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Baby Thor

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And a pretty pretty Precious!  

They really do seem to sleep in the oddest positions!!  Totally separate naps on separate days. 

Precious, The Dog Thing, finally went and had her "do" did.   I'd let her grow out quite a bit because her fur was so brittle and thin due to a skin infection. Once it got to the 1982 Tina Turner phase, I called around and found a groomer.  She got a good bath and brush and the groomer tamed the mane and added some bows.  Those bows were out within an hour, she only looks prissy.  Thor was unimpressed.  And now there's another hooman in the mix??? Gaaaahhhhh.  At least he feels right, the kitties didn't take long to warm up.  He has a habit of leaving his bedroom door open and the boys are typically taking up space on his pillow and blanky.  




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The dynamic duo often sleep the same way and yes, I have pictures. 

it is now "fly season" here in the high desert. Big stupid has been throwing himself against the slider to try to catch the critters...and hits them so hard that the whole apartment shakes. 


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Bows on a dog will never look anything other than ridiculous.

Thor is how I feel most days.


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Cats are very bendy creatures, I am sure they are made of elastic and rubber under their fur.


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A friend described cats as furry liquids. A liquid will take the shape of whatever container you put it in. Cats do the same thing. Sinks, boxes, cubbyholes, chairs, couches...Right now, Leia is laying on the couch with her head leaning against the pillow and a paw under her cheek. Luke is laying between my legs, making sure I sweat my ass off. using my skirt as a hammock. 


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"1982 Tina Turner phase" made me wake my poor lap kitten.   I agreed that liquid cats are a thing.  I must invest in more metal bowls to keep my kitties cooler in the summer.  Your pupper does not look pleased about those bows. Excellent call on the removal.


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    • Palimpsest


      2 minutes ago, church_of_dog said:

      But no choice on the part of a customer, even that of accepting bigoted treatment quietly, means that it's ok for the service provider to behave that way.

      Tacit permission.  Excellent post, @church_of_dog.

    • Captain Obvious

      Posted (edited)

      On 21/09/2017 at 3:23 PM, ihaveanexamintwodays said:

      you guys i figured out how to do spoilers O.o #technologicallychallenged lol.

      Here's something like what I'd imagine Jessa in:

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      And here's what I'd imagined as being more Joy's style:

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      Meanwhile, Anna we don't know what wedding-dress style she might have gone with if she'd not worn her sister's, but thinking about how very basic and unassuming she was in the 18kac days......here's my preferred young-Anna-ish version of the simple short-sleeved gown:

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      Oooh, I'm going to play too!

      I honestly wouldn't change anything about Jessa and Kendra's dresses, apart from making them higher quality versions of the same things really. I thought both dresses really suited them and their personalities.

      Don't get me wrong, Jinger's dress was spectacular and she looked beautiful, but I wasn't entirely sure if if it was really her style at the time. This is more of what I pictured for her.



      For Joy, as a non-girly girl, I'd have picked something minimalist but still with a full skirt, since apparently a train was important to her. 




      For Jill - the same sort of vibe, but  without the need for modesteining.



      For Anna - I can't imagine her in anything but a traditional, structured style, but I think if she were choosing today she'd go for something with a touch of lace. So this is my pick for her:




      Edited by Captain Obvious
    • CelticGoddess


      12 hours ago, usmcmom said:


      This is Ken Alexander,  who has said that hunger is not a real issue and, even if it was, starvation is not such a painful way to die. This is a man who tried to convince his readers moleststion among siblings is normal. This is a man who can't fathom why a woman would need to move into a shelter to protect herself from an abusive husband. This is a man who has suggested that IF a woman left her husband because of abuse, she should pop in every few days to cook and clean for him. 

      Finally, I think this is a man who gave up his dream to be a minister because his spoiled shrew of a wife could not live below a certain financial level. He knew what she was like before they got married - they fought constantly from day one - yet he married her anyway. 

      All that to say, there are some really ugly people with really ugly beliefs living in that beautiful home. 


      I didn't like Ken to begin with, but now, I am thinking thoughts my Goddess is not happy with.   He and Lori deserve each other, through all of eternity.  That's all I have.  Except this, I hope he rots

    • church_of_dog


      I find it useful to draw a distinction between the two perspectives being presented here -- that of a citizen/consumer and that of service provider.

      A service provider needs to follow the law or be prepared for the consequences.  As @Palimpsest said, it's not ok to deny service based on a legally protected class.  Deny service based on other reasons?  Legal, but of course you might hear about it, people might try to sue anyway, or turn customers away via the feedback method, or lash out with violence.

      As a customer, there are two different tacks one might choose; both legal, it just depends on the individual's energy level for the issue.  One, the customer could (when options are available, as some have pointed out) choose to "vote with their dollars" and not patronize businesses whose practices or attitudes they don't like.

      Or the customer could choose to take a more public stand -- sit-in, lawsuit, civil disobedience, etc.  Neither approach is wrong; it's up to each person to decide how they want to react.

      But no choice on the part of a customer, even that of accepting bigoted treatment quietly, means that it's ok for the service provider to behave that way.



    • Red Hair, Black Dress


      In her cleaning posts she talks about how no one in the 50s had TV, and only listened to the radio.  Which is nuts because the 1950s was the rise in home TV, and the beginning of the end for radio shows.  If no one had TV, then why is she extolling the virtues of The Donna Reed Show and Leave it to Beaver?  No one with a TV means no need for TV shows.

      She also says that every 50s mother walked their children to and from school Every. Single. Day. (how they stayed thin).  I have lots of friends who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s who walked to school alone from 1st grade on.  Lots of them rode the school bus.   None of them had moms who walked them to school.

       She says that a 50s housewife walked to the butcher's, baker's, candlestick makers to do her shopping.  Ummm ... supermarkets were big in the 1950s  (A&P anyone) and mom and pop stores were on the way out.  I guess she also completely forgot about the rise of the suburbs in the late 1940s - 1950s which were residential only and away from stores.

      This woman has created a 1950s world that never existed, while telling us that's how we should live in 2017.

      I think it's her advocacy of the fake high-pitched girly girly voice that literally squeals with excitement that drives me up the wall / makes me cringe the most.

      Full disclosure here -- I say this as someone who has a naturally somewhat higher pitched, soft, kind of girly voice (with a southern accent) that has me often mistaken for younger than I am on the phone.

      I do not, however, squeal with delight when excited.  Because that's just ridiculous in anyone who is not a 10 yr old girl at a One Dimension concert.