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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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  • Posts

    • HurricaneBells


      So various sites are starting to speculate that she is pregnant since Jessa made reference to Mary looking forward to babies due in both fall and winter... Who is due in winter? Isnt Amy due... first and the rest in Nov?


    • DillyDally


      In the funeral video Jill posted on Instagram where the whole family is singing on stage, you can see Jinger with a noticable bump. Looks like Baby Vuolo No 2 is on the way. People on tumblr are talking about it (I usually don't partake in pregnancy speculation/body scrutiny, but that's definitely a baby bump.)

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    • Ozlsn


      On 6/17/2019 at 5:06 AM, Palimpsest said:

      I'm tempted to fast and pray for more Satanic attacks.  Will any one join me?

      Oh I'm in. And more termites eating the dresser and keeping John awake.

      "I kid you not, even while he did pray, a woman to my mother gave her money that day!"

      That is possibly one of the most awkwardly constructed and incomprehensible sentences I think I have ever seen. Now I kind of wish John was translating the KJV books by himself - given how bad his expression in his native language is I could see him inadvertently encouraging people to worship Satan in a language he doesn't actually speak.

      Also I am nominating this poem for the Worst Poetry section in the Book of Heroic Failures update (hoping they do one). This is way worse than their current entries - adnittedly those entries were published. Hm...

    • Petronella

      Posted (edited)

      7 hours ago, Lgirlrocks said:


      a godly women SHOULD teach women what to expect from their husband. 

      God, Lori’s “I only teach women” is such a ridiculous fig leaf. She commiserates with men about what to expect from their wives ALL THE TIME. And she actively teaches women to expect NOTHING, which is very different from simply refraining from teaching them what they should expect.

      I just don’t understand how someone can be disgusted and offended by mutual kindness and mutual pleasure. She just has to “correct” this woman for enjoying her lovely marriage.

      2 hours ago, hollyfeller said:

      Does Lori really think women "put out" for their bosses?  It enrages me that she can't distinguish between a husband/wife relationship and an employer/employee relationship.


      Gross! I can’t tell if she means “put out” as in sex (which is its top and most obvious meaning) or if she’s using it metaphorically to mean prioritizing work stuff on the fly, like working late. Either way it’s bizarre.

      While of course an extreme devotion to work—like those cautionary tales of executives missing their kids’ baseball games and bedtimes—can indeed be sad and regrettable (like anything taken to an extreme) Lori applies this extreme to any kind of work at all (except her daughters’ and daughters-in-law’s work—and sexy bathing suits—which are somehow still holy *scratches head*).

      And somehow men working multiple jobs and never seeing their wives or children doesn’t harm their families. **confused**

      Edited by Petronella
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    • LacyMay


      Could Abbie be trying to keep a lower public profile in case she chooses to start practicing nursing again? She may want to be more reserved about posting publicly if she thinks patients and or families may follow her on social media. 

      That said she signed up to be on a TV show so the horse is likely already out of the barn on that one. But in her career I could understand wanting to maintain some professional distance. 

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