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Looking For a Clue

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An Exercise in Media Deprevation

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So I'm working my way through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way.  

Which was going fine until I hit week 4.  Which started for me on Sunday.  Week 4 involves Media Deprivation.  Where the idea is to remove words (I write as a hobby.  I live for words) and all this other stuff to get you, in the end, to play.)  I made it almost 3 full days until I caved and went back to social media.  Oh, I still have the TV off and will likely complete the week there.  I was allowed work related access and you know checking email to make sure that nothing critical like bills came through.  Or something that (as happened) I needed to sign related to my mother's care.  

No, I didn't clean my house.  And I didn't want to.  I'm a slob.  Sue me.  I did do a bit of work on the great rewrite/restructure etc of my novel (the one that won't go away).  But my form of communication is on the interwebs.  I don't want to call someone (I really dislike phones).  And after a day of work, I don't want to be around people and I don't want to 'play.'  Okay, there was a bit of play in there.  I got some coloring done.  I'll post that in the colorists blog.  

So my new mantra is you can pry my media out of my cold, dead hand.  

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  • Posts

    • adidas


      6 hours ago, nausicaa said:

      I have no idea what these are, but this reminded me of how much Australia's snack food naming skills are seriously on point. 

      Lol it’s just a brand name - they’re like your popsicles but in a plastic packet so you nearly get frostbite on your fingers while you’re eating it. Hundreds of thousands of Aussie kids are currently walking around with cuts at the corner of their mouth right now because the plastic edges are so sharp. The generic name is icy pole but I think they’re called freeze pops in the US. The generic brand are garbage. Only Zooper Doopers will do, unless you want to be kinda healthy, then you buy the Quelch 99% juice ones.

      Note: currently sold out.


      We were all rather excited when they released packets of favourites. I have the fairy floss and black currant pack in my freezer right now. 


      Zooper doopers are also the subject of many memes. If you do a google image search for ‘Zooper Dooper meme’ you’ll 

    • scribble


      My first thought was that the blurred out guy might have been a minor (at least when the picture was taken.)

    • acheronbeach


      22 minutes ago, PennySycamore said:

      @Don'tlikekoolaid,  I think it's pretty cool that Manitoba(?) has a town called Gimli.  

      The most Icelandic place in the world outside of Iceland, apparently.  

    • Palimpsest


      1 hour ago, AnnaSofia said:

      Yikes, I didn't realize just how close Lisa's last divorce was to her wedding with Spanky. If that's the case, maybe she wasn't introduced to the kids until the last minute.

      Well, it was probably an awkward introduction.  Whether it was before or after the civil wedding was over.  Spanky was still in disgrace and on leave from Ligonier after the Ashley Madison thing.

      If it was before the divorce was final, something along the lines of:

      Mom and Dad, beloved children of my first marriage, relatives, friends, and the rest of Ligonier Ministries.  This is Lisa - my Eve, my Ruth, my voice of Jesus calling me out of the grave.  I swear I didn't find her on Ashley Madison.  We've been emailing since 2013.

      She's still married to a real life Jewish person but is ever so Christian herself.  He's a doctor accused of a felony, but it is quite OK; they are getting a divorce.  She's very experienced at marriage and divorce having done it a couple of other times.  As for mothering; she's a genius.  She'll have you all whipped into shape in no time.  Just don't give her any "To Do" lists.  She knows it all. 

      And to lighten the mood a little, I remembered @Salty1 was not very keen on Lisa.  Her posts are quite instructive - and she also gave us Spanky and Lisa's wedding photo for posterity.  Lisa's wedding dress was ... quite exceptional.



    • theotherelise


      4 hours ago, Four is Enough said:

      I've been wondering this for a while, particularly since the first round of Duggar love kind of diminished.... but WHY does every pregnancy still get an announcement on People? It's a pregnancy, not the second coming, and it's the pregnancy of a VERY MINOR pseudo celebrity, a member of a cult family who is famous only for pregnancy. I mean... they've done it nearly a dozen times already. Does the world need to know again?

      People print mag publishes Every. Single. Week. And online content has to be constantly added to to keep up hits and ad clicks. These articles about the Duggars are so easy to write, they're basically a mad-lib. You can only speculate about Jen Aniston's motherhood thoughts and status every other week. Something has to go on the off times!