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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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Where do I put this fear and sadness.

Really I don't know.  Just don't know. I'm Jewish.  My daughter, brother-in-law, two nieces, many of my cousins and extended family are people of color. Where is this madness going? Where will it end? I've been listening to music songs which make me cry. Why you ask?  Because I need it as a cathartic release. Crying my eyes out right now to   



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    • kpmom


      Bah!  Missed out on two gift cards I wanted to get from Amazon due to their Prime Day glitches.  Did manage to get a kindle fire 16gb for a pretty good price.
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    • JoyfulSel


      Came back home from vacation today - not looking forward to work tomorrow! Wah.
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    • Imaginary_Wonderland


      I'm super excited for my long dreamed of trip to New York next week. But also getting some slight anxiety kicking in for some weird reason I can't work out.
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    • ShepherdontheRock


      I'm back. What did I miss? lol
      · 5 replies
    • albireo


      Anyone who actually speaks conversational fundie, could you please help me with navigating a social media situation? PM for details.
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