psychopath see how obeying the law and treating people well redound to their benefit. 
        The guy who studied this and found he had the signature brain scan said he was not affected because he had had an idyllic childhood; however, his kids disagreed, said he was a real shit, and gave multiple examples. 

    • FaithAndReason


      5 hours ago, SoSoNosy said:

      9/11 happened on my son-in-law's 40th birthday.

      I had a co-worker give birth on the actual date. She was laboring and watching it all happen in the hospital 

    • SassyPants


      13 minutes ago, Tatar-tot said:

      I think JB has a TON of money stashed away.  I am not worried in the least about him financially.  He is debt free - which he brags about from tine to time.  Is sitting on 20 acres that could be subdivided.   He also own a number of rental properties that generate rental revenue. JB is also across the street from the dump.  I could see Waste Management wanting the property at some point.  He probably has money buried in the bank.  Don’t worry about the Duggar clan finances:  They are multimillionaires and will be just fine!!!

      The thing is, the Duggars have been shown to be very lazy and rather unmotivated, last minute in their efforts. JB has been shown to sit on vacant property with the intention of either renting or selling, but not getting around to doing either for years! Remember when Anna and J left for DC and their previous home went into such disrepair that JB had to have it treated for serious mold? Real estate is only an asset if it’s making you money.

      And why aren’t the adults who are working the show getting a pay check? 

      Any adult  here work a job where their parents get the paycheck? 

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    • SassyPants


      1 hour ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

      She's not Joy at 18 - she's over 30 and is still drinking the Kool-Aid publicly.  I know how hard it is to break out and brainwashing, but at some point adults are responsible for their life choices and she's past that point.  

      If she wants to remain fundy she can.  My opinion certainly won't change anything, I'm just saying I think it's weird to hope for more babies into the cult, and weirder when that's in any way a controversial opinion.  Clearly mileage varies a lot on this.

      I still can not believe that a 31 YO woman complies, seemingly unquestioningly, with JB’s BS. Has to be brainwashing, right?

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