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Baccalà alla vicentina, family recipe.




Baccalà in the whole of Italy but Veneto means salted cod. In Veneto baccalà means stockfish. Our baccalà can be cooked "alla vicentina" (Vicenza style) or "alla veneziana" (Venice style). In the past it was the food of the poors during lent, now it's an expensive treat (good dried cod from Lofoten Islands is priced little less than 30 €/kg). Vicenza is renowned for its baccalà and there's even a brotherhood to promote and protect the "original" recipe. Truth is every family has it's own recipe. This is my maternal grandmother's and it differs a bit from the "original" one. I did it friday evening to eat it saturday at lunch. I used dried cod already soaked and deboned by a friend who gave me it. Usually I buy it dried 3 days in advance (100gr per person) and  beat it hard with a piece of wood. I put it to soak in cold water that I change at least twice a day. It smells horribly so it must stay in the laundry. After three days I sautee two roughly cut onions with extra virgin olive oil 20151211_170056.thumb.jpg.6e108c8cca7446and I take away the cod's bones 20151211_173449.thumb.jpg.f8a222ddea63b7and dress it inside with flour, parseley, 20151211_173520.thumb.jpg.e7c305b2a6d246nutmeg, salt, pepper, 1/3 of the sauteed onions 20151211_173704.thumb.jpg.6c06a71a43bffdand Grana Padano.20151211_173730.thumb.jpg.161aee7cb3c537 I close it and dress the outside with flour. 20151211_173805.thumb.jpg.9a3e7e0b012306I put it in the pot over another third of the onions and cover it with the last third.20151211_173945.thumb.jpg.fe60ebfa08bc8c I add nearly half a glass  of extra virgin olive oil and milk till I cover the fish and add 5 potatoes already peeled and cut in medium-little pieces, salt, pepper and nutmeg. 20151211_175449.thumb.jpg.406fbf6c894685Cook it very very slowly (it must never boil, the surface must barely move, in our dialect we say it "pipare") for 4hours. It must never be covered and it shouldn't be stirred but after the first hour I stir it every now and then so it doesn't stick to the bottom (traditionally baccalà was cooked in a terracotta pot that served for this sole purpose but I use a stainless steel one). At the end if it's still too liquid I crush some potatoes with a fork. 20151212_124509.thumb.jpg.631d637892403fThen I taste and add salt, pepper and nutmeg if needed. It must be served with hot polenta. The white polenta is typical of where I live.20151212_130256.thumb.jpg.d1286b80539d42 I know it's not beautiful to see but I can assure it taste delicious and it even smells deliciously, pretty incredible I know but it's true. Also, I don't have fond childhood memories influencing me, I discovered this dish as an adult and I had to bribe my grandmother to have the recipe, because she never made it after my grandfather's death and my mother can't be bothered to actually cook it even if she really loves to eat it. Even my toddler loves it!

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It's a bit too perishable to travel long distances.:pb_lol:  I can grant it's a very easy recipe though, anyone can cook it, here you can also buy the cod already rehydrated and deboned to save time so it becomes even easier.

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      1 hour ago, Joyster said:

      According to Gary, the young lady knew Becky wasn't from around there because of the way Becky was dressed.

      Have the states adopted specific folk costumes of which I'm not aware? Or is this one of Gary's subtle digs against nekkid people? Far more likely the young lady figured out they weren't local from (A) the fact they were staying in a motel, and (B) their accents. 

    • thoughtful


      54 minutes ago, Joyster said:

      The lady went to their room but called her mama, and her mama told her not to get in a car with strangers. 

      Smart mama.

      In this case, she wasn't saving her daughter from physically dangerous people, just from wasting her time with shitheads, but it's generally good advice.

      56 minutes ago, Joyster said:

      Gary announced her first and last name to the congregation and asked them to pray for her.


      58 minutes ago, Joyster said:

      I think Gary's idea of love is preaching,

      You got that right. He offers absolutely nothing else, as far as I can tell, to anyone in his life or that crosses his path. He just takes and talks.

      Given the choice between prayer from the likes of Gary and a stick of gum, I'd take the gum.

      And I don't even chew gum.

    • Joyster

      Posted (edited)

      For those of you that can interpret Davidese, here's a fun one:


      Context of the comment: Gary's post three weeks ago about making it safely back to North Carolina after driving straight from Iowa.  Gary was just in time for the busy wedding weekend.

      My fundy translation: It's a prayer for Gary's message to spring forward a time of KJV revival everywhere Gary preached.  In addition, it's a prayer thanking LordJesus for Gary arriving safely.

      However, my brain keeps taking me to nasty places on that road Lord Jesus.  I don't want to think of David wishing Gary's seed to find fertile ground.

      ETA: I watched the first 15 minutes of Gary's second sermon on Father's Day.  I have more information about the young lady at the hotel that was supposed to go to church with them.  Becky met her at breakfast.  According to Gary, the young lady knew Becky wasn't from around there because of the way Becky was dressed.  Gary went on a tangent on how people dressing up showed they were Christians.  Back to the young lady, she was going through a divorce, had three young children, and was staying at the motel.  Gary said she needed love, which was his message of the day.  I think Gary's idea of love is preaching, but Gary couldn't show her love because she did not end up going to church with them.  The lady went to their room but called her mama, and her mama told her not to get in a car with strangers.  Gary announced her first and last name to the congregation and asked them to pray for her.  The sermon has some great closed captioning if anyone wants to take a gander at it.  Here's Gary asking for prayers for the young lady:



      His message is pretty much the same, although he lets us know he loves everyone including Joe Biden; he just doesn't like anything about him.

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    • Black Aliss


      On 6/29/2022 at 6:36 PM, starfish said:

      What happened to her ill-advised plan to adopt some orphans from Africa? Hopefully they kicked her to the curb. 

      They weren't orphans, as it turns out. They were the teenage sons of a pair of Ethiopian missionaries who are living in one of the villages that MckMama occasionally blesses with her presence. They are currently attending school in Nairobi and every now and then she claims they will be coming to live with her in Wisconsin. Hopefully their parents understand that Wisconsin is not the safest place for their black sons. Anyway, now that MckMama has filed for divorce and is living in an apartment in downtown LaCrosse, her offer is probably off the table.

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    • PlentyOfJesusFishInTheSea


      On 6/29/2022 at 7:14 PM, 4boysmum said:

      We lost #3 of the 4 boys last July.  He was four years old.  He had a cardiac issue that we were unaware of, but even if it had been found during his life it would probably have postponed the outcome but not prevented it.  One of the first things I thought of in the aftermath, and that I come back to often, is this bit from the book where Anne's firstborn dies:

      "Anne found that she could go on living; the day came when she even smiled again over one of Miss Cornelia's speeches.  But there was something in the smile that had never been in Anne's smile before and would never be absent from it again."

      Coming back to the thread topic... I am Abbie's age and had my youngest right around the same time as her twin boys and just about everything she posts is annoying.  I can't even.

      I'm so sorry to hear this. I can't even imagine (but will cuddle my lil bub extra tight). Wishing you a strong community to love and support you.

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