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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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  • Posts

    • Rachel333


      28 minutes ago, louisa05 said:

      I honestly find it kind of weird that the stuff he says is considered so very shocking or scandalous and all.

      It's not. We're not talking about it because it's shocking or unusual to hold those beliefs. As @formergothardite put it, the only thing surprising here is that he's being public about his beliefs. But I do think that it should be scandalous that he holds racist and misogynist beliefs, no matter how common those beliefs are. And given the more polished image that he and Jinger have projected, I think it's important that people realize how terrible they still are.

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    • WorseThan1Thinks


      1 hour ago, BeyondtheLookingGlass said:

      If there was a list of how many families and people Gwen Shamblin has ruined it'd be miles long. 

      Miles.  Sadly, tradgically.... miles.

    • AliceInFundyland

      Posted (edited)

      I couldn’t either. But, the show (acting) made a fairly compelling arguement for how it happened. She felt obligated by her duty and somewhat taken by his charms.

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    • Gobsmacked


      Just a thought but perhaps D wrecks father/grandparents left him an inheritance?

      or, as has been suggested already, he really is blackmailing Good ole J-Bob in some way!! 

    • louisa05


      You all, this is just normal conservative evangelicalism. Everyone you know whose car is parked at the local mega-church this morning subscribes to what Jeremy is preaching to some degree. 

      I honestly find it kind of weird that the stuff he says is considered so very shocking or scandalous and all. Is it deplorable? Absolutely. But it isn't anything new. It is what was preached at the Christian school when I went there 24 years ago. It is what my college roommate was steeped in at a summer program her parents sent their kids to in the 80s (google Summit Ministries in Colorado).  My fundagelical relatives have been preaching the same stuff since the 50s when they got sucked into it. 

      I never believed that he held different beliefs. But I do believe that evangelicals of his tradition tend to be more open to changing beliefs than fundamentalists of the Gothard type traditions. Many, many young people in the evangelical world are openly questioning the movement's political and social beliefs (which inspired this whole statement). And I have known many people raised in that movement who were hardcore as teens and young adults that have left in their 30s or 40s or later. My mother's cousin was a pastor in that tradition and left in his 60s. I also know that that tradition is more open to education, typically views homeschooling as optional rather than mandatory and does not, as a general rule, entirely eschew birth control. So Jinger is better off at this point and there is a bigger chance that she or children will move away from it than there is for the ones still more immersed in Gothardism or a similar belief system. 

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