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  • Posts

    • Loveday


      5 hours ago, SongRed7 said:

      Ken speaks again! He seems to go silent for a while then comes roaring back.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but he’s awful. According to this ladies, if you have a bad marriage it’s because one of two reasons-  and both are your fault! 


      Ken Alexander: You bet!  The primary reasons Christian young ladies end up in a terrible marriage is either they chose badly, or they chose well but their expectations are through the roof. So the ruin their relationship trying to get their husband to fulfill their perceived needs and desires. Definitely parents must be teaching their children to make wise choices and choose only godly young men with potential. Then rest in that choice and allow him to grow up as he leads.

      I just rolled my eyeballs so hard they broke.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      I started weight watchers for the very first time recently. So far I really like it. Im able to keep track of what I eat each day with their app. It’s the only way I would keep track. I refuse to write shit down and count every single calorie. I would never be able to keep that up long term. I can keep weight watchers up long term. I’ve lost weight and I don’t feel like I’m doing a huge amount of work and it’s been fairly easy. I’m always struck by Gwen’s advice. It’s like the opposite of weight watchers. Gwen is so unhealthy. I’m not wishing anything upon her however I don’t see her living into old age. 

    • VelociRapture


      2 hours ago, OldFadedStar said:

      According to Jeremy’s Instagram story, Jessa and Ben are at the G3 conference 

      I’m guessing that someone in Jessa’s family is babysitting Spurgeon (abd probably Henry) then. Unless the photos on Anna's latest Instagram post are old, which is completely possible.

      Another two photos:




    • JermajestyDuggar


      I wish people would question her more. Maybe one day she will snap and go on some asshole tirade that makes her lose a bunch of humpers. 

    • Bazinga


      On 1/15/2019 at 11:03 AM, AtlanticTug said:

      I don't know the regulations in Arkansas, but typically home schooling is defined as children being educated by a parent or legal guardian (it does not have to be in or within the home and so there would be no issue with it being at a different location). While this would run afoul of having your aunts teaching you, let's not forget that the older girls taught their siblings, which would also not be permissible under the same definition. Isn't Jana still homeschooling the younger kids now?

      Could they also label it a co-op too? I'm not sure if there are rules with co-ops either.