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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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  • Posts

    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      10 minutes ago, QuiverFullofBooks said:

      My husband asked me to put lime yogurt on the grocery list. I like lime too, but I think it doesn’t really work in yogurt.

      Have you had KeyLime yogurt, I love it. But I love most things lime.

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    • Petronella


      4 hours ago, SongRed7 said:

      Ken speaks again! He seems to go silent for a while then comes roaring back.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but he’s awful. According to this ladies, if you have a bad marriage it’s because one of two reasons-  and both are your fault! 


      Ken Alexander: You bet!  The primary reasons Christian young ladies end up in a terrible marriage is either they chose badly, or they chose well but their expectations are through the roof. So the ruin their relationship trying to get their husband to fulfill their perceived needs and desires. Definitely parents must be teaching their children to make wise choices and choose only godly young men with potential. Then rest in that choice and allow him to grow up as he leads.

      Wow. Thanks for confirming it’s a direct quote.

      I want to ask Ken: what about husband’s expectations? According to Lori, they should not only EXPECT slave-labor and near-constant sex, they should in fact DEMAND it. Why is it good for a husband to expect but not a wife? Asshats.

      (And why do fundies decide in advance what both husband and wife should want instead of letting each person want what they want and work it out nicely and mutually with their partner? But that is an eternal question.)

    •  Despite being homeschooled myself (uber-Christian version) and homeschooling my own kids now (secular version) and thus being in the homeschool world pretty much my entire life, I had no idea that these international homeschooling groups existed, held conferences, etc. That surprised me.

      I also don’t really get the why here. Seems like such a small, low power group to dabble with. I need to read the article again, after I finish my first cup of coffee and wake up!,  to fully understand some of the ties and reasons.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • luv2laugh

      Posted (edited)

      21 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I swear I’ve replaced the main bathroom mat so many times. I have to wash it a lot due to little boy pee and constant dirt. You can only wash a bathroom mat so many times before it starts to fall apart. How is she going to clean these fancy rugs? 

      How is “she” going to clean these rugs? Her children will.

      Braggie was snarky and defensive that someone has the audacity to question her placement of the rug near the kitchen sink. Compared to her pesky followers, Ms. Braggie is the cleanest of them all (AKA forces her children to her maids while she peruses Instagram and eBay). She has no respect for her fan girls and how dare someone question her :).


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    • QuiverFullofBooks


      My husband asked me to put lime yogurt on the grocery list. I like lime too, but I think it doesn’t really work in yogurt.