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  • Posts

    • justmy2cents


      1 hour ago, Seculardaisy said:

      I remember in the miscarriage episode though Lauren described “passing her baby” during the process and I believe they may have buried it as well but I’m not positive on that second part. In Lauren’s eyes she “birthed” her baby too. 

      I was fascinated by that during the episode because I miscarried around 9-10 weeks a few years ago and it was all blood and some clots. Maybe it’s different for everyone but I didn’t see anything resembling a fetus, I believe it was simply too early.

      I think her exact words were 'and there was the baby'. Honestly, I think she was referring to seeing blood and some clots, not an actual fetus. But like you said, to her it's all the same. 

    • scoutsadie


      On 9/13/2019 at 1:26 PM, just_ordinary said:

      I believe they also are brainwashed to not believe in the ONE as we think of it. I read an I interesting article about the concept. If both partners are the right kind of Christians and put Jesus first they will be able to have a good and happy marriage. That promise is as horrific as pleasing. You don’t expect never ending romance and passion ála Hollywood but it also means you could basically marry anyone with the right criteria. So if your parents lay it on your heart it’s harder to find a way to escape. I think that may have happened to poor Tabitha. 

      I'm curious about the article you mentioned - could you link to it?

      Given what I know about fundies, I think when they talk about "the one that God has for you," I think they literally believe it is one specific person; they truly think that their god is THAT involved in the minutiae of their lives.

    • HoneyBunny


      Snort. There’s no place like home...except Door County for several weeks every year, come hell or high water, deaths or births. 

    • Lgirlrocks


      TAM is receiving the Phyllis Schlafly homemaker of the year award. This women fought equal rights amendment. I don’t understand why. She was born during the depression, 1924. She was a lawyer. I assume she came from money but I’m not sure. I don’t understand any women who hates the equal rights. 

    • PennySycamore


      @OyToTheVey,  I have really bad reactions to mosquito bites on my hands.  I can't wear my wedding ring anymore because me fingers swell if my hands are bitten.  The only things that help are plunging my hands under a tap running the hottest water I can stand for as long as I can stand, maybe some scratching while the water is running and yep, Windex.  The ammonia/alcohol mixture helps.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding's tip about Windex was not all BS.  

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