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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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Song of the day 11/12/18

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Because in all seriousness what else does one listen to on Thanksgiving


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  • Posts

    • JermajestyDuggar


      I wish people would question her more. Maybe one day she will snap and go on some asshole tirade that makes her lose a bunch of humpers. 

    • Bazinga


      On 1/15/2019 at 11:03 AM, AtlanticTug said:

      I don't know the regulations in Arkansas, but typically home schooling is defined as children being educated by a parent or legal guardian (it does not have to be in or within the home and so there would be no issue with it being at a different location). While this would run afoul of having your aunts teaching you, let's not forget that the older girls taught their siblings, which would also not be permissible under the same definition. Isn't Jana still homeschooling the younger kids now?

      Could they also label it a co-op too? I'm not sure if there are rules with co-ops either.

    • EowynW


      "Allow him to grow up as leader."

      ooooo that reminds me of my Mom telling us that "at first your husband will be harsh and/or overbearing or bossy after you get married. But don't take it personally because that's just him trying to find his footing as leader of his own house and family." 


      DEAR GOD. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      I think Jesse would make a cute couple with Lydia Waller. I bet their children would be adorable. 

    • EowynW


      On 1/15/2019 at 6:36 PM, Briefly said:

      That is one of those decisions that is up to you, not your family.  They don't get a vote!  I think you are smart to get it in writing.

      A very good friend of mine, we call each other sisters from other mothers and we are as close as is humanly possible, lost her 25 year old daughter to cancer.  She had two children, then the cancer diagnoses and she had treatment  She was advised not to have any more children and the doctor was worried that the cancer would come back, but that was because of the type/location of the cancer and her general health was the part of the reason he suggested no more babies.  The cancer did come back and she started treatment, then she got pregnant again.  She continued the pregnancy and treatment for the cancer stopped.  When the baby was just a few months old, she died.  Her funeral was held on what would have been her 26 birthday.  At the time, from the way she talked, most people (including her own mother) thought that she really did not want to continue the pregnancy, but her husband  (who was a druggie) overruled her wishes.  My friend is raising the children as the druggie father abandoned them not too long after she died, and she loves her grandkids including the youngest, but I don't think she will ever get over losing her daughter.  I don't know if the ultimate outcome would have been any different, but the point is that it was her decision and it was taken from her.  Her husband's reason was the church's standpoint on abortion. Not that he ever actually attended church, but that was the reason he insisted on her continuing the pregnancy.

      My family and his family believe even a fertilized egg has the same value as myself and that birth control pills/devices = abortions. And while Mr. EW would stand with me, I know both sides would be fighting tooth and nail for the fetus and would be hurling all sorts of emotional charged religious guilt trip stuff at us and it'll be hell. I'm getting it in hard concrete writing. Terrifies me not to. 


      On 1/16/2019 at 8:16 PM, Lisafer said:

      @EowynW sometimes people have that first baby and realize that popping babies out like a gumball machine isn't the best idea...so maybe your brother and sis in law will change their stance!

      I hope so! 

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