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Looking For a Clue

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Things I Can't Relate To



Reading the local news online yesterday I encountered one of those things in life I can't relate to.  

In our fair city, the ebil school board is redrawing lines for a couple of the junior highs to combat overcrowding.  The article I read on said subject quoted a parent whining because of the number of schools their kid has gone to.  Without moving.  

Unhuh.  Let me do the math on my personal history.  We moved between kindergarten and first grade.  Mom divorced dear old dad and we moved between fourth and fifth grades.  Now, the district we moved to?  I went to 3 different schools in 3 years (granted it was with the same group of kids).  We moved between seventh and eighth grades.  The junior high in this new city/district went through ninth grade.  So I went to junior high for 2 years and senior high for 2 years until - guess what.  We moved because Mom decided to get remarried and nevermind uprooting her kids and all that.  So I went to my senior year (and only my senior year) in yet another district.  So pardon me in an age of internet and social media if your child has to change to a new school.  Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt a few times over.  

And my thoughts on this then go to other things I cannot relate to because of my working class, single parent, checked out father upbringing.  

This morning I watched a Goldbergs episode on Hulu as I ate breakfast.  From last season.  Adam wants to go to Space Camp.  Um, Camp, in general, is a difficult concept for me to wrap my mind around and feels, in general, to be very middle to upper middle class.  I didn't run in neighborhoods with kids who went to any camp, ever.  Camp for us was the week of Vacation Bible School.  And that wasn't even a full day.  

And 2016 was an Olympic year and I remember seeing these athletes in sports where I thought, yeah, never ever would have gotten into that sport, it would have required parents who were checked in (thinking specifically of my father).  Or money to be involved.  

My thoughts on the above are probably totally warped by the fact that I don't have children of my own.  





Nope, not warped view, absolutely agree and I have three bio kids and bunch of brought home by kids that call me Mama. 

On the multiple schools:I only have one kid that attended one elementary school, one middle school and one high school. Bigfoot went to 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 3 or 4 high schools including being home schooled four awhile. Kiddo went to 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools including home school.

GrandGirl has also had to switch around a couple of times to find a safe school in her neighborhood.  So no, I don't get the whining about switching schools. You're a parent. Pull up your big girl/boy pants and deal.


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I went to five schools from K-6. Then we stayed in one town and my parents switched us to Catholic school and I only went to two more, in the same system. 

I went to three different schools in third grade alone. It sucked. That year was terrible for both my brother and me (he was in 8th grade). But if you are just being redistricted, the change is not that bad and some of the same kids will be moving with you. We had moved across the state when we had to change. 


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I was a lucky kid who attended one elementary school (K-6), one junior high school (7-9), and one high school (10-12). I hope my kids are able to do that, too, although we would love to move houses. But I understand that school districts have to do the best they can with their resources and that population trends change. I hope if we ever face school changes because of redrawn lines that I will help our kids see it as a positive thing. 

The worst case of charging schools that I know is of a friend of my older siblings. She is the youngest kid in her family and always expected to attend the same high school as her older siblings. She came home from summer church camp and found a note from her parents: "We're getting a divorce. You can go live with your grandmother." Adding insult to injury, not only did she not get to attend the same high school as her siblings, she got to attend and graduate from the rival of that school. Compared to her parents doing that to her, attending the rival high school doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but that was the part she always sounded bitter about when I heard the story.


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    • Karma


      1 hour ago, Captain Obvious said:

      They're not? That must have changed because I used them when I was a teen - admittedly that was - gasp! - 20+ years ago.

      I stand corrected!  I used tampons from about 1980 till 6 years ago (thankyou mirena) and have bought them for my daughter for the last five or more years.  I have never noticed them at the supermarket, but I just looked at the Coles website and 5 of 36 tampon products have applicators!

      Any of you younger jingerites having terribly painful periods, the mirena is now more used for younger women than in the past.  Apparently the cause of most infections was the string and this has now been changed.  My daughter is 20 and had one inserted last week (under a light general anaesthetic).  She can't take the pill or have an implant because of a tumour on her pituitary gland which affects her hormones, and she wasn't willing to trust barrier methods only.  Hopefully we will be a tampon free house before too long!

    • JillyO


      6 hours ago, Karma said:

      I hope her husband carried the baby up the hill!

      I doubt it, since somebody probably had to carry the two-year-old. Hopefully he was wearing better footwear...

    • onemama

      Posted (edited)

      8 hours ago, Koala said:

      These are NOT biblical grounds for divorce. Yes, separate for safety sake but no where does the Bible give these grounds for divorce for “love never fails.”

      And she directs us to a blog where the author takes Ephesians 5:25 "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her"
      And applies it to both wives and husbands:

      He says


      Notice that it doesn’t say “Husbands, love your wives as the Church loves Christ.” Why is this? Because marriage is a display of the covenant love that Christ has for his Church, and because the love that Christ has for his Church will always be stronger, purer, and more enduring than the love that the Church has for Christ.

      His love is different.

      Rather than returning these acts in kind, rather than exchanging blow for blow and hurt for hurt, Christ will take his bride- his angry, bitter, squabbling, resentful, filthy, shrieking, and kicking bride back into his arms and he will wash her with the water of his precious word, cleansing her so that he might present her to himself pure and spotless. He has taken the sins of his bride unto himself- a beautiful mixed metaphor that intertwines and interconnects all these beautiful truths-husband, wife, bride, groom, Christ, mankind- and has made her whole, bathing her in forgiveness. His love is endlessly unfailing. Endlessly patient. Endlessly Kind. Endlessly bearing all things. Endlessly holy.

      When the Church is unfaithful, cruel, hurtful, adulterous, messy, spiteful, unforgiving and unrepentant, Christ still loves her.

      And then he says:



      That is why we are pointed to Jesus’ love and not our own as the example that we are to follow and pursue.

      His love is the example that we are to emulate. We are never pointed to ourselves as the standard, but rather to him.

      This means that even when your wife or husband is likewise exhaustively unfaithful, cruel, hurtful, adulterous, messy, spiteful, unforgiving, unrepentant, and bruising in their betrayals over a period of weeks, months, years, decades, that you love them still and treat them as Christ does. Will Christ break his covenant? Will he cease to pray for her? Will he cease to woo and draw her back? Will he cease to seek to cleanse and wash her? Will he cease to forgive her? Will he abandon his bride?

      When you find your wife in bed with another man, or when you find porn all over his computer, or when everything he does disappoints you, or when his inability to spend money wisely is causing your hair to fall out, or when you can’t relate or understand each other anymore, or when you haven’t had sex in over a year, or when your child is murdered and you blame each other, or when every word is a spiteful twist of the knife and you can’t stand the sight of each other and find yourself begging God to release you from this marriage.

      Will you love your wife like Christ loves the Church, or will you love your wife like the Church Loves Christ?


      Yet submission "as the church submits to Christ" is always from the wife to the husband.  Always. Mutual submission doesn't exist because gender roles. Because we need to paint the picture right. Well... what picture? 

      Where is that head-bang emoticon?  Aaaaaaargh! 


      Edited by onemama
    • onemama


    • GotCaughtDancing


      Oh my that video ending was the most twisted and creepy Waltonsesque thig I didn't need to hear. lol