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I don't know if I necessarily have a favorite season. But the transition from winter into spring is probably one of my favorite times of the year.

Because not only do I love the warmer weather, the swift breeze,

The smell of blooming flowers and plant life

The fact that I can wear flip flops and looser clothes outside again

Iced Tea, Ice Cream, being acceptable again.

But it brings a renewed hope. A new beginning, of sorts (even though it's when the school year ends.)

New life. Everything dead has shed and fresh new things can be reborn. Everything is alive.

It's the time, for me, when hope is the most alive.

Der Frühling will kommen,
Der Frühling, meine Freud',
Nun mach' ich mich fertig
Zum Wandern bereit

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And now we know why you are the Shepherd on the rock :) (feeling a bit dense for not guessing earlier). 

I am sure you play it very well with the passion and understanding it requires. I'd need a bit of Schubert or Vivaldi today...

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1 hour ago, laPapessaGiovanna said:

And now we know why you are the Shepherd on the rock :) (feeling a bit dense for not guessing earlier). 

I am sure you play it very well with the passion and understanding it requires. I'd need a bit of Schubert or Vivaldi today...

Haha that username seemed to go best with the fundie theme hahaha. And I didn't feel right naming myself MozartConcerto.

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  • Posts

    • SassyPants


      19 minutes ago, Mlissmartin said:

      Woooah no. I think you're mixing her up with a Hannah not a Duggar that gets mentioned here. Wissman, maybe. Hannah is only like 14/15.

      She’s 16, and single.

    • Queen Of Hearts


      I feel slightly better knowing the judge ended deliberations for the day, rather than the jury asking to end and resume tomorrow.  But I am still flabbergasted that there is anything to deliberate.  I mean Smugs was present every time bad stuff was downloaded and/or viewed, Smugs uses the same password as was used to get to where the bad stuff was, Smugs has a history of sexual abuse of minors, and Smugs called out the hidden partition to the investigator's AND Smugs even brought up CP before the investigators did!  What is there to deliberate?  

      I thought walking away from the internet for a few hours would calm me down but NOPE.

    • PennySycamore


      2 hours ago, anon710 said:

      omg, where is designing women streaming?

      I have no idea (Paramount +, maybe) , but I was going to see if this episode was on Youtube.  It used to be.

    • adidas


      2 hours ago, anon710 said:

      I found this wine in the bargain bin while I was wine shopping, and thought of all y'all  35736140_19crimes.thumb.jpeg.90e2e13fc0cef0c15238f0acbabed13b.jpeg

      It is well worth drinking! It’s one of our regulars 🤣

    • neuroticcat


      Also someone asked earlier if Duggars were still in at IBLP. Looks like they were family speakers last year (as were the Bates), so still all in I would guess. Skimming through the page I’m reminded of how cultlike it all feels production wise (weird stodgy books, separate vocabulary) and how many of the leaders are these unimpressive ordinary guys. I remember back when I was really drawn to it, watching some Embassy Media stuff, and the speakers were so b-o-r-I-n-g.

      It seems some adult women might be drawn to the cult for its set roles and expectations and the idealized family life and the order it promises out of chaos. I wonder if for the men, it promises really super ordinary guys rockstar status (I remember feeling that with Vision Forum). But I wonder. Who are the real powers at IBLP and what have they done to cover up Gothard, Josh, and how toxic and destructive the teaching is. Do they shut their eyes to it or are they mostly vested in preserving their power? What are they talking about as the trial unfolds? Are they watching? Ignoring? Calculating whether to cut ties with the Duggars or ask for prayer? Maneuvering to keep other secrets from coming out? I still think it’s pretty wild that with all this publicity, Josh’s teen punishment/IBLP center rehab doesn’t get more media scrutiny.



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