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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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  • Posts

    • Chickenbutt


      Is an autopsy required in all cases?

      No. Deaths caused by violence, state custody deaths, and unexplained deaths will be sent to the State Crime Lab for an autopsy. Other deaths are determined on a case by case basis and may or may not require the State Crime Lab. Most medical and unattended deaths do not require an autopsy.


    • albireo


      21 minutes ago, VBOY9977 said:

      Based on Martha Alexander’s ig story, Breanna Alexander Barry had her daughter and her name is Alyssa.

      According to Mark's IG, her name is Alyssa Grace and she was born on June 17th.

    • VBOY9977

      Posted (edited)

      Based on Martha Alexander’s ig story, Breanna Alexander Barry had her daughter and her name is Alyssa.

      Edited by VBOY9977
    • 47of74


      My ex-SIL was found dead on her kitchen floor by one of her grown sons (in Arkansas).  The family couldn't afford an autopsy, so none was performed; that was the first time I ever heard of the family cost for the process.


      As I understand there’s a cost for the family if it’s just them requesting the post mortem. If it’s law enforcement or public health ordering it then it wouldn’t be billed to the family.


      My great uncle was found dead on his kitchen floor by his brother. If I remember right he wasn’t responding to phone calls so his brother went to check on him and found him. No autopsy was done - he had health issues so even though his passing wasn’t expected at the time our family knew he could’ve gone. He had been looking at going into a senior community when he died.


      And five years ago Saturday my uncle died. It was completely unexpected. He stroked out. My aunt found him and they rushed him to the hospital but he died soon after arrival. The doctor said it was likely quick and painless. No autopsy there either cause the doctors knew what took him out.

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    • mango_fandango


      Alabama Man fed meth to his “attack squirrel”:


      It is, of course, illegal to keep squirrels as pets in Alabama.

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