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Musings of the Shepherd on the Rock

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About this blog

I write about music, traveling, being a student/millennial, and all the things you "shouldn't" talk about on the first date.

Entries in this blog


Gun Violence

About a week ago, a former classmate of mine's parents were murdered; shot to death by her brother in their own house. The story was on the news, complete with his mugshot. (I'm not going to link to it here out of respect for her and her privacy) What gets to me is this: the murderer was known to be severely mentally ill, had been convicted of stalking a woman before and drug dealing, and had apparently sent death threats to his parents. And he had somehow gotten access to a firea




Impulse Purchase

So a little while ago I was in Kroger...and in the Easter Stuffed animals section I saw this bunny. And I tried to resist but it was too damn adorable. Plus it made me think of @Curious for some reason.





I don't know if I necessarily have a favorite season. But the transition from winter into spring is probably one of my favorite times of the year. Because not only do I love the warmer weather, the swift breeze, The smell of blooming flowers and plant life The fact that I can wear flip flops and looser clothes outside again Iced Tea, Ice Cream, being acceptable again. But it brings a renewed hope. A new beginning, of sorts (even though it's when the school year ends.)




Rant about Misogynists/Misogyny

Why is it, that if you call out men for being misogynistic, racist, ableist, or any other kind of problematic, violent, sexually predatory behavior, or even just generally being an asshole, why is it suddenly about the guy being called out? Like, I could politely ask someone to exhibit common decency, but suddenly, I'm being just, so fucking mean. And I'm like, I'm sorry, I wasn't raising my voice, cussing, or anything, and you're acting like I'm suddenly doing SO MUCH for telling you that takin




Bernie supporters irritating me

Lately, all I'm seeing from my liberal friends is people jumping on the Bernie bandwagon. And apparently he is oh-so-much-better than Hillary because: -Apparently getting corporate funding means you aren't genuine? -Also, people who are planning on voting for Hillary(like me) are just voting for her because she's a woman (can't possibly be her effective policy history) -Apparently Hillary is the exact same as a Republican for policies she used to support but now doesn't (people cl




New Year

So...this time last year I was REALLY sick ringing into the new year. Not a great start, but I guess the year didn't turn out half bad, for me. And, 2015 didn't necessarily turn out how I expected it to, in so many ways. For my personal life, or in the world. So...here's a few predictions I have for 2016, keeping in mind that I'm likely to be completely and utterly wrong: Election-wise: 1)Trump will go down in flames during the primaries, if by him finally managing to alienate h




Things (First post)

So, I guess I'm starting to write a proper blog. Feels weird, because I can never really commit to these things, but guess I'll try to do it now that I have a little more time. So guess, this'll just be a start, an introduction, probably comprised of information you may have already gathered if you pay attention to my posts regularly. I'm 21 years old, college student (Senior now, haha) going to graduate December 2016. My major is Music Performance (clarinet) I go to a large, dive



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      Survived first day of teaching remote. Not nearly as awful as I thought it would be. 
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    • Kailash


      Happy Monday, if there is such a thing! Busy day here, what are your plans? Tell me everything.
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      Marshmallow World

      It's my third sober birthday 😄
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      Results came back... everything is normal. Levels are fine, doctor said the only thing they could do is wait til I get pregnant and then do additional testing asap. I feel relieved but also frustrated. 
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    • 47of74


      Had some of mom's chili for lunch and now my mid section is nice and warm.  It's needed today here in Iowa.
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