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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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Song of the day 11/12/18

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Because in all seriousness what else does one listen to on Thanksgiving


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  • Posts

    • formergothardite


      27 minutes ago, TSOWOATNK said:

      What do you think women are more talented at by nature?

      What do you think men are more talented at by nature?

      No making "some men are" or "some women are" statements. I mean a hard and fast statement.

      I'm drawing a blank. Besides like birthing a baby and having a penis. 

      What do you think is the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine? Why keep the masculine and feminine sacred? What is sacred about them? 

      And how does this play into toys that are labeled for girls or boys, something you have appeared to support? Especially since these are things used by both girls and boys so there is no need to label them unless we are sending the message that some toys are only for girls and some are only for boys. 

      6 hours ago, Terrie said:

      WTF is it with this topic that people are taking the idea of removing gender labeling from toys as an attack on the concept of the feminine? No one talked about getting rid of pink toys. You people have issues.

      I honestly don't get it either. What is the big deal with having a doll aisle or a just having STEM toys? There is no need to label dolls for girls and STEM for boys except for the pink STEM stuff that are for girls. 

    • Beermeet

      Posted (edited)

      34 minutes ago, Quiver Full of Kittens said:

      So. Much. This.

      I’ve been on three different brands trying to find one that doesn’t absolutely kill my sex drive. Mr. Kittens doesn’t have much of one naturally, so if I’m not initiating sex, odds are it isn’t going to happen. My best friend had a hellish experience with an IUD, so I’m afraid of that option. We use condoms as well, but perhaps once my weight stablizes, I should look into a diaphragm. 

      A few of my friends had IUD's. All but 1 had them taken out. Some kind of period was happening all month long or they didn't react well with the hormones.  I'd just never. Totally not for me. That Norplant freaked me out! Is that still a thing? The under arm tube implants?  I'd never.  I grew up in the 80's, I've seen all the conspiracy /dystopian movies. I'm good. 

      Edited by Beermeet
    • Carm_88


      15 minutes ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

      and someone willing to keep sex off the table until marriage.

      Idk, I get the feeling it much deeper than punching above their weight class.

      And someone willing to put up with Rick, Cathy, the rest of the Arndt siblings, the Penguin love, constant Vine Valley filming, and the yearly trek to New York State to film for Vine Valley...

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    • formergothardite


      I do wonder if some of this is because he is rapidly running off people who donate and he can never admit it is because he is the world's most inept missionary, so he must harp on about how he is so much more godly than others and if they drop him it is because they are following Satan. 

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    • formergothardite


      On 12/14/2018 at 8:44 PM, Lisafer said:

      *pops in to see if something is happening in the Arndternate Universe*  *leaves, weeping*

      Every single fucking time! Come on Rick! Give us another Vine Valley clip if we are never going to get the actual Vine Valley! 

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