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Baccalà alla vicentina, family recipe.



Baccalà in the whole of Italy but Veneto means salted cod. In Veneto baccalà means stockfish. Our baccalà can be cooked "alla vicentina" (Vicenza style) or "alla veneziana" (Venice style). In the past it was the food of the poors during lent, now it's an expensive treat (good dried cod from Lofoten Islands is priced little less than 30 €/kg). Vicenza is renowned for its baccalà and there's even a brotherhood to promote and protect the "original" recipe. Truth is every family has it's own recipe. This is my maternal grandmother's and it differs a bit from the "original" one. I did it friday evening to eat it saturday at lunch. I used dried cod already soaked and deboned by a friend who gave me it. Usually I buy it dried 3 days in advance (100gr per person) and  beat it hard with a piece of wood. I put it to soak in cold water that I change at least twice a day. It smells horribly so it must stay in the laundry. After three days I sautee two roughly cut onions with extra virgin olive oil 20151211_170056.thumb.jpg.6e108c8cca7446and I take away the cod's bones 20151211_173449.thumb.jpg.f8a222ddea63b7and dress it inside with flour, parseley, 20151211_173520.thumb.jpg.e7c305b2a6d246nutmeg, salt, pepper, 1/3 of the sauteed onions 20151211_173704.thumb.jpg.6c06a71a43bffdand Grana Padano.20151211_173730.thumb.jpg.161aee7cb3c537 I close it and dress the outside with flour. 20151211_173805.thumb.jpg.9a3e7e0b012306I put it in the pot over another third of the onions and cover it with the last third.20151211_173945.thumb.jpg.fe60ebfa08bc8c I add nearly half a glass  of extra virgin olive oil and milk till I cover the fish and add 5 potatoes already peeled and cut in medium-little pieces, salt, pepper and nutmeg. 20151211_175449.thumb.jpg.406fbf6c894685Cook it very very slowly (it must never boil, the surface must barely move, in our dialect we say it "pipare") for 4hours. It must never be covered and it shouldn't be stirred but after the first hour I stir it every now and then so it doesn't stick to the bottom (traditionally baccalà was cooked in a terracotta pot that served for this sole purpose but I use a stainless steel one). At the end if it's still too liquid I crush some potatoes with a fork. 20151212_124509.thumb.jpg.631d637892403fThen I taste and add salt, pepper and nutmeg if needed. It must be served with hot polenta. The white polenta is typical of where I live.20151212_130256.thumb.jpg.d1286b80539d42 I know it's not beautiful to see but I can assure it taste delicious and it even smells deliciously, pretty incredible I know but it's true. Also, I don't have fond childhood memories influencing me, I discovered this dish as an adult and I had to bribe my grandmother to have the recipe, because she never made it after my grandfather's death and my mother can't be bothered to actually cook it even if she really loves to eat it. Even my toddler loves it!


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I bet your kitchen smells wonderful while this is barely simmering on the stove! :pb_smile:

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Oh yes! It really smells wonderful and nothing like fish.

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      I doubt that the Duggars take it seriously. Jim Bob is very anti-superstition (he says “pot faith” instead of potluck) and it’s clearly a superstition. 

    • hoipolloi

      Posted (edited)

      On 9/22/2023 at 8:53 PM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      After 10 kids you would think shd would know this by now.

      Maybe not since she didn't raise them herself but pawned them off on her mother & her older children.


      1 hour ago, Red Hair, Black Dress said:

      What evidence have we ever seen of Braggie's love/ like for her children?

      I've seen very little. Judging from the YEARS of her very public social media, her children are little more than possessions to her, to be displayed and manipulated as she wishes, with no regard for their humanity, privacy, or needs. That disaster of a European trip was truly awful to see. I felt so sorry for the children. 

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      What is even sadder is that Evy (or any of the children) believe that Braggie constantly, incessantly pointing out all their faults, their flaws --their "Sins" -- is evidence that she loves them.

      It is not,

      What evidence have we ever seen of Braggie's love/ like for her children?  She likes that they serve her,  She likes that the older ones are BroDads/ SisMoms. I've yet to see any evidence Braggie loves/likes them as people. As her children. Because they are her children.

      Braggie doesn't celebrate her children. Braggie complains about her children. All. The. Time. 

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      On 9/23/2023 at 6:22 PM, Xan said:

      My understanding is that if you die without leaving a will, the surviving spouse gets a portion and any children get the rest.  If there is no spouse or children, it goes to siblings.  I think there are different laws regarding inheritances depending upon the state in which you have lived when you die.

      There are. There should be a section of your state statutes that have to do with intestate inheritance. I'm having trouble keying on the term of art. The only thing I can remember is "per stirpes." IF I can key on it, I'll be back.

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      13 minutes ago, Alisamer said:

      I could maybe see Becky keeping chickens for eggs, and maybe having a small veggie patch. But despite his "country" demeanor I don't get the impression Gary is much of a farm boy no matter how much he wants to think he is

      I agree that Gary plays up the farm boy act, and has never really lived it.

      If he is telling the truth about the family, various members worked on tobacco farms and one of his grandmothers kept pigs (he talks about the stink when discussing the nativity story, and how disgusting their food is when telling the parable of the prodigal son). His father has talked about a vegetable garden in his sermons. But I don't think there were any actual farmers in the family.

      There are ducks and chickens where he is living now, and he's referred to them as his ducks and chickens and posted video of the ducks. Who actually owns them, and who does the work, is unclear.


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