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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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  • Posts

    • Melissa1977

      Posted (edited)

      On 4/16/2019 at 10:21 AM, lilith said:

      Definitely hit as a child. Her father has joked about it during a performance. I feel the need to mention that whenever it’s brought up so that people know and remember that the Bontragers “prettier” brand of fundamentalism and “family ministry” is absolutely based upon violence against children.

      Are Bontragers a nice brand for anybody? They are awful and not exactly hiding it. Their sexism is worse than in many other families, they act with superiority and reinforce weird relationships and jerarchy between siblings. I think it's impossible that someone reads their blogs and hold a good opinion of them. 

      And thank you for giving more awful information about them!

      Edited by Melissa1977
    • Kailash


    • smittykins


      ISTR DPIAT saying “Are you willing to call your husband ‘Lord’?”

    • PopRox


      Why does she have a hate-on for Target? And, do we think she'll change her tune now that she knows she can scam them out of $5 tights?

    • just_ordinary


      On 4/18/2019 at 1:11 PM, Iamtheway said:

      I don’t know. I think Miniway might have too many books. There is a line of children’s books in Sweden called Pixi. They are small, cheap paperbooks (excellent for a small treat or to take travelling) and they have both new stories and old classic ones. After buying their advent calender for five years (the best calender!) and also buying them at other times he has around 200 just of those. 

      I also really love children’s books (honestly one of the reasons I wanted a child at all) and I buy heaps of books, both new and old and also many English ones since he’s bilingual. I loved books as a child as well so we have some of my old ones. He probably has around 500 books (including the Pixi ones) and that is A LOT ... we don’t have time to read them all. We read four at bedtime every night but he is like most children and just wants to read his favourites over and over again. 

      We also enjoy going to the library ... 



      Ahhhhh Pixi books. We have them in Germany too. We had at least a hundred of them. My mum kept almost all of our old books and now we already have them- the babe isn’t even one. She seemed exceptionally happy to hand over two boxes full of Pixi books.